001.20 | Gratitude For Saving Me

"System, I think I have some heart problems."

The system who was called out: ???

「Is the host not feeling well?」

"I'm not sure," Qi Sying placed his hand on his chest, his eyes lost in thought. The tight feeling in his chest was gone. It seems like it only occurred in a moment. "I am probably just anxious."

Ru Weimin caught Jun Zihao dazedly staring in midair, his one hand plastered on his chest.

Is this guy feeling something bad on his chest?

Ru Weimin has inadvertently summoned Jun Zihao. The young man knew his name and proceeded to the table. 

What should they do now that they're face to face?

Even though Ru Weimin is watching Jun Zihao, he doesn't want the other person to know his secret pleasures so he pretend
Janlou Mitsitsiyo

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