The System of Cultivating Immortality

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The System of Cultivating Immortality

By: TTTrrr OngoingSystem

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With the magical [system of cultivating immortality], the reborn Tang Fei began his legendary journey! Counter attack and upgrade, collect treasures and valuable books, conquer beasts and beauties... Let’s witness Tang Fei’s journey to become the Immortal God!

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  • Saadia Gure


    Excellent, loved it. Dear author when are you going to post new chapters?

    2024-03-23 07:01:19
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21 chapters
Chapter 1 Rebirth
"Tang Fei, you are a piece of shit with all fix lost! How dare you compete with me for the position of young patriarch! Get out of the clan with your cowardly mother..." "Tang Fei, now that you've turned into a piece of crap, you don't deserve to be my husband! I'm calling off my engagement to you, and have nothing to do with you anymore..."   "You want to borrow money from me? Don't you still think you're the honorable Master Tang? Get the fuck out of here, you lost dog... "   With a sudden flood of memories, Tang Fei woke up feeling a splitting headache.   "The boy finally woke up, almost missed his entrance exam..." The crowd of onlookers chattered.   "Oh my head...Did I go through time?"   When the headache passed, Fei gradually understood his situation:   He was originally the eldest son of the Tang family and would inherit the title of young pat
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Chapter 2 Being picked on
[Successful binding!] "What the hell is this ... system? Is it a cheating device?" Fei pulled up the system panel in surprise: [The System of Cultivating Immortality] Host: Tang Fei Level: Warrior of the fourth rank(There also 10 levels of Warrior's orders) Mastered Qi: 0 Skills: Nonactivated Available Saved Files: 10/10 ... There are also many columns in a nonactivated gray state. In all columns, the "Available Saved Files" attracted Fei most. "What does it mean? Does the system can save and load files like a game?" At this time, the cue sounded again: [Ding dong] [Host mood swings detected, do you want to save here?] "Fuck, is it really possible to fi
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Chapter 3 Read the file, Go back in time
"Fuck! Not qualified?" "Playing with me together, huh? Think I'm a pushover, huh?" "If I don't show my anger and power, you just think I am weak, right? " "Ok, then I'll play with you..." There was a fierce flash in Fei's angry eyes. "System! READ THE FILE FOR ME!!!" [Receive the order] [Reading the saved files now... Your remaining chance of saving files are 8/10...] [Successful loading!] Suddenly, his head was spinning. When he opened his eyes, he found himself back in front of the door of hall. "Is it really possible to read the files?" "Does it mean I can start over with my life like playing a console game?" He felt a thrill of joy and eagerly opened the door and went into the hall to see i
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Chapter 4 Slap their face hard!
"Keep your eyes open and watch me practicing!" Fei said no more and turned over the pages of the book a again. The examiners were dissatisfied with his arrogance. They all frowned and their impression of him hit the bottom. But it didn't take long before they were all stunned. Tang Fei was practicing the boxing technique smoothly and experiencedly in the center of the ball: The first move... second move...third...fifth...eighth… The tenth move: King Kong Shock Mountain! The five examiners stood still with eyes open widely. "He really did it!" "How standard his moves are!" "Jesus, he is a genius!" "'Mighty Kong Boxing' is the study that does not go abroad of we Xiaobo Sect. Even these talented pupils in the sect can't learn it all in 15 seconds. How
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Chapter 5 Pass the exam
In the wonderful state, Fei felt that his every cell was alive. The reading model of the system was already a bug to learn something new, and the strict treatment also made him more concentrated, let alone that he had restarted time several time, which all made he digest "Mighty Kong Boxing" completely! Now, he can do every move at his fingertips and perfectly. When he finished the moves, he let out a long breath. The shape of King Kong behind him also disappeared. [Ding Dong!] [Congratulation! The column "Skills" has been active!] [Congratulations! You have mastered the intermediate martial art "Mighty Kong Boxing"] [Mastered skills: Mighty Kong Boxing Level of Mighty Kong Boxing: skilled] System divides the skill proficiency into 4 levels: entry, skilled, proficient, peak. S
