Chapter XXII • Nicolaus
Alas, 'tis another day working alone in the village…

There have been no signs of my beloved friend, not even after the news about the death of Lord Edgar a month ago. I do not believe it one bit that he had died due to a disease, nor of natural causes, despite the knights’ announcements that day— they’re hiding something, and I know it is because Maia caused his death… I can feel it! T’was exactly a sennight after she left that the lord died; it is the only thing that makes sense. Maia had successfully slayed a Davidson.

As terrified as I was for her when she was insistent to leave the village all alone, I was filled with pride upon discovery of a noble's death, and I am quite glad that t'was the old fart who passed… eradicating him must've helped Maia get one step closer to achieving her goal.

As I roll the cart across the village to deliver barrels of grain to the village’s brewer, a couple of villagers greet me on my way, asking the same questions they always ask me since the day
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