"Li ku a ta mi a gri."

    The Imp stood at the border of the village. His sticky legs and hands. His mouth dripping blood and his eyes red like embers tamed by fierce furnace. 

    He had the head of a girl in his hand and took another bite. He chewed for a while and hurled the head towards the direction of those who were scrambling and running for their lives. 

   The border was fallen and the women were screaming as each mother tried to lay a hand on her child and take him or her to safety. 

   Few of the men were being alerted that the Imp had broken into the village and had made its self known in public. 

   Men with torches in the broad daylight  were beginning to run from the fort of the Monarch towards the Imp. 

    They got to him and were hurling their torches at him but the monster was much more wiser than them. 


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