001.3 | Gratitude For Saving Me

"This plot..." Qi Sying contemplated. "... is so simple."

Compared to the dramas that he had watched on TV, this plot's interaction was so simple that he already knew the outcome of the story even though he was still in the middle of scanning the memories.

Jun Zihao lived a comfortable and good life. 

There were no mistresses or illegitimate children to fight with, or at least some distant cousin that wanted to take their place. His brothers were not vying for any position while his parents doted on him very much. 

And for the first time, the love rival trope is not present. Usually, a female lead would be the cause of the conflict. He expected that he would be going down the road to fight with someone powerful just to get the heart of this woman. 

However, what he found was just a simple brotherhood between two strangers. Nothing else. 

The system buzzed in his mind.

The level of difficulty of this world was adjusted to give the host some leeway. Since it is your first world, the management will turn a blind eye and give everything a simple set-up. Don't worry, once this world is done, the host will receive the utmost difficulty.

Qi Sying quieted. He only wanted to joke around to lessen the tension, but the cold system ended the conversation mercilessly. At least give him some face, okay?

"Um... well, what should I do?" Qi Sying tried to recover the dead air. 

Host only has three main missions in this world.

1. Earn Ru Weimin's trust.

2. Prevent the Framing Incident.

3. Reach at least 30 years old.

Host have three side missions.

1. Secure the project proposal.

2. Have the operation

3. Bring the Jun and Ru families together.

Special missions will be given when the situation arises. Host, are there any questions? 

"There aren't any," Qi Sying said, shaking his head. "Everything is in detail. Thank you, system."

If you need anything, just call on me. I will remain on the sidelines to watch over it. 

By that the system left with a buzz. Qi Sying heaved a sigh as he accepted the mission. He then adjusted his body based on the temperament of Jun Zihao. Based on the person presented in the memories, Jun Zihao is a sensible man who is quite adept but silly. 

He had a contagious mood, the kind where he only needed to smile to make others smile, or laugh to make others laugh. Such a character is warm and likable to people of all social classes.

Qi Sying was not sure if he could properly portray a warm and sunny character. It is easy to smile to show that one is happy. What's difficult is to attain the same mood and affect people.

The host did not need to worry. It is not a requirement for the host to completely copy the traits and mannerisms of the body in which they are residing. As long as it is reasonable and fitting for the situation, the supporting characters will not notice the discrepancies.

"Is it that convenient?"

Qi Sying could now somehow understand the workings of the System. They won't demand too much so as to make their hosts unable to finish the task. But they also did not have full control of the world. It is like they are just suggestive existences used to decrease the generated surplus energy. 

"Question," Qi Sying said, raising his hand. "You stated that the characters were chosen based on the number of regret points they possessed.

Correct, Host.

"Then, in the case when the character chosen was different, let's say a body builder or weight lifter, I am sure with this kind of body, I don't have enough strength to carry the weight of two sacks of rice. What should I do?"

[In that case, the host could use a skill card from the shop. The shop contained all the materials you needed. You could purchase a skill card with a strength attribute.]

"That's really convenient."

It appears that the system and its creator gave it careful consideration. There will be no excuse for not being able to finish any tasks with all the given options. While Qi Sying was chatting with the system, a knock on the door caught his attention. The face of the doctor that matched his memories entered. 

"How are you feeling now?" Doctor Zhao asked. 

Doctor Zhao reached out for the metal stool under the mattress and sat beside the bed. He is carrying a clipboard with papers attached and a pen with assorted ink colors hanging in his breast pocket.

Qi Sying observed the somewhat 25–30-year old man and assessed his character. 

Doctor Zhao had a natural aura of a scholar, which made him feel safe and secure. He also possessed a pretty face, the type that could easily make him into an idol. The doctor noticed Jun Zihao's gaze.

"Not feeling okay?" The doctor asked. 

"I am fine," Qi Sying answered. At least, for now, the pain had subsided. But Qi Sying knows what the doctor wanted to know. 

"Are you taking your medicines according to my prescriptions?" Doctor Zhao asked. 

Qi Sying nodded. 

According to his memories, Jun Zihao never skipped drinking his medicine. He had changed his lifestyle after knowing his state. He is always on schedule and will never forget any of his tablets. 

The doctor made a checking gesture as he marked a box on the documents on the clipboard. 

"Your headaches... does it happen often?"

"Yesterday, I had one, but it wasn't as painful as today. For this week, I guess it happened thrice," Qi Sying dutifully answered. 

"On those occasions, what happened to you? Did you vomit? Lost your balance? Hear some ringing sounds?"

"I only vomited once. It is just today that I fainted, " Qi Sying touched the back of his head. "Somehow, it is much more painful than before. I almost blacked out."

"Luckily, you were brought in quickly, " Doctor Zhao heaved a sigh. "Or else you would have fallen into a coma. Or..." died.

