Tangled Fortunes: The Enigmatic Son-in-Law

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Tangled Fortunes: The Enigmatic Son-in-Law

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"You're unfit to marry my daughter!" Max's mother-in-law raged. "You don't even have a job and you think you'll be able to take care of my daughter, you useless human!" ---- Max was abused by his mother-in-law for being a useless loser. He has neither money nor power which was the most basic thing and was considered a loser. What nobody knew was that he was the heir of the Darkwood family, the most powerful and prominent family in the northeast. --- "Young master, the master of the family asked us to bring you back, he'll kill us if you don't go back with us." A row of men in suits bowed as they said in unison to Max. "Tell him I'm no son of his," Max growled ignoring the men. ---- But with the life of his foster mother in line and the safety of his wife who had cared for him on the line, would Max accept the huge inheritance awaiting him at home despite the anonymity between him and his father?

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    awesome book

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    Very interesting. Waiting for new chapters from you author...️

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170 chapters
"Divorce my daughter and this would be yours." A feminine voice said staring into the eyes of the young man in front of her with disdain.She felt repulsed talking to him, but at this moment, she has no other choice but to do so. She was sure he was going to be able to refuse her offer since he needed the money rather badly.Max the young man with handsome features stared at the woman in front of him not knowing what to say. The woman in front of him was his mother-in-law and she was demanding that he divorce her daughter so she would give him the money.Couldn't she have some sense of responsibility? He was going to use the money to save his mother and needed it rather badly, but yet she was trying to make things hard for him.He should have known this since the time she asked to meet him at the restaurant. Max felt his anger boiling but there was nothing he could do about it.He couldn't afford just a million to save his mother who was critically ill and needed the money. The delive
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Max sighed as he walked into the hospital. He was looking gloomy at the moment and one could see the sadness in his eyes."Mr. Max, I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do, we'll need to carry out the surgery for her as quickly as possible, it'll be advisable for you to do it before it's too late."The doctor's words rang in Max's ears as he walked along the corridor to his mother's ward. The ward wasn't a big one, neither was it a small one.He had requested his mother to be put here so she could at least have some peace. Even though Max had some problems footing the hospital bills, he never complained.He didn't know how he was going to get the money for her operation, there must be something he could do. But it was helpless, no matter who he turned to for help, they didn't agree to help him because he was poor and was afraid he wouldn't be able to pay back.Max couldn't let his mother die, she had done a lot of things for him. Tears couldn't help but stream down his face when he r
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Max sighed as he came to a realization. Money was everything. Without money, one was pitiful and there was nothing one would be able to do. Without money, one was the lowest in society.How foolish was he to think he could live a peaceful life by just being a live son-in-law, it seems like he was rather stupid for thinking like this. It was because he didn't have any money and his mother-in-law didn't like him.Also, it was the same reason why she had offered him a large amount of money so he could divorce his wife. Also, he couldn't give his wife what she deserved, and never for once had she complained.At this moment Max was feeling guilty, he knew that there was no way he was going to make it without having money. Without money, nothing was going to work out. He was destined to be trampled on by others.He had seen the evils of society and how they treated those who didn't have money. The ones who didn't have money were destined to be trashed and used as the others wished.They had
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Call Your president
After about ten minutes, Max was done paying and had filled out all the necessary forms. The doctors assured him that they were going to arrange for the operation as soon as they could.Max sighed as he walked out of the hospital holding the bag of money his wife's assistant had brought for him. Walking to his bike, Max started it and headed towards Cisco company.He might as well visit the company since he had some time left. There was still about an hour left before going to pick up his wife from work.Riding along the highway was such a hassle, but Max was already used to it. In no time, he was already at the company.Looking at the huge building which was one of the tallest buildings in the city, Max felt a sense of complex feeling welling up in his heart. Pushing all thoughts to the back of his mind, he walked into the building."Hey! Stop there!" A hoarse voice sounded just as Max was about to walk into the building.Max frowned and turned around only to see a huge man in securi
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Your Useless Husband
