[At Technicia City with the Elite Force]

"Captain! I already found the information about the man who lives there," a young lad shouted after seeing Captain Duke walking along with Miram and their Vice Captain Callan.

"Give me the documents," Duke speaks coldly and reaches his hands as a sign that he will take the papers from the young lad's hands. He immediately take it when the young lad gave it to him.

"So, he’s one of the assets of Technicia City before? One of the talented blacksmiths and inventor, but he resigned 30 years ago," Duke speaks what he reads in the paper and flips it to the other page.

"Yes, captain, during the administration of Head Azaic. He was his favorite blacksmith during that time, however, after knowing that the woman he treasured the most escaped after knowing Head Azaic wanted to marry her, he immediately signed the resignation paper and burned all of his information to the office," the young lad replied.

"Who’s that woman?" Callan asks.

"I can’t find
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