Ashtria was practicing in the backyard with her sword, her sweat dropping from her cheeks to the ground. She was barely breathing because of straight two hours of practicing her sword skill.

She sat on the ground near the tree and drink water she took from the kitchen earlier. "Where are they? I haven't seen them since earlier," she speaks to herself.

Minutes later, she heard someone running towards their location. She quickly stood up and tightened her grip on her sword as the steps got closer and closer, making her even more alert. After a few seconds, she could clearly hear the person and began to cry. When the person she had heard appears in front of her, she leaps toward Ashtria and hugs her tightly.

"Sanya was kidnapped!" Chika shouted while crying which made her eyes wide.

"What did you say!?"


[Sanya and Chika walk outside their hiding place before the kidnapping happened.]

"Sanya! We aren’t allowed to head outside. Your brother might scold us even sister Ashtria and Mr
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