At this moment, Ethan was covered in sweat as he watched Max walking out of the building not sparing him a glance. He couldn't help but remember Albert's order not to do anything that was going to displease Max or else he was going to suffer the consequences.Just now, someone had rushed into his office and told him a man named Max Darkwood was looking for him. Immediately, he left what he was doing and rushed down only to see what was happening."You're fired." Ethan gritted his teeth as he pointed at the receptionist and then rushed out to follow Max.The receptionist stood rooted to the spot not knowing what to do. She couldn't believe a man dressed in such a shabby way would have the power to make Mr. Ethan fire her.At the moment, Ethan could care less about his image as he followed Max."Mr. Darkwood, please forgive me and give me another chance." Ethan pleaded as he ran towards Max."I'm sorry, but your time is up already, there's nothing I can do about it," Max said with a rat
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"Huh!"The on-looker gasped seeing Max alight from the car with his shabby clothes. Even Michelle couldn't help but gasp when she saw Mark. Her brain couldn't process what was happening.Max on the other hand had a smile on his face, it was finally time to give his wife all that she deserved. There was no way he was going to let her suffer unjustly again. He was going to Make sure he spent no effort to make Michelle happy.Seeing the gaze on the crowd's faces, he could guess what was happening. Seeing this a smirk appeared on his face as he walked towards Michelle."Shall we?" He smiled holding Michelle's hand immediately he got to her."Yes," Michelle muttered as she nodded weakly."Hey, where do you think you're going?" A yell came just as Max was about to proceed to the car."Where do you think I'm taking her to?" Mark smiled as he stared at Smith."You are just good for nothing, you're not qualified to hold her hands." Smith frowned staring daggers at Max wishing he could take his
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Good News
"Can't I come here?" Rachel frowned as she stared at her daughter."Mum, every time you come, you end up wanting to make me divorce Max which is impossible, no matter what you'll say I'll never divorce him," Michelle argued."Foolish girl, who said I'm here to make trouble for you both?" Rachel smiled while shooting Max a disdainful glare.She wondered what sort of sorcery Max had used on her daughter that was making her refuse to divorce a useless man like him.There were young masters of many prominent families she could get married to and live a better life other than living in such a crappy place.Her eyes were full of disgust as she looked around. If only her daughter could be more sensible, then she'll be living a good life instead of living such a wretched life.Well, she wasn't to blame, she could only blame her father who had approved of the two marriages before he died. If only he hadn't given his consent then this wouldn't have happened.Max on the other hand didn't care ab
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(THE NEXT DAY)Max smiled as he watched Michelle walk into the company. He had his bike brought back the night before as he would be needing it. He would have carried Michelle straight to the hotel but then the appointment wasn't till in the evening which made Max even more doubtful.Well, then that wasn't his problem. He was still going to find out what was happening sooner or later. First, he decided to do some work as he had some delivery piling up.He was going to quit the job sooner or later, but then he had to do some last job since he loved the job so much.It was what had saved him from joblessness for three years and he had grown to love the job. Even though he was going to quit sooner or later, he wanted to do some delivery before he did so.In no time, it was noon. Max sighed as he wiped away his sweat. He had been working nonstop since morning and was very hungry at the moment. Looking at his pocket, he noticed he didn't have even a dime.This was bad, after thinking about
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Max's expression changed seeing that the call was disconnected. Immediately, he knew that something was wrong."Mr. Max, if I may ask, what's wrong?" Ethan frowned when he saw Max's unnatural expression."How many minutes from here to the Four Seasons hotel?" Max asked, ignoring Ethan's question."It should take about thirty minutes.""I want to get there in ten minutes.""Sir, the fastest route ignoring all road rules, you'll get there in fifteen minutes.""Fine." Max frowned."Yes sir," Ethan replied and rushed out of his office while Max followed closely.Getting to the garage of the company, Ethan got into a car that Max was sure was his. But then it was none of his concern.Soon the engine of the car came to life and Ethan drove out of the company at a very high speed ignoring everything.-----"I'm sorry Mr. Lucas, but I can drink anymore, we've not even had the chance to talk about the contract." Michelle rejected the toast, her face blushing red as she managed to keep herself
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"Who the hell do you think you are?" Lucas raged looking at Max who was staring at him. "You dare ask me who I am after wanting to take advantage of my wife?" Max growled, kicking Lucas as he walked towards Michelle who was lying on the floor. At the moment, he couldn't hold back his anger and all he wanted was to make sure his wife was safe. He just couldn't believe that Lucas was about to take advantage of Michelle. "How dare you hit me?" Lucas yelled, staring at Max apprehensively. "You idiot," Max roared, picking Lucas up and flinging him across the room like he was a piece of paper. "Argh!" Lucas screamed as he hit the glass table breaking it into pieces. But then Max wasn't done. Walking towards Lucas, he stepped on his hands and soon breaking of bones was heard making Lucas scream out in pain. But still, Max felt it was not enough and stepped on his legs. "The Claros wouldn't let you off," Lucas said through gritted teeth as he stared at Max with hatred in his eyes. "Th
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