Qi Sying is able to understand what the doctor meant. He asked further, "Doctor, did it worsen?"

Doctor Zhao paused as he looked at the clear blue eyes of Qi Sying. He doesn't want to reveal the diagnosis, but he knows that Jun Zihao is already aware of his status. This conversation is just for formality's sake. 

Qi Sying can see the reluctance of the doctor. And since he already knew what was wrong with this body, he did not ask further and just nodded. Doctor Zhao wanted to refute it, but he couldn't do anything but suggest an operation. 

Even though it was not a sure thing, it has the potential to save him if he was able to recover.

"The operation is only your cure. Our technology is already far superior compared to before. If in the past they were able to recover the whole bullet, then why not now?" 

"How long will I live if I undergo it?" Qi Sying asked. 

"If you can recover, then at least you can have a decade and a few more years. At least you will be able to live longer. With your state now, I'm afraid that one year is already the longest," the doctor said, moving closer. 

"I want to convince you. As a doctor, I don't want to let you suffer. If you are worried that you can't pay for the operation, then I will look for a charity that can help you. Just accept my intention."

"I understand," Qi Sying said, nodding. This doctor really seems to be worried about him. "That's why I am accepting it now."

"Please, don't say no. It's jus-" Doctor Zhao stopped talking and digested the words Qi Sying said. The frown on his face brightened as he looked at the youth with a surprised expression. "You are willing?"

Qi Sying nodded. "I refused the offer earlier because... well, there is fear of it."

If it is just simply an operation to the heart then the former Jun Zihao won't be worried. Heart surgeries are common and there are already a thousand of experts that can do it. 

But brain surgery is still on the move to the next development. 

Since the brain cannot regenerate, it makes the whole process very dangerous. Furthermore, what Jun Zihao is scared about is not his death, but his loss, which will cause the debt to remain. He won't be able to return the gratitude he wanted to send.

"That's great! I will prepare the operation at once. But, before that, you have to contact a relative. It's already a protocol that someone should be there to watch over you once you go to the operation room," Doctor Zhao excitedly said. 

"Doctor Zhao, I have a request," Qi Sying called out. "Even though I am willing, I wanted to do it after three months."

The doctor that is writing the operation letter halted on the spot. He looks up to see the clear eyes looking at him. Why does he need to wait for three months if they can do the operation right now? 

Aside from the symptoms, Jun Zihao's body is actually fit. It is also better to just get the operation now that his body is still fine. Waiting for three months... Doctor Zhao could only disagree. Three months is still a long time. A lot of things could still happen. 

But Qi Sying is firm.

"I will accept the operation but under this condition. If you did not want it then I will not do it."

According to the story, Jun Zihao refused the operation for the second time. It was due to the fact that he needed to spend a few more months in the hospital for his recovery period. He thought it would be a waste.  

An operation to the head was not simple. The estimated duration of rest would be four weeks to two months. This is under the condition that nothing happened and no complications occurred during the surgery, or else he would be sitting in the hospital for more than half year. 

Rather than wasting time, Jun Zihao argued that if he had worked, he would have accomplished something of value for the company. It's possible he'll be given a promotion or a few small-time projects to work on. He did not want to waste the opportunity by just lying on the hospital for so long. 

It's also worth noting that he is still a newly acquired employee. Even though his reason of absence is valid, it is still not appropriate to suddenly apply a leave for six months after admission. It would be better to just hand off the resignation letter. At least, in that way, he won't be guilty receiving salary without working. 

Moreover, even if he went into surgery, it is not a guarantee that he will survive the operation.

Qi Sying disliked this kind of blind worship. 

What good was there to sacrifice one self just for the benefit of others? 

If Jun Zihao truly reformed for the better, he should not only focus on sacrificing his life, but to the goodness and welfare of one self. He was still the same as before, that high school boy who followed the delinquents because he was influenced by power. 

He only changed subjects, his target this time is Ru Weimin. 

"System," Qi Sying called in his mind. "What happened to Jun Zihao's soul?"

The system instantly answered. [His soul has been exterminated by the World's Administrators.]


"What do you mean exterminated? You can easily kill souls like that?" Qi Sying did not expect to receive such kind of answer. 

What does it mean to be exterminated? Isn't it just having your soul torn apart and never be born again?

[Host must not misunderstand. Extermination is just the World Administrator's default way to extract the source of surplus energy. The soul will remain in standby until someone comes to reset the energy for them.]

"What if nobody comes?" 

[The Administrators will exterminate the soul. They would rather lose an energy source than to lose the balance of the world.]

A soul was just a dot in a book of words. Losing it won't change the story. Someone might notice the missing dot but it won't affect the overall sequence of the story. At the end, that missing dot will be forgotten. 

"That person..." Qi Sying gazed at the ceiling, his thoughts unknown. How great was his regret that he was able to break the world's limitation?

"Then, what will happen to the soul once the regret was fulfilled?"

