Journey To The Top

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Journey To The Top

By: Hunni CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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“I had a knife I would stab you more than a million times” A wife who loathed his husband to the point of wanting him dead, A mother-in-law, and father-in-law who only care when money is invoked. Joshua Miller, a man in a cruel world where the Poor are overshadowed by the rich. He was mocked and berated by the people he called family, but they had no Idea who he truly was. He was Joshua Miller, The Heir To A Multi Trillion Company. He swore that everyone who hurt him would pay the price and beg for his mercy. What happens when he raises from Grass to Grace? What will he do when he realizes that he was wanted dead by his family? Join Joshua’s world as he leaps to the top.

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Chapter 1: In a Quest for Power
"Josh, oh! Josh if i had a knife, with me Right now I swear to God I would stab you to death without blinking an eye" Morgan yelled as she shot him a deadly glare that sent chills to his Body. It seems so obvious that she really meant her words. Hearing this words from someone he loves very much and someone he married, he felt like a dagger was deeply stab into his heart, he just could not help but grit his teeth, hardly as Anger just washed all over him. "Morgan I am trying my best, what do you want from me?" he was trying everything in his power to make sure that he does not raise a voice at her even though he knew that she was throwing hurtful words at him.Life has never been easy on him, facing a lot of crisis and frustration, it really made him weak and broken and he hated it more than anything. "Money, Care, Be useful. Spend on me like how other men spend on their woman, their wives, their girlfriend! That's what I want from you, this was not what I thought when I married y
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Chapter 2: A Man with a Golden Heart.
"Am I trying to seduce you? Yes I am" She shrugged it off. "Can you stop that?" He has a disturbed frown on his face and that was not good, his lips were pressed in a thin line. "Okay" Kathrine gave a simple answer but the smile on her face showed that she did not mean her words. "You know what I am here for, I really need this Job. I truly need this Job, Kathrine you know I am very good at computer development" He locked eyes with her, showing all seriousness in her Eyes. "I don't mind giving you this job, even a higher position because I know that you a Company Diamond, I won't want To waste Such talent but however... " She rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue. "But I just can't, I know how good you are, I know your skills and I know that you are so Good at what you do but then to be really honest with you I can't give you this job" She stood up from the chair with a frown on her face. "Why?" he questioned, As he narrowed his Eyes. "Why? you asked huh? well, You see, You
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Chapter 3: Behind Bars
"Of course" He mumbled as he did not resist arrest."Officer Please Take This Fool out of Here" As Morgan Muttered this Josh heart was breaking, he has done a lot for her but that was how she choose to repay him.As a deep frown settled on his face, he signed in relief although he knew he was getting arrested he still felt happiness knowing that he would at least be away from that toxic house hold. He got into the police car, closer his eyes. He felt alive being far away from them, that was how much It hurts. The officer asked for his name , he answered and refused to say anything again. Eventually the Officer stopped talking, He was calm and relaxed as they got to the station He was taken to a cell. He had a little smile in his face as he settled down. "That House is So toxic" He mumbled with a little chuckled that escaped his lips. "Hey man, what are you in for?" Asked a Bulky looking, Talk man as he sat Beside Josh."Funny story""Oh well it's been a long time I have had a good
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Chapter 4: Rejection
Soon, Josh was home, He kept a straight face as he used the spare key to unlock the house door. It was already late.His heart was that he didn't know now to go with the situation with Megan.. He was already tired and equally fustrated, when he opened the door, he got in, he could tell that they must be sleeping since it was really late at night.This actually made him wonder what type of people they are, Framing a person and pressing charges And still have your mind to sleep peacefully."Where's the humanity?" He mumbled.He removed his shirt as he got to the kitchen to get some water, Looking at his self in that mirror that was in the kitchen, his eyes trailer to The Scar that was on his stomach. Morgan has angrily tried to pour Hot oil on him but he managed to escape that day. He has been through enough, He feels mentally drained, as his mind recalls everything the grip on the bottle water Tightened. He has really been through so much, from losing his mother to losing Everythi
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Chapter 5: Joshua Miller
Josh immediately went down on his Knees. He has suffered a lot and all he needs is just a little help, that's just all that he could ask for. His life is a living Hell, " "Please sir, Please I am begging you, just give me this job. At the moment this is my only hope, please sir I am begging you, just help me out and I promise that you will never regret it, just help me out Mr Brown" he pleaded with almost tears coming out of his eyes "Look, I can't help you. that's all Final." It Seems like Brown was not going to Change his mind.He was not close to Brown but at least He was Once A friend of Mr Brown. "Please sir, Help a friend out. I have a lot of ideas that cab storm in profit, I would work hard All day all Night, Please" Brown rolled his eyes, there was no way he was going to help Josh. he knew that Josh was very capable but the fact that if he helps Josh to get the job, Josh might be greater and bigger than him one day and he did not not want that. if there was one thing he w
