Valdo and Lucas were walking down heading to their hidden place after taking logs and branches from the woods. But, before they could head inside they saw Ashtria walking, clenching her fist with bruises all over her body which surprises them both.

"Ashtria!" Both Lucas and Valdo shouted which took Ashtria’s attention and looks at them. "What happened? Why your–" Lucas didn't continue what he wanted to ask when Ashtria speaks.

"Your sister, Sanya was kidnapped," Ashtria said which made Lucas’ eyes widen, and quickly take a step to run to take his sister back but Ashtria holds his shoulder while keep on gazing at his eyes.

"I already tried to take her back right after Chika told me what happened to her but, there was this man whom I encountered and he was a lot stronger than me. I can’t beat him, it was just luck that I was able to escape from him if not, I would be dead by now. Let’s head inside first and hear from Mr. Blacksmith and make a plan. We will take Sanya back, okay?" she
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