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By: Asterion SM. OngoingSystem

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The world is a jungle and only the strong survive. After being framed at work and fired on the spot for a crime he didn’t commit, Dorian is given the hard side of life yet again, but a near-death experience brings him to contact something some would refer to as a blessing and a curse. The unfair world grants him a system. One that holds endless potential if utilized well and exploited to it’s fullest potential. Dorian would have rejected it, but he’s tired of being just another player in someone else’s story, He wants to rise above. Will he be able to? Watch as Dorian surpasses expectations, and becomes the most remarkable, most awesome, and most desirable man in any space he occupies.

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63 chapters
Chapter 1: "We're done here, Dorian."
“I didn’t do it!.”Dorain barged into the office of the CEO and stared at the man with pleading eyes.In his hand was his letter of dismissal and the reality of it left him reeling because of the pain he felt.His voice was shaky as he spoke.“Mr. Howard’s the one who messed with the sales report. H… he sold three thousand pieces of our least luxurious item and tampered with the report for it. I only noticed because he asked me to deal with the final compilation and I confronted him about it. He said he would own up and take the blame for it, but instead, he’s pinning it on me.”Anyone listening to Dorian could hear how heartbroken he sounded. He wasn’t a weak or feeble man, but this job meant a lot to him.This was the only way he could show his family he wasn’t a total failure. This job was the only source of income he had.If he lost it he wouldn’t be able to take care of himself, talk less of his sick, frail mother. He couldn’t afford to take the fall for his team manager’s greed.
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Chapter 2: “ Play dead.”
“Hey, sir.”Dorian ignored the person poking him and kept still.“Hey, sir. Sir” Dorian turned his head slightly with a frown on his face.“What?”The thin male sighed and frowned.“I was asked to come see if you’re dead. I’m with the security team. You just slammed into the oak tree on our company’s grounds. Is… is your spine broken in any way?”Dorian frowned and let his mind roam. Maybe he was dead.His body felt numb all over and he could barely feel a thing. People who were dead didn’t feel things, did they? “Is there blood on my body?”The frail-looking guard nodded and gulped worryingly.“A lot. It formed a small pool around you.”He was going to die.“Leave me to die in peace please.”Dorian averted his eyes and stared at the skies again, looking at the clouds roll by as the sound of a police siren and people murmuring played in the background.Life was a joke. So the police were here and they hadn’t even looked his way. Weren’t they supposed to call an ambulance to rush hi
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Chapter 3: “What do I need to do?”
A flare of pain lashed through Dorian’s brain and he hissed, clenching his teeth and going dead rigid in his seat.“What the fuck dude!”The system scoffed and Dorian imagined it frowning.“I am not a human, or a dude. I am a being of infinite possibilities and people are usually more appreciative when they get me y’know. I’m really hard to come by.”The pain in his brain subsided all at once and Dorian breathed deeply, trying to steady the fast pounding of his heart and his boggled brain.The thing in his head was real.~Already established~And it had a snarky attitude.A slight chuckle rang out in Dorian’s head and something strange happened. A glass-like screen appeared before him. Almost the same shape and length as a full-length mirror. He couldn’t ignore the fact that it was there because it was. When he moved his head to the side, the large screen moved too. Golden letters lit up the surface of the screen and words slowly came into focus.INFINITE SKILLS SYSTEM. BASIC INFO.C
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Dorian approached the last shop on the street his home was located in and he checked his reflection in the shop's glass fitting as he passed.Maybe part of the reason he kept on getting rejected was because of the blood stains still on him, and maybe he shouldn’t have started searching for a job immediately, but the timer was ticking and he had searched for the effects of liver loss on his way here. The system had assured him that nothing about the procedure of removing his liver would be painless or quick, and for some reason, he wholeheartedly believed the devil system.A job was a job, right? He didn’t have to get any major one just yet. What if the system turned out to be a flop and he failed there too?He wouldn’t be able to handle the surge of emotions that would come next.Instead, he had decided on this. He would get an easy job he knew nothing about. So far he had applied at a bakery, a tannery, and now he was here, a pizza shop.He didn’t know how to make pizza, but he coul
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Dorian burst in through the door with barely a few seconds left.The cold feeling running down his spine finally dissipated and he breathed a breath of relief. Panting lightly, he watched the ominous red light flashing on the system’s screen finally fade away.The panic he had felt when that started glowing, was unlike any he had ever experienced in his life! Couldn’t the system acknowledge the fact that last night was tough on him and he needed more time to recover?The system’s reply was instant.~No one cares if the sun fell on your house or the moon shat on your car. Get to work on time regardless~Dorian gritted his teeth and straightened up when his new boss came out.“Good morning.” The man regarded him for a second, nodded, reached behind the counter, and pulled out a shirt. He threw it lightly to Dorian and Dorian caught the shirt.He also caught the keys that were thrown at him next.“Change into that shirt. There’s a stack of pizza boxes in the back. The delivery locations
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Chapter 6: “Thank you for what?”