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Chapter 6 The power surge
Fei stepped into the yard.After the warm-up, he did a horse trot and took a deep breath. Then, he gave a sharp blow:The first move: King Kong shake tree!There was a crack in the air. A warm flow rushed from his belly to his right fist.Then right hand took back, left fist punched:The second move: King Kong squat!After it, Fei felt warm all over especially the abdomen. It's like there's a fire burning.The third move: King Kong seize!Finishing the third move, a strong aroma of herbs rose from his body. The medicinal power of Hui yuan Dan was brought into full play.The veins in his wound were growing fast.  And his body was constantly absorbing Qi,  which filled up his abdomen.Now, his wounds were completely healed!He felt full of power and Qi in his body burst out with the punch and broke the wind in the air.[Congratulations! You have been upgraded to Warrior of the sixth rank!]Read more
Chapter 7 Master all-seeing eyes!
Outside the howling jungle, all was quiet, and there was no sound of birds or insects. Fei slowed his breathing and waked slowly forward. "Clack-clack" Not far away came the sound of branches being crushed. Alert, he leaned himself to get close to it. When he got close enough, a wild boar appeared panting. It was one meter long and half a meter tall, with two tusks 20 or 30 centimeters long. "Ok, find you." Not afraid, he jumped out. When the boar saw him, it gave a roar and rushed at him. In the howling jungle, the beasts here were all very fierce and one could attract more. Normal Warriors dare not fight with a wild boar. But it's what Fei wanted, who is confident of his strength. If he is afraid to fight even a wild animal, he will
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Chapter 8 Qi Feng, daughter of Qi Family!
"Fuck, am I going to die here?" Qi Feng clutched her chest and panting, who had little energy left to run away. The bear had drawn its arrow and was roaring towards her. "Not only did those scumbags sneak up on me, leaving me with internal injuries and a collapse in my strength, they also attracted giant bears to try to kill me. Damn it! I haven't brought information back to the clan, and I didn't even meet anyone I loved... " Her nose felt sore, and tears filled her eyes. "Listen to me, " She gasped at the sudden sound of a man's voice. But she resisted the urge to look back. She knew that although the man's purpose was unknown, yet he might be the only chance to escape. So she couldn't give away his location to the bear. To hear what he was saying, she pressed her head against the tree trunk.Read more
Chapter 9 “Shooting Sun Archery”
So you know that I can easily get hold of far more precious materials than these." Qi Family is a large and powerful clan. The Tang family is nothing in front of it. Legend has it that their ancestors inherited the power of the phoenix, the ancient god beast. Therefore, all Qi Family members gain fire power when they become Masters, which makes them powerful. Qi current home Lord, Qi Youshan is strong. It's said to have reached the strength of the ninth rank Master. And he is the current Empire Marshal of Empire of the sun, which is Tang Fei's country. It is said that Qi Youshan and his wife had been in love for many years, having had a eldest son and a doting a daughter in their thirties, who should now grow up. "Oh, Miss Qi. Nice to meet you. Well, in that case, I'll take what you don't like. I'm Tang Fei, from Tang Family." She thought more highly of him w
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Chapter 10 Meet ex again
After saying goodbye, he turned to leave. It was getting late and the orange sun was shining on the road. She stood where she was, a little melancholy in her heart. "Whoosh!" Two men in black suddenly appeared beside her, kneeling on one knee. "Miss, we're too late." "Let's go back. This information needs to get to the family quickly." "Yes, Miss." In the blink of an eye, the three disappeared… On the other side, Fei looked at his wristband as he walked. "I wonder how powerful you are." "Halt!" Four silhouettes suddenly appeared, blocking his path. "Here come the dead men. Is Concubine Zhou who sent you here, right?" He guessed that word of his trip to the Howling Jungle had reached her. She must want to get
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