Hunting For Money System

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Hunting For Money System

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Leon Durand thinks his life is perfect, with a beautiful wife who loves him dearly. On their first anniversary, he decides to surprise his wife, Sofia, with a gift. But instead of Sofia being surprised by his gift, he is surprised by his wife's infidelity.Sofia prefers Ian Willis, a manager in a big company, to him, who is just a construction worker. Leon leaves devastated when he learns the truth. But while travelling, he suddenly finds himself in a dungeon. He is trapped in a system that requires him to hunt the strange creatures inside. His life changes drastically when he finds out that he has won a reward for the hunt. In fact, he was able to get what he had only wanted all along. Cars, houses, money, and businesses. Leon is already above the clouds; his ex-wife means nothing to him anymore.

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Chapter 1 Betrayal
The air in Midtown was really hot that afternoon. I kept wiping my face and neck with the small towel I had slung over my shoulder. Sweat was pouring down my body because my job had required me to fight the sun since the morning."Leon! Take the cement to the east side!" Without asking many questions, I went straight to where Jack's foreman was standing. He was standing with both hands on his hips. His bulging belly was visible through the tight shirt he was wearing. His breathing sounded heavy, even though Jack was sitting in a chair with a fan in front of him.I crouched down with my back to the pile of cement. With a tug, the cement was on my back. I rested my strength on my knees before getting up and walking to the east side.I did this every day as a construction worker. But even though I'm just a construction worker, I'm grateful for my life. I also have a very understanding wife. She never insults my work and always greets me with a happy face when I come home."Leon. We're go
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Chapter 2 Hunting For Money System
I drove my motorbike in an uncertain direction. I have no place to go home to. I've been living in the house Sofia's parents gave us. Sofia is the daughter of the richest man in town. Her parents didn't approve of our marriage from the start, but Sofia insisted on marrying me. I thought she'd always be like that, but this time I realised she couldn't bear a simple life with me.I felt the air around me grow cold. It looks like it's going to rain soon. I even heard the sound of lightning starting to strike. But I don't care. All I want to do now is let out the emotions that are in my heart.Where shall I go tonight? I have nowhere to go home to. I rode on with a wandering mind. When I woke up, I felt something strange. The road had become so empty. There were no vehicles to my left or right. I wondered where all the cars and motorbikes had gone.I looked back ahead, but my eyes were immediately blinded by the white light in front of me. I ignored it and kept my bike moving forward."Wh
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Chapter 3 Time for Revenge
I decided to run while the zombies were attacking me. Even though they walked slowly, or even very slowly, if I was attacked by so many zombies, I would naturally lose and become one of them, or worse, become their food. [Why are you running?] "Are you crazy to ask that? If I don't run, they'll definitely eat my brain. Do you want me to die here?"Newt was really annoying. How could he ask such a stupid question? [You can buy weapons with the coins you need to kill them.] I suddenly stopped and digested what Newt had just said. "Why are you saying that now?" After I had run far enough to catch my breath. [I was going to say it, but you ran first.] I rolled both my eyes lazily. Not wanting to waste any more time, I quickly gave Newt the order to activate the screen. In a split second, the holographic screen appeared before my eyes. [Please press the INVENTORY button and then the plus sign at the bottom right.] I follo
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Chapter 4 Revenge
I looked at the clock on my left wrist. It had only been half an hour since I had left home. When I was in Smoky Hollow, it felt like I had been there for hours. "Newt, what's the date?" [It's the 22nd of January 2024, Master.] That means it's still the same date. Could it be that my clock is broken? But I see that the hands are still turning properly. "Why do I feel so long?" I muttered as I continued to look at the watch. [There is a comparison between time when you are in the real world and in Smoky Hollow. An hour in Smoky is only a minute in the real world. So you can spend time in Smoky Hollow without wasting much time in the real world.] Wow, this is a sign that I can make a lot of money in just a few minutes. But .... "Newt, when is the Smoky Hollow Gate going to open again? And why can't I hunt more than 50 zombies?" Wouldn't it be better if I could hunt more, because that would mean more money for me? [The Smoky Hollow Gate opens every eight hours. You can choose to
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Chapter 5 New Skill
[Zombie Level 1 +100 Coins][Zombie Level 1 +100 Coins]I paused for a moment to catch my breath. When the gate opened again, I walked back into Smoky Hollow. Of course, even though I was a little tired, I didn't care because it was all about the money. Hunting like this is the only way I can make a lot of money. Even if I worked all my life, I'd never earn it.I looked to my left, and the zombies were coming closer again. Still holding the hammer in my right hand, I ran towards them. I thought the sooner this was over, the better.I swung the hammer at the group of zombies, and they easily disappeared.[Zombie Level 1 +100 Coins][Zombie Level 1 +100 Coins]"Ah...!" My hammer came loose, and something hit my right shoulder hard. I turned my head to see a zombie biting me. I pressed his head with my left hand to release the bite. I held my breath, not expecting it to smell like garbage when I sniffed it from the front.[HP -1][HP -1][HP -1]"Shit!" My HP was dropping by the moment b
