Chapter 32: Director's Crib

"Rambato, please! I'm still sleepy," I muttered as Rambato licked my face. I had been trying to get him off me for a while but he still didn't stop.

"Raaaaaamba!" he said happily and I had no choice but to wake up.

"Good morning to you too. You woke up so early. Look, my fellow Keepers are still sleeping well," I grumbled but got up.

Why was I separated from the others? Last night Toffer had thought it would be better to sleep if we had a soft bed, so Janet made beds out of a big cloud.

As I stood up I noticed the large tree in front of me. Gone were the twinkling fireflies. Only bare branches were left. It was sad to see the tree in the sunlight. It seemed like a painful event to watch when the brilliance of the world left you.

"Raaaaaamba!" Rambato said hesitantly, holding my leg.

I bent down and lifted him. I gave him a sweet smile as I placed him on my shoulder.

"I'm okay. You have nothing to worry about," I told him smilin

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