JONATHAN : Son-in-law Who Suddenly Becomes a Millionaire.

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JONATHAN : Son-in-law Who Suddenly Becomes a Millionaire.

By: Princes Auntum CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Jonathan Einstein was a poor son-in-law from the Weldein family. He had to accept all the gossip and blasphemy against him. Even Elissa Einstein, the woman he married, had to be willing to lose a priceless inheritance. Living in the humiliation and insults of Elissa’s family did not necessarily make Jonathan hopeless. Until one day, he met an old man who gave him a key. There, Jonathan’s life suddenly changed one hundred and eighty degrees. Jonathan suddenly had gotten immeasurable wealth, wealth that would never run out even by the dozens of descendants. And all that wealth was in one gold card that he got. Enjoying a rich life didn’t make Jonathan be arrogant, he did everything that was useful to elevate himself and his wife so that they would no longer be looked down upon by his wife’s family.

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234 chapters
-Mr. Weldien's Birthday-
The Weldein family residence suddenly became very lively, many luxury cars parked in the front yard of the residence with the luxurious old European model building.Guests wearing expensive clothes walked in with laughter, whilst some of them brought a neatly wrapped gift in their hands.Today was Mr. Weldein’s birthday. Today all business relations from businessmen all over the country came to congratulate Mr. Weldein. Countless expensive gifts were symbols of everyone’s respect for Mr. Weldein.“Are you sure about all of this, John?”The figure of a brown haired woman looked unsure enough to just simply enter the Weldein residence. In fact, every five minutes, that question was always said to the man who was now clutching her waist possessively.“Are you thinking about buying an expensive gift, Elissa? How much money do you have?”“No, I know who Grandpa is. He will surely accept whatever I buy sincerely. I know who Grandpa is.” Elissa kept repeating her words. Elissa’s tiny lips se
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-Unexpected Surprise-
Jonathan was still silent, he was pensive while carrying the gold card in his hand. He was confused of what to do. Plus there were two men wearing black suits with their straight faces as if they were the two most obedient servants to himself.“You … who are you?” asked Jonathan with his stupid face.How could he not, as long as he was alive even to this moment Jonathan still felt that he was a poor man who did not have a steady job. Jonathan didn’t even have a dollar. However, how come now Jonathan suddenly had a gold card that was rumoured to have priceless money, which would never run out even for a hundred generations. What’s more, now two men were speaking respectfully to him?Really, something that Jonathan didn’t believe at all, and he thought that all of this was just a dream.“We are servants sent by the system to serve you, Mr. Enstein.”“What do you mean?” asked Jonathan, confused. However, the two men did not answer Jonathan’s questions.“Please get in the car, Mr. Enstein.
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-A Condition-
Jonathan came home feeling quite happy, but that feeling didn’t last long. How could he not, in front of Jonathan’s house he saw two cars parked nicely. Jonathan knew that one of the cars belonged to his in-laws, but Jonathan had no idea of whose car was the other. What was clear was that the car was very luxurious, even Jonathan could only see the car on TV at the launch at a very fantastic price.Jonathan quickly walked to his house. As he opened the door of the house, he saw that there were already many people. There were his in-laws sitting embracing each other, there was also his wife sitting alone on a wooden chair while embracing her arms with a tense face. Jonathan knew that in this situation ... it was clear that his wife was not comfortable at all. There was Amaris who laughed out loud, there was a handsome man with expensive suit. More than that, on the table there was a suitcase full of money. Jonathan had never even seen that kind of money in all this time.“Oh My God,
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“What is it, Amaris. Why did you come here so early in the morning. Shouldn’t you be busy with the challenge I’ve given you?”Mr. Weldien asked a quite surprising question for Amaris, while sipping his strong black coffee. Amaris, who took a piece of toast then smeared it with peanut butter, cleared her throat perfectly.“I came to give a joke to Grandpa. I think Grandpa would love to hear this joke.”“Joke?” asked Mr. Weldien.“Yes, the joke that Elissa’s husband had made, and I had no idea that the jobless useless man had such a great sense of humour.”“What’s the joke?” Mr. Weldien asked again.Amaris smiled wryly, then she looked at her grandfather who had been silent and watched her.“A funny joke, grandpa. You know, last night I brought Luke to Elissa’s house. We gave the best offer by giving Elissa a capital of five hundred million dollars without needing to be returned, and with that capital Elissa can easily get fifteen percent of the profit like what Grandpa has given the ch
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Today Elissa seemed quite restless. Yesterday she was made happy, even Elissa was speechless by Jonathan’s treatment. Now was the time where Jonathan had to prove what was said two days ago in front of Elissa’s parents, Amaris, and also Luke. In fact, all of these people, including her grandfather, came to Elissa’s house just to witness the truth of Jonathan’s words. Meanwhile Jonathan went out and until this moment ... the man had not come home yet.Elissa opened the door, she saw her mother standing behind her bedroom door. Elissa swallowed hard, then she returned her mother’s sweet smile.“Although even now I myself still think that it is impossible for John to come home with two billion dollars in his hand, even though I also know that all of John’s boasting is just his imagination. But somehow my little heart really believes in John, Mom. I know the reason of why John had to say such nonsense, everything that John did was nothing more than because he wanted to maintain his marri
