001.17 | Gratitude For Saving Me

It was the weekend.

Qi Sying was supposed to come to work, but since the CEO would not be present, his presence would not be necessary. Even though he was Ru Weimin's personal secretary, the one holding the "legitimate" position was still San Zhao, so he had no right to complain.

Qi Sying happily accepted the rest day. Who didn't want to have it, anyway? It might also be treated as a day off without getting harassed by those bullied. Besides, he promised to visit the ancestral house this weekend, so he very much seized the chance.

As for the overbearing CEO, Ru Weimin was sincerely releasing his ice-cold aura without restraint as he sat on a small couch. San Zhao, the person standing next to him, was unfazed by the pressure and kept his gaze fixed on the subject of their attention.

Even still, the other men in the room were frightened to death by the overwhelming presence. Even the most trained guards can't stand up for more than half an hour, so how much longer can the rest of the men expect to last? At the very least, they were relieved that they weren't the primary focus.

But that would be different for the subject of the matter, Doctor Zhao.

It could be said that the doctor was in the middle of taking a vacation trip to City D when he was stopped midway and dragged back into his office. He was wildly refusing his "abductors" while telling them that he had properly filed for leave.

Why can't they just let him relax for three days?

He has been working non-stop since like forever. Does letting him take a break for at least seventy-two hours affect the hospital's operation? Was he even considered as a main personnel member?

Despite this, not a single person paid attention to what he had to say. With a frown on his face, he swallowed everything up and retreated to his always cold and medicine-smelling office. But when he learnt the identity of the person who had called him back, his attitude altered dramatically.

Or it is much more appropriate to describe that he was surprised to see the Chairman's first son appearing in his office. If only he didn't know it was modern times, he could have kowtowed before the man, begging for forgiveness.

San Zhao did not mask their reason for coming and asked the doctor about Jun Zihao's medical records directly. The doctor was surprised after hearing their request and quickly refused their demands.

As a doctor, he had taken an oath to not reveal anything related to the patient, unless permitted. Whether it be his boss or not, revealing someone's personal information was not his thing; it was also a crime.

However, he had to change his decision when he heard the words that came next.

It seems that Ru Weimin had witnessed Jun Zihao's serious retching so that anyone hearing it would assume he was dying. Doctor Zhao remained stiff for a while before chuckling dryly.

He had already told Jun Zihao just a week ago that his symptoms might worsen if he did not quickly take the operation. Who would have thought that his state would show its dire state in just a week?

If this continues, his fifty-percent survival rate will go farther down. No, even in his state now, thirty percent is high enough to ensure his survival.

He had been waiting for the family to contact him, but it seems that Jun Zihao was planning to delay it too. After a few more reasons and incitement from the two, the doctor yielded and showed them Jun Zihao's records.

The doctor stressed the importance of secrecy between them because the documents contained a sensitive detail that only a few people should be aware of. Since the family hasn't yet known about it, it would be bad if the news came from strangers.

The two did not refuse and agreed wholeheartedly.

Doctor Zhao's specialization was not on the brain, so he asked a colleague to translate the results of the scan of Jun Zihao's head. The two people started wondering why the doctor would show Jun Zihao's head.

Is his vomiting related to his head? Should it not be in his stomach?

However, it brings forth an uneasy feeling for Ru Weimin. It was as though the simple threat to the youngster's health was graver than he thought...

The X-rays were shown to them. The doctor explained some facts like "this one is a normal brain while the other one is Jun Zihao's brain" and so on. The two listened intently, watching the man point at some positions in the brain.

Doctor Zhao rounded out a small region of Jun Zihao's brain where an oddly shaped sharp item was sitting. Even people who have no idea what a brain looks like will recognize it as a foreign object with a single glance.Ru Weimin inquired of the doctor as to what this strange object was.

"Jun Zihao's medical history has yet to be received, but from what he told me, he had undergone an operation a few years ago," Doctor Zhao replied.

"An operation? A brain operation?" Ru Weimin questioned this. "Did he have something in his brain? An illness"

"Not exactly. He said he has a healthy brain," Doctor Zhao shrugged. "The cause of the operation was a bullet got stuck on his head."

The two instantly froze.

A bullet?

Jun Zihao received a bullet on his head?

San Zhao's jaw was wide open as he turned around and saw Ru Weimin staring back at him. The person whom they were ordering around actually had a bullet on his head once.

Ru Weimin's eyes darkened. The already ice-cold aura became even colder, putting the fifteen-degree Celsius air-conditioning to shame. Doctor Zhao had witnessed their expressions and thought they were normal. Well, he also had the same reaction the first time he learned about it.

"The operation was successful, and the bullet was taken out of his brain," the doctor continued. "However, maybe due to the late technology, they weren't able to detect this small part when they sealed off his head. For years, he appeared to live normally. It was just only recently he started to feel symptoms."

"What are these symptoms?" San Zhao asked.

"Nausea, headaches, vertigo, tinnitus..." Doctor Zhao listed out the possibilities. "Those are the usual. However, don't ever think it's simple. His headaches can be so painful it might cause him to faint. It is also dangerous if his vertigo hits him when he's crossing the street or walking up the stairs. And I guess, you already witnessed his grave state when vomiting."

Ru Weimin shivered. The memory was still very clear in his memory. The image of Jun Zihao, who tried to stand upright despite the pain, showed his determination, yet nobody knew he was more vulnerable than anyone.

He tightened his fists, regretting his hesitation. If only he hadn't listened to that guy and carried him to the hospital, he would have been able to alleviate his discomfort. Doctor Zhao took the x-ray back to the folders and continued his diagnosis.

"Aside from that, there are also other symptoms. The brain controls most of the activities of the body. Well, except for body parts like the heart that do not need any thinking, he might not be able to control his voluntary muscles."

"You might see his hands shaking without him noticing, or his legs suddenly getting numb. These involuntary reflexes were caused by this disturbance, so the only thing to solve it is to take this object out. Jun Zihao should have an operation."

Janlou Mitsitsiyo

All the diagnosis were referenced from Google Search. It was partly true and altered to fit in with the story. Please read with caution.

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