Utopian Fantasy: "A Fair Game" Vol. 2

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Utopian Fantasy: "A Fair Game" Vol. 2

By: Imbo OngoingSystem

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“What is right and what is wrong in a world where survival is all that matters?” Stuck in an unusual game of survival, Mikaila has these words keep repeating in her mind. Out of necessity, Mikaila was forced to participate in a massively multiplayer role-playing game that features a very unique gameplay; players have to use their real physical bodies to enter the fantasy world. Due to the harrowing nature of the game, Mikaila’s morals are continuously challenged as she progresses in this brutal world. Can she hold on to her principles? Or will the infectious cruelty of this world tarnish her soul? Note: This is the second book of the story Utopian Fantasy: "A Fair Game". It's better to read the preceding story first to better understand the context of some events. You can read the first book on the same platform. Art Cover by @kuma_chan28 Contact him for commissions: kumac215@gmail.com

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  • Bad Gamer


    i didnt know this was already up. for readers who just discovered this series, prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions, this shit is crazy!

    2023-01-30 10:42:54
  • Michael Apostol


    finally!! Im waiting for this!

    2022-12-10 10:36:30
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19 chapters
Chapter 1: Game Of Life
Lying on a feather-filled mattress, staring at the wood-lined ceiling of her space, a young woman was contemplating inside an improvised hut-like structure called a “Room”. The fine young woman has a slim frame, but the pronounced curvature in her waist and the perkiness of her bottoms inside her tight leggings suggest her athleticism. Her mid-length silky hair is scattered across the linens as she lay flat on her mattress. The lady was reminiscing about a nostalgic scene from when she was a child. A certain act kept playing in her mind like a broken cassette. This series of memories consists of lectures and reminders that she heard when she was young. “Mikaila… as you grow up and continue living your life, there will come a time when you’ll have to make important decisions. Some will be easy - yes, but what you need to watch out for are the ones that can change your life in an instant.” The sermon continued in her head, “Then, you’ll realize that to live is to make meaningful dec
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Chapter 2: The Slimes' Rampage
Somewhere, in the southern parts of the Bridging Forest, … … … “GAAAAA!! GET IT OFF ME!!!!!!” “HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME! PLEASE!!!” “NO! NO! I DON’T WANT TO DIE! NOOOOO!!!!” “AAAAA!!! IT’S RIPPING MY LEGS APART!!!!!” “MAMA!!! MAMAAAA!!!” “MY WIFE! THE SLIMES GOT MY WIFE!!!!” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Anguishing screams and cries echo in the Forest as the Slimes continue to ravage the evacuating players. The ravenous Slimes continue marching forward as they devour every player they could see. “No, no! It got my foot!.... Help me, please!” one of the unfortunate players screamed. He pleaded for help as mid-sized Slime continued to gobble his foot. “Lorelei! Save me!” the player cried as he stretched out his arm, asking help from his friend. “Just hold still, Paul! I’ll get that thing off you!” the friend replied. In an attempt to save her friend from impeccable doom, the woman swung her sword and struck the Slime forcibly. BONG!! Unfortunately, the sword just sank through the Sli
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Chapter 3: They'll Be Safe There
“Yes - Yes, Ma’am!” Bolt obediently followed Mika’s order. Hastily, He sprinted toward his friends. He stood beside them and held his sword pointed up. “Mika, I’ll deal with the Slimes on this side. You’ll deal with that one!” “Okay!” The ladies started battling the Slimes. With every successful strike they made, the Slimes disintegrated away. More slimes are coming. “Are you alright there, Lorelei?” Mika yelled. “I’m still fine!” Lorelei answered as she wiped the sweat on her face. “Just a bit more, Mika!” “You can do it, Big Sisters!” one of the kids cheered. The other kids started cheering too. The two ladies were inspired; they continued slaughtering the Slimes. “Just a few more!” Lorelei yelled. “30 seconds remaining in the Enchantment!” The two ladies doubled their pace. “15 seconds!” Mika and Lorelei are tiring. “8 seconds! Come on, we can do this! 3 more to go!” “I got one!” “2 more!” 5 4 3 “I killed one! That’s the last one, Lorelei!” 2 “Yeah! I got it!
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Chapter 4: The Slime King's Entrance
"MOVE BACK! MOVE BACK!!” the players yelled as they hinder their friends from crossing the perimeter. “What is happening, Mika? Why is it attacking us?” Lorelei asked. She was referring to the Defensive Turret situated on a watchtower above the trees. “Our Security System is recognizing you as foreign entities. That’s why the Turret is auto-targeting you. Sorry, I didn’t see this through,” Mika apologized. Suddenly, “Oh no!! The Slimes were able to follow us!” one of the players screamed. “What shall we do now, Mika?” Mika thought of a way. “The only way for the Turrets to stop targeting you is to make them recognize you as non-hostile entities. But I don’t know how we can do that. Only Raft can change the configurations of the Security.” “There is still a way,” Lumine informed. “Raft told me about this. We need to create a Party. If one player from our camp is in a Party, all of the other players in the said Party will be recognized as ‘allies’ by the System.” “But as far as I
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Chapter 5: The Bigger Problem
