Chapter 159 : Mage and Mercenary
“It’s in an abandoned hotel located at the center of the city. I’ll send you the exact coordinates, you just need to pick the box in the lobby and bring it to Miss’ villa.”

Bin agreed without asking too many questions and received the coordinates through a message not even a minute after he hung up.

Fortunately, the hotel wasn’t far from his current location. He walked for close to twenty minutes with Julia, who focused on their pursuers. When she saw Bin drag her to an open area with an abandoned hotel in its center, she momentarily halted her steps and said,

“Why did you come here? It’s the perfect place for them to show up!”

“You think I don’t know that? It’s time for you to repay me. I trust you.”

He gave her an honest smile and entered the wide and empty lobby of the hotel. The place was very dusty and there were remains of broken furniture.

“I didn’t know there was an abandoned hotel at the center of the city.” muttered Bin with a bit of curiosity as he checked the overly-spaciou
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