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-Kissing feet-
“Okay, sell as many shares as we can to whoever it is. I don't care how many shares I have as long as my company can be saved!”Mr. Weldien hung up the phone again just as Jonathan came back into the house. Jonathan smiled faintly, then he sat back beside Elissa."So, Mister Weldien, did something happen to your… business?" he asked.“Tsk! You are an idiot, do you understand the matter of stocks and companies?” Mr. Weldien sneered. Then he looked back at the suitcases of money that were still on the table. "I do not know where you get this money, from stealing or from selling illicit goods. What is clear is that this money is already there to provide capital to your wife so that the plantations on the city border run smoothly, I think your money is enough for the next few years. Let's just say that the first challenge of some of my granddaughter Elissa is the winner this time. I don't care, give me a share of the money as a form of developing your business."Jonathan glanced at his wi
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-The Risk-
"What are you saying?" asked Mr. Weldien, repeating what his secretary had said at the company."The man who has bought most of the shares in the Weldien Group is Mr. Einstein, sir."Of course Mr. Weldien was taken aback. It's nothing, the problem is that the name of the person who bought Mr. Weldien's company shares is the same as the name of that useless granddaughter-in-law? Mr. Weldien never imagined that the one who bought his company's shares would be … Jonathan?“No, this is impossible. So many names are the same in this country. it must have been another Mr. Einstein who bought the shares.” Mr. Weldien then rebutted his own thoughts."Okay, we finish all the processes so we can receive the money quickly. We need the money urgently.”"Okay sir. I'll take care of everything after this.”The phone was closed, Amaris, who already knew that the buyer of the company's shares was Mr. Einstein, immediately approached her grandfather."Why is Grandpa surprised? Did Grandfather think th
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"So how about it, John. Have you spoken to your business analyst friend?”Elissa asked just as Jonathan hung up and approached her. Jonathan just smiled faintly, then he held his breath perfectly.The travel car that he had rented together with Elissa to transport the two of them here along with the goods and other items had already left. Jonathan really felt like he was in another world and alone with Elissa.“Before that I wanted to ask you. Perhaps your grandfather told you or you already know where the neighbors are in this place? or is there only the two of us who inhabit this place? I mean this village is wide, apart from the plantation owned by the Weldien family, there must be other people's places, right? but as far as the eye could see I saw nobody's estate and nobody's house. or do we really live alone in this village?” asked Jonathan before answering Elissa's question.“In the past, my grandfather often invited me here along with his other grandchildren when this plantatio
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-Building Home-
"So what kind of house do you want to build, Elissa?" Jonathan asked finally.By now, Jonathan had sent one of his assistants and pretended to be his friend to take care of the house, materials and so on."The problem is, as long as this house is demolished and a new one is built where are we going to live, John?" she asked. The look on her face cannot be denied if at this time Elissa is quite confused and panicked too.“Mrs. Einstein doesn't need to panic, I've brought a container here. The container can be used as a place for you to live for a while. After all, after this there will be a lot of construction workers and plantation workers right? to dig up water to make dams, and start fertilizing this large area of ​​land so that it is not so barren. I'm sure it will take a long time.”“Even we haven't looked for workers from the villagers. So I think we have a lot of things to really do.”“No problem, the construction experts that I will hire are the best construction experts. Your
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-Fill Data-
“I think your grandfather really is a human who is quite… crazy. How could I not, I didn't think that your grandfather might take actions that I couldn't even imagine until this second. I feel that your grandfather was a rich but greedy man. How could simply giving wages to plantation workers be so difficult. Until he is reluctant to give wages at all. the one who is now destroying his posterity?”“That's why he purposely gave this estate to me. It's nothing, because grandfather knows that developing this plantation is impossible and can be said to be… impossible.”Jonathan was silent for a moment, he was still shooting at his assistant's words. It's not the impossible word that will come out, but the success and failure rates are the same. Of course this is one of the things that must be tried. The future problem of Jonathan failing or succeeding is fate that determines.“Looks like we should start by attracting the workers.”“Didn't we already do that earlier, and you've also heard
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