The three other leaders looked at each other hearing the manner in which king Near spoke to them. They immediately realized that they might have fallen into the wrong side.

They turned to king Skar again and looked at him without saying a word to him. Then he began to speak again when he was sure that the last thing he said sank into their heads just the way he wants them to understand “first of all. I am going to be the supreme leader of all the houses combined together. The three of you are going to be my subjects that will answer to me. If you agree to that, you can go back and tell your subjects and also denounce your throne as kings. This is the only condition on which you will be joining the salvation ship to Terra, otherwise, you stay here and die”

Shina, Jeroth and Akaris were speechless for a while trying to be sure that king Skar isn’t joking or mistaking. They kept looking at him in the most awkward manner. King Jeroth stood up and walked towards skar, then he turned after
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