Malefic Society

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Malefic Society

By: Bloombergstaag OngoingFantasy

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In this world, multiple Gods exist, and people worship them. Among those worshippers, some gain extraordinary powers beyond normal human capabilities. Our Journey begins in a cursed land, where agony and pain are part of everyday life. How will the power of the Gods break the curse that has plagued the land for thousands of years?

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  • Bloombergstaag


    The story is slow, but it's interesting so far. Will see how it goes.

    2022-11-06 17:39:36
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1. Enter Madness
"Crane, do you think Chris can pull this off?" A man and a woman with almost identical faces were standing in a dark room lit only with candles placed scarcely around. The man had blonde wavy hair that was neatly combed, while the woman's hair, similar in color, was tied in a bun. Both of them had light blue eyes that reflected the candlelight, and the shadows emphasized their chiseled faces. The room was medium-sized with barely any furniture at all, but the dim lighting cast ominous darkness on its wooden walls, creating a feeling of suffocation. There was a table placed near the wall where the two people were standing, and on the table, five orange candles were set to form a circle. There was a red sigil under the candles drawn from what looked to be blood, and the sigil resembled two crosses on a swinging pendulum. The flames on the orange candles were flickering, almost like they were dancing slightly, and the shadow they cast looked like a phantom giggling. On the sigil, the
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2. The Outside
A loud sound of gear turning resounded in the dark night. The heavy giant gate slowly moved outward, revealing a gap that got wider and wider. Drag... The South Gate finally fully opened, and endless darkness lay beyond it. It was like staring into an all-black wallpaper plastered onto the wall. Larson the guard signaled at the trio with his eyes, and they quickly went through the gate. Thud! The moment they were outside, the gate quickly closed. It appeared that the mechanism allowed for rapid closing of the gate while opening it took more time. It was a necessary measure to prevent dangers from getting into the city. Outside the gate to the left of it, there was a bell that was barely reachable by an adult. The bell would be the signal for whoever was on guard to open it. However, simply ringing the bell wouldn't mean the gate would be open. There was a certain rhythm that only the residents would know. On top of that, the one standing guard on top of the wall would verify the
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3. Silence in the Dark
Leaving the X-marked spot, the trio continued walking in a direction that Chris guided. The outside of the town was a desert, but it didn't mean it was just a vast empty plain. There were still rocky hills and sand dunes that could be used for navigation. The location of the monsters they were targeting was further south of their current location. Crane let Thompson walk ahead of the group while waiting for directions from Chris on where they needed to go. There were a lot of small monsters on their way, but their wild instincts told them that the trio was not prey, but hunters, so they hurriedly go into hiding or escape. Although they were monsters, they didn't blindly attack anything in their path. They still followed the instinct that had allowed them to survive thus far. "A pretty nice night tonight," Chris said leisurely. He was resting his arms behind his back comfortably. "Which is for the best. The three of us won't stand a chance if a big monster suddenly appears. Let's h
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4. The Hunt
Rush! The two-meter ape ran after Chris as quickly as it could, with fiery anger in its eyes. The commotion woke up some other Silverback Banshees, but their cautiousness caused them to choose to stick together with the pack instead of chasing the intruder with the enraged mother. When the danger level was unknown, their wild instinct told them it was more important to preserve the group rather than the individual, so they decided to sacrifice the single Silverback Banshee and stayed alert for any more threats to their survival. Almost like humans... thought Chris in amusement. Even though he was given the Blessing of Stealth, his stamina was only a little better than that of a fit adult, so Chris was almost out of breath, running while dragging the dead creature behind him. The mother was faster than him, so if not for the headstart and the confusion, the monster would have caught him. Not long after, he finally made it to the edge of the village, in the direction where Crane an
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5. The People's Lament
Ding... Ding... The gate bell was rung and shortly after that, the giant town gate was slowly being opened, pushing sand as it moved outward. "Oh, it's you Wright triplets. Welcome back! How was your hunt?" greeted the gate guard. He then took a glance at the blood stain on Chris's shoulder. It was Lark Larson, the guard in his late forties. He was someone who was familiar with the triplets. In fact, most people in the town were familiar with each other, as there were only fewer than five hundred people living there. Larson watched as the triplets entered through the gate with a worried gaze hidden behind the sternness of his face. As soon as the triplets were in, he quickly closed the gate in order to prevent any accident from happening. He was one of the people tasked with the safety of the townsfolk, and he took his job seriously. Although he was only a gate guard now, he used to be a strong hunter when he was younger, only deciding to retire and dedicate his life to protectin