“Deliver the rest of the pizzas out back.”Dorian nodded and walked past his new boss to get the cargo. Somehow, someone had spread the word of this pizza shop having the fastest delivery service and now everyone wanted a pizza that would be delivered in less than five minutes.~You haven’t told me thank you.~Dorian frowned at the voice in his head as he stared at the pile of pizza boxes he had to lug to the bike.“Thank you for what?”~For granting you this cool skill of course! You’d have had to pay a lot of money to get the skills you’re driving with today.~ While Dorian couldn’t deny the fact that the expert-level driving skill was awesome, something about having to deliver pizzas for hours on end didn’t appeal to him much.He was happy he was good at his job. Luigi, his new boss, had even told him he was doing a good job and he was happy he could finally get a name and a small smile out of the man.If this continued, then in a few more days, they could dominate the pizza delive
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Chapter 7: “Blacktips.”
“Leave me alone! Please!” The cries were very audible and deep wracking sobs followed next.Dorian watched as a young woman stumbled out of the alley, her eyes wide in panic and tears running down her cheeks in rivulets.The few people also towing the alleyway stopped to look at her. She was very pretty. With a dainty shape and wearing a black dress that outlined her slim waist and curved hips. Her ebony hair curled at the tips and her skin was nice, near flawless.Everyone was enamored by the crying damsel and some made moves to go to her but they froze the next minute like an electric current just ran down their spines. Under the clear sunlight of the afternoon, four huge men walked out of the curve of the alley. They had menacing looks on their faces and they appeared rough but what made everyone stop was the single slash on their left cheeks.Dorian cursed under his breath.“Blacktips.”The Blacktips were a well-known local gang this side of the city. They burglarized, robbed, m
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Chapter 8: ~System!~
“Do…… you usually…… drive like a maniac?”The Blacktips were just behind them and right now, Dorian was sure they were going well past the speed limit.So far it had been thirty minutes since the chase started. The speed his bike was putting out was admirable.“Hey, pizzacunt! Catch!”Dorian leaned to the left at the last moment and the projectile whizzed past his ear. A boomcan landed on the bare ground of the expressway and Dorian gritted his teeth in annoyance.Thankfully this time when the can exploded they were a good distance away from the explosion. The Blacktips had their little locally made explosive explode right behind them and Dorian’s mind sparked with an idea. The crackly voice of his passenger was almost lost in the wind whipping around them. “They’re going to throw more of those things.”Dorian nodded both to her and to himself. She certainly wasn’t from around here. She didn’t know what a boomcan was.~System, I need a good trick!~The mechanical voice was what repli
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Chapter 9: “Who is this? and what do you want?”
~HEY DORIAN!~Dorian jerked awake like someone hit his head in his dream.“I’m up! I’m up!”The system chortled and Dorian’s still muddled brain tried to grasp what was happening right now.His eyes darted to the clock in the corner and he groaned.~Did you have to wake me up at the crack of dawn with such a loud shout?”It was like a foghorn had screamed his name in his head. Urghh.~Get up lazy pants. You have to get to work.~Dorian scowled and resisted the urge to groan.“Right, work.”His body felt like his spine would give out. His butt ached for some reason and his shoulders and back muscles throbbed. Maybe he had to go see a doctor.A ding rang out in his head and Dorian tried to open his half-lidded eyes to see the glass screen hovering a few feet above him. It was tilted so it could face him properly without him having to strain his neck.[HEALTH: 80%/100%]Dorian took a deep breath and watched as the meter climbed to 81%. In essence, he was being told he was okay and he di
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Chapter 10: "The pizzas are on you. You don't expect your girlfriend to pay for them, right?"
"D.... Dorian?"Dorian nodded and stared at his girlfriend.He didn't know what to say. What was he supposed to do in a situation like this?"Is this the guy you've been telling me about?"The smug voice of the male in the room rang into Dorian's ears and he clenched his fists. They'd been talking about him.Amelia of all people, a woman who he would trust with his life if it came down to it."I asked you a question Amy." The male's voice was much nearer now and Dorian watched as the guy slung an arm over his girlfriend's shoulder. He was holding her in the casual manner Amelia would never have allowed him, her boyfriend to hold her in and he was grinning.He already knew what was happening here."Answer me Amelia. Or are you going to suddenly develop some virtue right here and now?"The decision was clear in Amelia's eyes because she nodded briskly." Yeah. He's the one I was telling you of. My boyfriend, Dorian Flint."Dorian felt something sour enter his mouth at her words. So he wa
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