Robin's Reincarnation System 0.1

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Robin's Reincarnation System 0.1

By: Sekundes OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Robin doesn't remember how to he got taken into that world. But the System will not let him go unless he progresses with the story and unravels a new change. Transmigrated into the body of Terrence Blair, a weak NPC who has no standing in that world whatsoever, he has to make himself known to the main characters so that he can hitch a ride to the end game.

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  • Catonecca


    Ooooh, interesting ......

    2023-05-12 16:18:39
  • Tarrant


    It's a good start. Will give more ratings as I read more.

    2023-05-12 15:43:48
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122 chapters
01 Arc 1 - System Active
I cup my hands and blow my breath, trying to warm my face in the cold environment.“It feels like Alaska in here.” I mumble to myself.The universe is cruel for sending me to this body that has no resistance to anything whatsoever. In this world that is full of the unthinkable, the least that they can do is giving me some magic power to cast a fire. But no. Not only did I was taken here without my consent, they give me a body that weak he can’t even raise a sword without being nervous.I take my gun from the holster and reload it with fire bullets. Since this body sucks at magic, I have to resort to the most familiar weapon from my previous life: Guns. It doesn’t work on most monsters, but besides knives, that’s the only weapon this body can hold without being nervous. My aim sucks at knives though, hence the handgun.I wasn’t a sharpshooter, but I’m a fast learner. I can shoot with better accuracy now than I was in my previous world. But that’s only because I was preparing exactly fo
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02 - System Activated
*** System activated! Would you like to play the tutorial? *** I just finished drying my hair when the notification came. It makes me gasp in excitement because now I can really know what exactly it is. I hang my blue Pingwy towel around my neck and sit on the bed to prepare for the experience. “Yes.” I said. The interface then expands. It shows me the galaxy and something that looks like a comet. It’s big, blue, shiny, and it’s flying across the galaxy like a shooting star. Then a voice speaks, boyish like but there’s a feminine tone in it, telling me a story. [Once, there is an entity that roams the world… It’s an unknown creature that goes from one world to another, searching for a host. When one has been chosen, it helps the host understand the world and everything inside it. The ‘System’ as your previous world call it, would help those in need of its power to reach greatness. And now… It’s helping… You.] I raise my eyebrows. ‘Kind of dramatic but still okay.’ The screen s
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03 - Ozzie
That night, I learned some interesting things that I’m sure would be helpful in the journey. I only slept for 2 hours after learning, because I spent the rest writing what I remember about the plot. "Ozzie." I said as I go to the mirror to fix my tie. Since I’m going to the end game with it, I have to familiarize myself with it. And the best way to start is by knowing each other’s names. I’ve tried asking its names but due to its travel from one world to another, it has a bunch of names that are very hard for me to pronounce. So I gave him the name of my dead dog. [Yes? How can I help you?] The system's boyish voice replied. I know it said that we can communicate through my mind. But this is a single occupant dorm room and the walls are quite thick. Unless I yell, no one would be able to hear that I'm talking to myself. Of course, the slight problem comes when I’m outside. But that's the least of my worry. "Tell me about Trading Points again." [You can get Trading Points by compl
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04 - Loli Crashed into Me!
I have every reason to be freaking out. The second exam is an action movie in real life and even more dangerous than fighting Khione. I have always thought of a plan about the 2nd exam, which is to hide somewhere and appear when the problem’s done. But this mission jeopardizes that because it’s just like avoiding a tiger but slipping into a gator’s den instead. ‘… Am I going to die?’ [No, you won’t. But you can get severely hurt.] ‘Well, I’m not a masochist, so no thank you.’ Obviously, that’s not an option, so I have to plan it out very carefully. I take out my notebook and immediately run my pen across the paper. Whatever surprises that revolve around punishment is never good. Again, I don’t know what happens if I die, but I’m not risking my life. The game has just started. “Well. That’s it for today. Prepare everything for your second exam. Good luck.” The teacher finishes writing on the board and leaves the class. If I wasn’t worried about surviving the 2nd exam before, I am
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05 - Shopping & Yellow
We go to the parking lot and drive off with her car. The academy is located in the Southwest part of the city while the Plaza, the place we’re heading to right now, is in the center part of the city. Denebola City is almost as big as New York. So it’s going to take a while and to spend the time, I decide to continue my list. Rufus wasn’t wrong when he said that this is a grocery list. But I know what will happen in the 2nd exam and these items are something that can help me get more score. After all, the system’s main mission is that I have to score the highest which means I have to beat everyone including the main characters. Now I don’t know how the game’s point system works when the player is inside the game. But I’d like to assume that Rean would get the highest score by default. I don’t know if the game system will give him full score, which I hope not, but I must really list the things I can do to get points. I want to get that reward! “I should remind you that the academy do