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Chapter 6 New Owner of The Company
[You are very handsome, Master.]I lifted the corner of my lips as Newt complimented me. I was standing in front of a large mirror in my walk-in closet. I never thought I would have a separate room to store my clothes and accessories. Shirts, suits, shoes, watches, and ties, all famous brands and expensive. All these things have been in this house from the first time."I've always been good-looking, Newt." I'm not lying. Even Sofia is crazy about my looks.After making sure my appearance was perfect, I went downstairs for breakfast. There are several types of dishes on the dining table. I frowned. Who's going to eat all this food? Are rich people always like this? How wasteful."Hello, my name is Fredy, Mr. Durand. I am the chef who will be cooking for you."I smiled awkwardly. This life is new to me. I even cooked for myself all the time because Sofia didn't want to cook. But now it's different; a chef is cooking for me.I didn't want Fredy to see my embarrassment. I cleared my thro
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Chapter 7 Abyss of death
"Newt, how do I get out of this place?" I stared in horror downward. I was still keeping my balance to avoid falling down. As I shifted my feet, small stones shifted and fell down. I didn't dare to imagine the height of this place, I couldn't even hear the sound of falling rocks. I'm sure that there's no bottom down there.[Calm down, Master. You must not panic. Once you lose your balance, I'm not sure where you'll land.]I let out a long breath. Newt's answer didn't help at all. While I was thinking, I heard strange noises. They sounded like crows cawing at each other—more like fighting. I knew this after seeing two giant birds pecking at each other and advancing their wings, as if they were fighting. The two birds were not far from where I was standing now, and were getting closer and closer.My eyes widened when suddenly the two birds were in front of me."Woaaa...!" I screamed as suddenly one of the bird's wings fluttered and hit my body, causing me to bounce. But fortunately, my
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Chapter 8 Happy Spirit Pendant
I took a long breath. I crossed my legs and folded my hands across my chest. All my muscles felt weak as I remembered what had happened to me. Moments ago, I had been forced to swallow something the mother bird had given me. I had refused and looked away, but the mother bird's gaze made me swallow what she gave me. Her look seemed to say, 'If you don't eat this, I will eat you. Could it be that the brood birds saw me as one of her children? Fortunately, what the brood birds gave me was a sour tasting fruit and not a disgusting, wriggling animal.I let out another long sigh. I was trapped in this bird's nest with nowhere to go. I looked down, and this place was no higher than where I had landed earlier. I couldn't see what was below either, because the white smoke was blocking my eyes again. "Newt, where are you?" I whispered, looking for Newt. But I got no answer again. It looks like he really did run away. [Master, Master...!] I pricked up my ears, as if a voice were echoing in
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Chapter 9
I lifted my head. I landed on my stomach. But strangely, I didn't feel any pain at all, like someone who had just fallen from a great height. I slowly opened my eyes and found myself in the same place I had landed when I first entered Smoky Hollow. My right hand was still closed, holding the pendant I had just received.I didn't even feel any pain in my body. I slowly stood up and scanned my body. There were no wounds. Could it be that I had died and was now in heaven? But is it possible for me to enter Heaven, considering I never worshipped?[You are still alive, Master.]I tiptoed as I heard Newt's voice in my head. I was so shocked that I forgot there was a system inside me."Logically, my body would be destroyed if I fell from that height. But why...?" I didn't have time to finish my question because I saw a bunch of zombies coming towards me.I unconsciously lifted the corners of my lips, feeling happy that I would get money and that I could get out of this place soon. It seemed
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Chapter 10 Where is Newt?
"Kwak... kwak...!" I seemed to hear the voice of the bird that had brought me here earlier. I looked up, and my suspicion was right. It was the bird. "Kwak... kwak...!"The bird continued to make sounds as it flew in circles above me. I felt my hand light up and looked at the zombie in front of me. The zombie let go of my hand and was busy covering its ears. I looked around, and all the zombies were doing the same thing, and they looked in pain.I didn't have time to think about what was happening. I quickly turned my body around and walked into the almost closed gate.A few seconds later, I had landed somewhere on my stomach. It looks like I need to learn how to land so I can land in a better position.I stood up and looked around. This wasn't my room. This place was so dark and damp. I shook my hand as the dust made my nose itch. I guessed that this was probably a storeroom or an unused room.I saw a light coming through the vent above the door. I walked towards it. I kicked a few t
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