Chapter 418: Oliver Destroys Laurens Martial Arts

He paused, locking eyes with Lauren as he continued, his words cutting through the tension like a knife. "Listen, Detective. No man born of a woman, no minor deity existing on this earth, has the power to stand in front of Oliver Storm for even a minute. The bullet that can kill me hasn't been manufactured, and the weapon that can harm me hasn't been forged.”

Oliver's gaze pierced through Lauren, his voice resonating with a chilling authority as he continued his proclamation of dominance.

"I am the harbinger of destruction, the architect of fate," he declared, his words carrying the weight of absolute certainty. "I am the tempest unleashed, the unyielding force that bends the very fabric of reality to my will.”

A sense of awe washed over those present, their breath caught in their throats as they bore witness to Oliver's unbridled power. In his presence, they felt small and insignificant, mere mortals standing before a titan among men.

Oliver's eyes bore into Lauren's, a glint of unde
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