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06 - First Sweeping Mission with Rean
Natalie didn’t check my groceries. But she did ask if I bought everything I’ve listed. The answer is obviously not because I’m on a tight budget, especially after preparing for the fight with Khione. I’m not rich like her. My pocket money comes from Terrence’s parents and my own savings from helping in the academy and part-time jobs near the academy. They're not much, and I still have to save up. *** Reward claimed! You got additional 30 TP by helping (3) people! *** I just remembered that Ozzie’s system has additional points that I can claim through helping people. In the plaza, I helped an auntie get a yogurt from the rack in the supermarket and a guy taking a picture by the fountain. That’s two. The last one must be the boy. Well, if that boy was being honest and he did find this, then I just helped him get out of trouble. That boy did say he found it in a field. If someone ever confront me for it, I’ll just feed the person my bullet. Flat characters are not important. I put my
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07 - D-Day
In this world, there is a certain ore called Terra Gemma. It is a magical crystal that can emit sound and image because of a unique magnetic wave. Each crystal has its own signature wave and none of them are the same. If two crystals are within close distance, their waves can instantly connect, but if they’re far from each other, it has to connect to a Connector crystal that could forward the connection. It’s similar to how signal and satellite work and it is used as a mean of communication between settlements. These Connector crystals are put in towers called Crystal Towers with people managing them. It is filled with connector crystals and it needs to be above the ground to ensure no interception from other kinds of ore that has magnetic waves. Denebola City has four of these towers in each wind direction, and one is going to be very troubled today. Several grey vans are spotted in the North District. All of them line up one by one like a caravan and then disperse one by one into d
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Now I shouldn’t be excited over something like this. Because this is a life and death situation, just like when I was fighting Khione. But I can’t help it. I need to make my very best in here although my strategy is just so-so. I mean, I only plan it out based on what the things that would get me a point in the game. So it’s not, by any means, foolproof especially since this is real now. Those things might change (though I hope not). As commanded, the students of the third- and fourth-years gather in the square. There are 4 classes of third- and fourth-year each, and there are 20 people each, so it’s around 160 worth of cadets. There is a stage just in front of the Shell fountain, in the courtyard in the ground floor, and the headmaster, Clifford Huang, walks up to it with a mic in hand. “Test, test, is this on? Okay. We have received a distress call from the police. The North Crystal Tower have been taken over by terrorist and they need our help to take it back. We have not yet rece
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There are only a few points that I can earn here since it wasn’t feasible to access all the houses in the game. Even if it’s real time now, I don’t necessarily have to go to each of them that are open. The other cadets already took care of that. Tracing back my memories and making sure the correct houses are there, I go to the nearest one. Jake is following me closely, seems like he’s taking his senior role seriously. I ‘must’ get rid of him. “Open lightly,” Jake told me as we reach the porch. I may be in tight schedule, and I know where the enemy is. But I also have to make sure I give this senior a good impression before I leave him. I’m not risking giving birth to point deduction. So I did as he says. I open the front door lightly with my gun ready. I feel like a police officer who is about to ambush a drug dealer. I feel so cool already. “Clear,” I said after pretending to secure the room. “Alright. You check upstairs, I’ll check down here.” Jake said. I see him walk to the
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10 - Finding Another Device
I hit the pedal and sprint down the road on a bike. I stole—no, I’m borrowing it from old Polly’s house. I must move between different locations fast if I want to earn all the points. But I also just realized that there is one thing I’ve missed when I left the neighborhood. It’s not really important, but I can’t just get it out now that it exists. Or more like, I can’t get out of it. “Can’t you go faster?” Natalie asked from behind. She asked me that question and yet she’s gripping my sides tightly. “Well, I’m bringing a beautiful princess over here. I ‘have’ to be delicate.” I don’t actually go slow, I’m riding just a little bit faster than average and that’s only because I have cargo. If only she’s not here, I would’ve already been the Flash. I can hear her tongue clicks in annoyance. “Don’t mind me and just hit it! We have to check the surroundings!” “I’m trying. Why do you insist on coming anyway? You can just check via everybody’s Arrow.” I said. I was unfortunately caught b
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