"I don't think this is a good idea."

    She said. He halted. He was sweeping the whole strength he had in him into a bowl. He needed to survive for her sake. He was the one who had brought her into the woods. He should protect her and not die on her. 

   But how about if she wasn't helping situations like she was doing at that moment. Seemed more to him like he would be left with no sane choice but to retort. 

    But he was a grown up ass. He should be the one to talk her outta her fears. 

    She was holding unto him, supporting him from falling, yet he could throw her away. 

    He was leaning on her, and half of her side were buried in his chest. He could feel the weight of her boobs on his chest. 

    Even if he was feeling some ruthless pain reaching for the tip of his co

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