"Where are you taking me to?"

    Lude tried to ease himself off the grasp of the tough guy. He had been dragging him since he had gone out of the Monarch's Palace to call his sister. 

    What was reasonable was the fact that they were going to their house but that wasn't enough. The tough guy was acting odd. He had been, by the way, only that there was a new twist to it. 

      He hadn't said anything yet and they were dragging towards Lude's house. 

   The tough guy's left arm was wrapped around Lude's body as he pushed him through and they entered into the compoud.

     The house of Lude's father, who was one of the Chiefs of the Monarch was typical of all houses of those with reverence in the village. 

    There was always a fence made from bamboo stalks and raff

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