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Chapter 6: A Different Version of Him.
The Guard immediately rushed inside to Inform Franklin.Josh was calm as he walked into the Mansion before he got out, he saw Franklin who was rushing out to him."He is going to be the happiest to see you" Katherine said as she was all smiles, the whole house was alerted that the heir was back."Joshua" Franklin Mumbled as he pulled Josh in for a tight huge, it was a dead grip In fact. Josh Patted him on his back.Franklin's pulled away from the hug, "Son... I... I... I... do... don't know where to Start to..." "Father, is okay" Josh cuts him off, it had been years that he had seen anyone from his household and he knew that it was a very emotional moment for his father."No is not, I am just glad to have you back. I am sorry I drove you away son. I am just so glad that you decided to come back" Franklin burst out in tears. It felt so bitter having all his sons leave him even at the point of losing his wife to cancer."Father please don't cry, I am back now and I am ready to stay, yo
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Chapter 7: His Twin.
The party was going on perfectly. Josh was there, he had smiles on his face, because he was quite happy to be back.Josh had been underestimated for a long time, he knew his coming back was somewhat something no one saw coming."Josh! Come here!" That was Josh's father. His voice penetrated Josh's ear that he had to pay attention.Josh faced his father. "Dad! Where?" As he was still asking, his father dragged him alongside him."How good are you at drinking?" His father asked, being overly happy."Urrgh….!" Josh eyes widened. It was long he drank anything hot, his father asking was something that made him think a bit."Yes, son! We are going to celebrate with this perfect drink," He said and stopped right in front of the alcohols.'Damn!' josh expressed his surprise. "Dad….! Actually, I don't," Josh's father cut in. He didn't let him finish what he wanted to say."I don't say I need your opinion, son! Common sit down… today! We merry," he said, taking his seat.Josh shook his head. He
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Chapter 8: Shocked
Josh's was quite surprised, but he composed himself. He removed his eye as if he didn't see her and approached the counter where he would get food for his friend.Morgan; Josh's ex was surprised at the flicker of his eye. Josh dress and manner of composture surprised her.She almost couldn't believe it was him. While he was still bewildered, he saw Josh at the counter trying to get food in that expensive restaurant.'I thought this restaurant is for classic men, what is this dwarf doing here!' Morgan raised her eyebrows. She was inconvenient with the way Josh very confident about himself.Morgan decided to drag him in the mud. 'His new boss is pretty taking care of him! Look at his dress now. I think he was given money to get some things here … I will make him a laughing stock in front of everyone!' She concluded within herself and set her plan in motion.She walked directly aiming at the office of the manager."Mam! What do you want?" The waitress said when she saw she aiming at the
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Chapter 9: Extraordinary.
The morning sun casts it's ethereal glow on the surface of the earth. The day was very bright.Josh was fast asleep. It's long that he had a very pleasant night, especially with the stress he passed through yesterday.Some minutes laters, a knock came through to his room. Josh opened his eyes mildly. He wasn't expecting anybody that morning. A knock on his door, what could be the problem?The knock persisted, so he chose to give a response."What?" He answered with a cracked voice, but it was loud enough for the person outside to hear."I want to pick some of your dirty clothes for laundry!" The voice said.Josh was not surprised, but it was too early for that. "Did you check your time?" He asked to be sure if she knew what she was doing."Yes, sir! I did," she said.Josh was pissed with that. "You know what? Come back later. I still need to do some things this morning," he said."Okay, sir!" She excused his door."Arrh! What a day!" He stood to his feet and had a body stretch that m
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Chapter 10: Rethink
"You listen to me son! Hello, hello," he noticed there was no recipient anymore which meant he ended the call while he was still talking.That action of his sent a thrilling shock through his body. 'Wow! My son have got the nerves to flaunt my orders. How dare him!" He retorted firmly.Hissing aloud, he knew the kind of son he had, but he was surprised at his behaviour. Josh wasn't like that before. He used to be very obedient and respectful, but now, he had changed.Anyways, he knew he needed to send his driver to get it for him.Franklin placed a call across to his driver. He picked up."Sir!" He said."Go to my room at home, pick the documents you see on my bed. I need it right away!" He said."Okay, sir!" The driver replied and the call was ended. He walked to the car and stepped into it.He started its engine and drove off. Not quite long, he got to the mansion.He stopped the car and entered the mansion. Getting in, he met Josh watching TV.That wasn't his concern. He went direc
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