A surge of electricity exploded from the Slime King’s body, toasting everything near its near vicinity. Even the lesser Slimes near him were disintegrated by the outburst.Luckily, Mario was able to create an Earth Wall using the Earth Essence embedded in his Hammer. The Earth Wall protected him and the other players from the blast.Slightly damaged, the Turret continued shooting the Slime King. However, the interval between the Photon Blasts was much slower than before.“That attack could kill us all!” Lorelei uttered.However, there was no sign that the Slime King was stopping. A huge hole - which seems to be its mouth - opened in the monster’s large blobby body. The Slime King gulped an immense amount of air, threatening to perform another disastrous move. And with the direction the Slime King was facing, it could be assured that it was targeting the clumping players.“HERE COMES ANOTHER ONE! BRACE YOURSELVES!!!”Using the Essence in his Hammer, Mario erected a Stone Wall for an ad
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Chapter 6: Discussions, Recollections, and Decisions
The Treetop Settlers had an emergency meeting in the Assembly Place of the Treetop Settlement. “I already told you, Mika! These people are out of our concern! Look what they brought to us! Our camp was almost devastated! A Defensive Turret was destroyed completely!” Raft scolded. “It’s not good to blame everything on these players,” Mika answered. “Then who would you want me to blame?” Mika was irritated by Raft’s sarcastic tone, “Then, go on! Blame me! Geez, Raft - what’s gotten into you!? Why are you like that?” Another person from the Treetop Settlement butted into the conversation. The person has a bulky masculine body - almost muscular. But in the way the person acts: his poise, his tone of speaking, his micro mannerisms, and the colorful dye on his face - which is meant to be his makeup - it can be assumed that the person has a feminine heart. “Gosh! Could you blame Raft? Even I, myself, am doubtful of this, Mika,” the person said. Arii asked the person genuinely, “Uhm… By
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Lumine's Journal 2.3
Hello, guys! For new readers out there, Lumine’s Journal is an extra spinoff chapter wherein you can view the main players’ attributes. This will serve as a tracker of the progress of the characters. This Journal also contains some of the most latest knowledge about the game. Lumine will update the records every once in a while as the story progresses. Note: The latest updates in this journal took place before Lumine and Mika left for the expedition. The records of the new settlers are not yet added. Player's IGN: Raft Gender: Male Status: Healthy Role: Crafter Max Health Rate: 2050 Attributes: Body Endurance: 13 Strength: 9 Agility & Speed: 6 Mind Will: 16 Intelligence: 35 Memory: 25 Spirit Concentration: 5 Connection: 6 Luck: 6 Talents: +Highly Advanced Crafting Mastery >Utility Bag Usage >Advanced Turret Making >Advanced Trap Making >Advanced Gear Modification >Item Repair >Item Protection Spell >Forge III >Refinery III +Advanced Turre
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Chapter 7: "He Is Coming!"
“Finally! We reached Tusha’s village!” Lumine celebrated.The Expedition Group consists of Mika, Lumine, Aize, Keeta, Leo, and Tusha.Keeta and Leo are two of Aize’s followers. Just like Lumine, Keeta is also a Prototype (These are the Players who received the Base Technology before they entered the game). But unlike her, Keeta embraced the enhancements brought by the Technology - utilizing her Superhuman Strength in battles.Leo is a fidgety scout. He has the same curiosity as Lumine; he is a good information collector and a good observer. He is the bookish nerdy-type person of Aize’s group.The Expedition Group went to the village to escort back the children who got lost during an Event - along with Tusha. Aize was also expecting to find his long-lost wife, Roze, in the village.Lumine and Mika were there to investigate and learn more about the village of NPCs. They were specifically curious about ‘Rath’ - that Tusha kept talking about - and his said return.“Ahh… This place is grea
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Chapter 8: New Settlers' Group Assignment
“Hey, Marco! Hey, Orixa!”“Oh hey, Arii,” Marco greeted back.“Hey, Lily!” Orixa also greeted.“It’s great that you’re also here, Ori. I originally came here to ask Marco about something. But since you’re here, I will also talk to you about something.”“Really? Is it that important?” Orixa asked.“Hmm… I don’t know how you’ll take it. But yes - I think it’s important for you. But that will be after I talk to Marco.”Orixa pouted. “What’s with the suspense?”“Sorry. Hehe.”“Alriiiight…”“So, what is it, Arii?” Marco asked.“About the role assignment of the new settlers. How is it going?”“Roles assignment is going smoothly. I assigned them according to their talents and capabilities. I divided them into groups,” Marco answered.He started explaining,“Since our camp is expanding, the demand for basic resources is expected to increase. The first group, the Hunting Group, will be responsible for our food supply. As the name suggests, they’ll be the ones who will ‘hunt’ food for us. I cho
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Chapter 9: Let's End Your Misery
[What really happened earlier],Somewhere in the Bridging Forest, not far from the Treetop Settlement,Tommy and Papa were wandering in the woods, looking to harvest Heart Fruits.“You didn’t have to come with me, you know,” Papa said to Tommy.“No. I wanted to help you with your task,” Tommy replied.“But as I said, it’s too dangerous,” Papa insisted. Then he started mumbling inaudibly, “I’m still unstable… I don’t know what will happen if I ever lose control again.”“But I’m not scared! You’re my new papa (father) now, right? As my new papa, I know that you’ll do your best to protect me. And I believe that you’ll never ever hurt me… because you’re a good man.”Tommy’s innocent words warmed Papa’s heart. It inspired him to further resist the weapon’s mind-corrupting effects.The two of them continued searching for Heart Fruits. Not long after, they found a tree teeming with bundles of Heart Fruits.“I think we can harvest a lot from this one,” Papa uttered.The fruits are situated at
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