Chapter 35: Dark Secrets

Since I had woken up I could do nothing but receive blows from my two friends. I could feel the extreme weakness of my body because of the intense blows they were unleashing on me.

"What Zeke, aren't you going to fight? Will you just stay there quietly?" Limwell said as he hit me in the face and body repeatedly.

"Would he fight if his hand and foot were tied? Think about it," Jerome said just watching what his friend was doing.

Jerome was right. Even if I wanted to fight, I couldn't because I was floating and tied up. Some kind of black energy was separating my hands and legs. My limp body was scratched all over. I didn't know how I got here but when I woke up, I looked like this. I was wearing no clothes except for my pants and I was bleeding all over.

I felt my face sting when Limwell slapped me.

"If you had told me before that your twin was the reason why my sister died, we wouldn'

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