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6. The Journal
The Wrights triplets reached home with a heavy feeling. No matter how many times they had gone through the same experience, it was always painful to see everyone in that condition. "It's always the same every night. It's the children who suffer without knowing anything," Catherine said softly, taking off her coat and hanging it on the coat rack. Her siblings did the same. "That's the more reason for us to quickly find a way to break this curse," Crane replied heavily. Chris walked up to the table and put the basket of bread down before sitting down on the sofa leisurely. Although he looked like he had no care about what was happening, the other two knew that their brother was feeling the same as them. "So Cath, you just have to get stronger, right? After that, something will happen, right?" he asked expectingly. Crane took a piece of bread and walked up to the bookshelf next to the wooden chair. With one hand eating the bread, he pulled a book from the top shelf with the other on
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7. The Terrible Curse
"Arghh!!""Whaaaa!!!""Bang!! Bang!!"As the menacing sun slowly rose, its light touched the land and with it, horror was unleashed.In a small town in the middle of a vast desert, cries, screams, and loud bangings accompanied the ascent of the yellow giant. The cries were full of agony, and the sounds of bodies hitting metal made it seem like they wanted to break free from their constraint.Inside a small house with a bakery at the front, something was trapped inside a metal cage that gave off a mysterious glow. The thing looked like an elderly lady, but with each second, its body mutated, looking less and less like a human.The thing's skin melted away, and what used to be the legs started turning jelly-like, as if the bones had become soft. Before long, the legs had fully mutated into a pair of tentacles wearing human skin, flailing about the metal cage trying to escape.Not only the legs, but the body also transformed from what was a human torso into a blob of bloody flesh, as if
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8. Catherine's Ritual
Using the blood of Desert Rabbits that they had slaughtered previously, Catherine and Crane were drawing the sigil of the Cursed Goddess in the ritual room. The sigil looked like four crosses interlocked with four rods with a crown to the right. The sigil was drawn on the wooden floor and it had to be big enough for Catherine to stand on and to have enough room to move around. Getting out of the sigil at any time during the ritual meant failure. On the table, a smaller version of the sigil had also been drawn using the same animal blood. On top of it, all the ritual materials had been placed neatly. There was also the Contract Parchment, on which was written the required materials for the ritual and the incantation. The back of the parchment contained a perfect drawing of the Goddess's sigil, from which they obtained the knowledge. "Chris, how's the preparation on your end?" asked Crane. His twin brother was busy preparing his own ritual. The ability that he had received from Hube
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9. A Night not Like Others
The sense of danger was apparently not only felt by Crane. The malice was so strong that even his siblings could feel it. Everyone looked up a second after Crane did. "What is this...!" Chris said, terrified. He was usually nonchalant about everything, but the feeling he experienced at that time was enough to send shivers down his spine. "Cough! Cough!" he started panic coughing. He felt like he was being suffocated by the sudden heavy atmosphere. Crane was also unable to think calmly. The danger they felt was so strong that they could only feel desperation. It was as if death was before them, and no matter what they did, they could only accept it. Images of their gruesome death started pouring into the siblings' minds, causing even more distress and terror. They heard terrifying wailing that shouldn't be there. The sound was like countless people were being tortured at the same time. The feeling of great peril didn't last long. It only lasted for a few seconds, like a strong eart
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10. Vieste
It took the siblings a few minutes to be able to actually leave the shadows of the wall where they were hiding. Despite having the discussion, actually being in the sun out of their own volition took more courage than they expected. After all, they had lived their whole lives hiding from the yellow giant in the sky. "It's warm and... it actually feels nice," Catherine said. She was wearing her casual t-shirt and pants, so her arms were exposed. "So this is sunlight," muttered Crane. He then scanned his siblings from head to toe, "I don't have Thompson and the dolls, what about you guys?" "I'm armless," Chris raised his palms. "Same. The rune stones are not with me," Catherine rummaged through her pockets. "I guess we have no weapons. Stay vigilant," Crane warned. The siblings carefully left the area where they were transported in, which looked to be an alleyway behind an abandoned warehouse. They walked down the white cobblestone road to an open space where they could see more o
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