After some hours, the giant ship of house Agnus finally got to earth. It’s entry through the portal made a loud sound just like it did when the portal first opened. The sound was so loud that everyone closed his ears for about a minute that it took the ship to get through the portal.

As soon as the ship got in through the portal, the whole portal closed and for the first time for a long time, earth looked its usual color. And the unusual amount of brightness suddenly disappeared.

Every human eyes on earth looked up to see the giant ship which has casted an enormous shadow on earth. It is so big that no one could see the end of the shadow it casted over the ground.

People all over the earth began to run to no where particularly while those on the human federation base began to pick weapons in preparation for the war they have been waiting for.

The problem in the human federation base right now is that there are no enough soldiers to fit Astra’s battle plan. She called a meeting
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