It is now been three days already since they escaped from the people of Technicia City and still hiding at the house. Ashtria kept on looking at Mr. Blacksmith finishing her sword. She wanted to start a conversation with him while the two of them were still alone but she can’t even move her mouth to say hi to him.

Nothing had happened in the previous three days, and it was extremely peaceful; however, all of them were concerned that something had occurred outside, and that the man they saw in the hologram had now taken some action to catch them all.

Mr. Blacksmith was busy and focus only on the sword. She just deeply sigh and decided to stand up to head outside and do some exercises. But, before she could fully head outside, Mr. Blacksmith called for her name which made her stop.

"Don’t you want to see your sword?" he asks and show her sword in front of her. Her eyes widened as she saw her lovely sword. It now appears to be as good as new! Mr. Blacksmith even made some minor change
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