Lord Tharn Zon

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Lord Tharn Zon

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Lord Tharn Zon original World is long dead, and he is the sole survivor. His World died after five years under the influence of the Hooded Mage, because he sucked the Magic of the World to increase his Magic. On his quest for revenge, Tharn visited several Worlds, always trying to stop the Hooded Mage from destroying them, but failing to catch him every single time. Then, Tharn Zon opens a portal to a Magical World, only two years after the Hooded Mage's arrival. A young girl, a Mage student, is summoning a Magical Being to be her Familiar, and she mistakenly thinks that Lord Tharn Zon will be hers. In this Magical World, he must find allies to help him track the Hooded Mage and stop him once and for all. If he succeeds this time or not, will only depend on him and his friends. *Note: In the side stories of one or two chapters, I will be visiting the Worlds I created in my previous stories, and some new ones, that I intend to use in future stories.*

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Chapter 1 - Escape
Amsterdam, year 2020.The police officer at the desk raised his eyes from his computer keyboard and glanced at the young man before him. He had handcuffs on his wrists, and two other officers were at his side, watching over him.The room was filled with other desks, with police officers working at their computers or reading some files.Seated on some benches against a wall, there were four men handcuffed to each bench, waiting for a police officer to take them to a desk to be interrogated.Read more
Side Story: Record 1 – Beginning
System Sword Record 1, World Alurith Warmth on the hilt. Analysing… Human. Checking memories… Establishing first contact. “Greetings. I am the System Sword. How may I address you, Master?” “What the... You can speak?” A man’s voice came from the left. “What is the matter, Lord Tharn? I said nothing, and we are the only ones in this room. We need to get going and regroup with the others!” “You didn’t hear this sword speak?” I need to explain things. He doesn’t seem to know. “You are the only one that can hear me, Master. We are now connected.” “Okay… So, a System Sword. What does a System Sword do in this old trunk? And what are you?” Analysing nearby life forms. One man in this room, two others in the corridor, and two in the room in front. Searching… Movement approaching, no life signs. One magically powerful being on the upper level. Still time to explain. “A System Sword grants you Skills and Benefits if the Magic of this World allows it. Accessing World Magic… This World u
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Chapter 2 – The Familiar
Lord Tharn Zon sighed after the Sword ended his first record. “Yes, that is how I remember it as well. We went to a few strange places. I wonder what the next World will be like.” “World detected. Portal connected. Get ready, Master.” “Finally! This time it took more time than usual!” The Magical Portal appeared, and Lord Tharn crossed it. While he was blinking, trying to ge
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Chapter 3 – Istar, the Useless
Lord Tharn Zon walked next to the nervous woman, and when she opened the door that led to the main corridor, she peeked at both sides and signalled for him to follow her.As they were walking along the corridor, he was looking at the corridor walls, admiring the paintings of sceneries or Mages that graduated from that School, as it said in the tags under each painting. Then, a mocking girl’s voice and some giggling made him look back to where the noise was coming from. “Look who she is, girls! Istar, the Useless! Are you ready for another one of your famous blunders in your test? What are
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Chapter 4 – Facing a Teacher
Tharn Zon got up and followed Istar with his tray to an empty table near the cafeteria lady. They put the trays there and left the room with the woman looking at them, still puzzled.In the main corridor, Istar whispered the purpose of that School, and what type of classes she had.According to her, a Familiar was supposed to follow his Master, and not only fight but do little chores depending on the amount of the Familiar’s intelligence.Some familiars from high-level Mages were known for working alongs
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Chapter 5 – Practical Test - part 1
 Tharn held Istar’s left hand and accompanied her, even with her trembling legs, making her trip at every step she took, and he spoke in a low voice, “Breath, we got this. You attempted to betray me, but I will still teach you a thing or two .”   They stopped in the middle of the room, with all eyes upon them. The Teacher took a few steps back and gathered Magic in both hands.   Read more
Chapter 5.1 – Practical Test - part 1.1
As Tharn was following her across the room to the door that would lead to the corridor she mentioned, he asked, “Istar, is there a Principal in this School? Or a Dean? Someone in charge of the School and is above the Teachers?” “We have a Principal, why?” “We need to talk with him because I don’t trust that Teacher a single bit. He will certainly go to him and make up some lame excuse for what happened, and I want to tell that Principal of yours our side of the story before your Teacher fills his head with lies.”&nb
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Chapter 6 – The bet - part 1
While Istar turned pale, Tharn looked up and asked the angry-looking girl, “Rihat, is that it? Do you even know how many Levels an Old Elemental gives to a Mage that has the Novice Rank?” “Of course! Everyone knows they only give five Levels!” “No, that is an Elemental to an Apprentice Rank. An Old Elemental gives the double Levels an Elemental does, but it also has to do with the Mage’s Rank. You got two Levels from that Elemental you defeated because you
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Chapter 6.1 – The bet - part 1.1
Tharn answered after glancing around and noticing a few gazes towards them from the other students still in the cafeteria. “I guess so, but not here. Do you mind if we talk as we go to the Library? We are calling too much attention.” Osman Halabi nodded after looking at his friends, who shrugged, showing that they didn’t mind.As they were walking along the main corridor, he explained. “We heard about what happened in the morning during that test. Is it true that Istar is now an Apprentice?
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Chapter 7 – Learning about the World
By reading the books, Tharn got a sense of how that World was and how the people lived. Not only that, but also the types of Magic and countries with more Mages of each type.In the book about the countries, he learned the World was made of a single enormous landmass, with the ocean covering almost seventy-five percent of the surface of the planet. There were seven countries and a few small islands that belonged to three countries because those islands were near them.That book also had something about Magic, because it mentioned that each country, despite having all the other Schools, focused mostly on one type of School, and a size
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