"Iboh, what should do to your daughter when she's caught along side the traitor?"

    "I won't call him a traitor. He sees something we all are not seeing and that he was wise enough to escape the consequences that would still catch up with us, that doesn't rule him out as a fool."

   The mother of Iva said. She had been summoned. Her husband had been dead since three years ago and she had been responsible for anything that had to with Iva. What a typical mother would do. 

    "Woman! You speak only when I bid you thus."

   The Monarch roared. She knew her peace and kept quiet as the Monarch turned to face Iboh, the father of Hira. 

    Lude also was present and the leaders of the two search parties who had chased the couple in vain. 

    There were ten people in the palace and it seemed a

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