The system did not answer immediately. When Qi Sying thought the system won't give an answer, the cold voice replied in his head. 

[The dead won't come back.]

It wasn't always the living who owned the greatest regret. At most, it was those souls that weren't able to fulfill their dreams, aspirations, or revenge. Once their regret was gone, they can finally say goodbye and leave the world peacefully.  

Qi Sying closed his eyes. He started planning on how to finish the missions and made sure to do it properly. Jun Zihao might be dead but his soul is still here, right? He wanted to show him the correct way of not giving a fuck to life.

Since everything will be done once you are dead. 

The first item on the list is earning Ru Weimin's trust. If not from this mission, he would want to jump in the operating table directly. There is also the case of plagiarism and that encounter with the female assistant who indirectly caused Jun Zihao's death. 

After the incident, Ru Weimin suddenly will become interested to Jun Zihao and look for his information. After knowing his origin as the youngest master of the Jun Family, he would promote Jun Zihao as his pseudo assistant slash servant to watch him.

Later, a huge project will be handed to Jun Zihao. Qi Sying wanted to use this opportunity to get Ru Weimin's trust by winning the project proposal. Following this route will hit three birds with one stone. He would be able to eliminate the plagiarism incident and the unfortunate fate with the female employee will not also occur. 

It is only after securing the project could he send his resignation letter.

Surely, Ru Weimin will trust him after getting that billion worth of investment. That amount should be enough to show his gratitude. 

Then, he will undergo the operation. Jun Zihao might have a unique sense of belief of not fearing death but he does not despise living altogether. It is not wrong to wish for a longer life. He wasn't suicidal, too. 

If Jun Zihao can spare a few more years after his deadline, he would be happy. Qi Sying have to get the operation to finish the last main mission. In this way, he can have all the three missions done. 

And, maybe, if the World Administrator's will per permit, he could give the body back to the rightful soul. 

While he is chatting with the system internally, Doctor Zhao was also having a mental crises. He had been Jun Zihao's doctor for many months and had seen how the young man suffered. Aside from the shrapnel in his head, his vertigo also possessed many dangers. 

He wanted to object the after-three-months warranty but he was afraid Jun Zihao will change his mind and would not want to undergo the operation at all.  He can only helplessly agree and gave Qi Sying the prescriptions for the pain killers. 

Qi Sying did not complain when the doctor nagged him about taking his medicine daily and how to properly follow his diet. Since he will be delaying the operation, he will surely experience those nerve-wrenching pain. Nobody wants that. 

"I have been reckless for suggesting the operation earlier, I apologize for that," Doctor Zhao enunciated. His head stoop low, looking down at the clipboard while quickly scribbling instructions. 

"It is indeed a good idea to take the operation after three months. You have to undergo many procedures and tests to make sure your body is prepared for the operation. We also have to look for the available surgeons that could operate you within that time period."

Doctor Zhao called in for a nurse and handed the clipboard to the person. This time, he looked directly to Jun Zihao with eyes filled with sincerity. 

"With that, you have to contact a relative."

Jun Zihao's body is now riddled with illnesses. He should not be working 

"I'm not doubting your ability to take good care of yourself but there would be situations you won't be able to work things alone. Call your mother, or siblings, anyone that could help you with the process," Doctor Zhao insisted. 

"Don't worry, Doctor Zhao. I will surely contact them," Qi Sying fished the phone out from his pocket. He slid out some names on the screen and handed a couple of numbers to the doctor. "This is my mother's phone number. She might contact you anytime from now."

"Very well," Doctor Zhao accepted the contact number. "I hope you will take good care of yourself. No overworking, and especially don't do anything excessive. Make sure to protect your head no matter what happens."

"Yes, doctor," Qi Sying nodded.

"If you don't have any questions then I will take my leave. A nurse will come later to check on your IV drop. After that, you can leave."

Doctor Zhao said his last words before leaving the room. Qi Sying listened to his commands like a child. Only by this expression that Doctor Zhao can finally relax. 

At least, Jun Zihao is an obedient child. 

After the doctor left, the innocent looking and eye-catching reaction of Jun Zihao changed. It came back to Qi Sying's usual deadpan expression. He asked the system on his mind wondering if it can measure the probability of Jun Zihao's survival. 

[Host, rest assured, the management won't hand out a mission that is impossible to attain. Aside from accidents, the operation will go on smoothly since it is the only way for the character to reach his last wish.]

"Then the only thing that I have to do is to ensure that I won't be involved in any accidents. Hmmm, that would be simple," Qi Sying nodded. "His office works is not really that tiring, only required his hands and brain to move. I can do this."

After a few hours, a nurse came to his room to remove his IV drop. Like what Doctor Zhao said, he was allowed to go after finishing the bag. He went to the nurse's station to sign of his papers before leaving. 

Janlou Mitsitsiyo

The diagnosis given in this chapter is not real and only referenced based on Google Search. Please read with caution.

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