Chapter 2 : Jasmine

The girl, who was now covered in food, stood there surprised for a second before she glared at him with a piercing and cold glare. She maintained a calm countenance, which made her look even more frightening. She slowly pulled the paste from her hair and remained expressionless.

"This dress is 10 million won. You've ruined it so, pay up right now."

Bin, startled and not knowing what to do or say, quickly stood up and apologetically his head. The girl looked rich and her tone clearly indicated that she was very angry.

"Esteemed customer, please calm down, It was an accident. Please forgive me."

Even after hearing his apology, her expression remaind as cold as ever. She snorted and spoke again,

"I don't care if it's an accident or not. Pay up right now and bring me your manager."

'This is real mess! How am I going to get 10 million won?'

Bin scratched his head, feeling lost and confused. The girl remained stubborn and even demanded to see his manager, who'll definitely fire him to save face and gain her appreciation. He barely accumulated 1.4 million won after working so hard yet a disaster befell on him out of nowhere and it was all because of an unintentional mistake!

The manager, who usually lingers near the reception, happened to hear the commotion, he rushed outside and when he saw the girl covered in pasta sauce and salad, his face turned extremely pale. He tried to calm down and hid his shaking hands behind his back while appearing in front of her and apologetically saying

"Miss Jasmine, please forgive us! It was our employee's fault, he will be immediately fired, as for the meal, consider it free."

The black-haired girl, whose name is Jasmine, looked at the fidgeting manager and spoke

"I don't care about the meal, I want money for this dress"

The manager looked at the dress which was dirtied by the food, he noticed the diamonds here and there and could not help but sweat profusely, he quickly judged the dress to be expensive and with no one but Bin to vent his anger and frustration on, he yelled with a deafening voice,

"Ungraetful fool! Look at what you have done! You're fired and you'll be paying for Miss Jasmine's dress. Do you hear me?!"

It's the first time the manager ever yelled at Bin. Usually, he dotes on him and treats him very well but now that Jasmine is involved, he had to abandon his employee and take her side.

Hearing the manager's words, Bin grit his teeth and clenched his fists. All of this was blamed on him, as expected, so he turned toward the still sitting girl and said

"Miss Jasmine, please excuse me, I really didn't mean to spill the food on your dress. I can't afford to pay for the dress." 

While saying that, he bowed his head again, this time much lower than before. He cursed himself and this unfair world, he felt ashamed and blamed no one but himself for being penniless. After all, in a world like this, it doesn't matter if you're in right as the people with money will always be just and come out as winners.

Even if he wanted to protest, he couldn't, after all, he was illegally working in this restaurant, so if he wanted to push the blame to the restaurant, he couldn't.

When Jasmine heard Bin, her face remained cold and she didn't even flinch, she just stretched her hand and spoke again

"I just said I don't care, pay up for my dress. It was your fault and an apology is not enough."

To be honest, Bin wasn't a respectful person, and more so towards a rich girl like her, since she didn't accept his apology, there is nothing else he can do. He won't get on his knees and beg her when that accident wasn't even intentional. He doesn't have the money to pay for the dress and, truth be told, even if he had, he still won't pay for it.

Unable to contain his tubulent emotions anylonger, Bin snapped at her.

"What the do you want me to do?! Sell my body to you?! I can't pay up for the dress so suck it up and just accept the apology or else go buy another once since you're so filthy rich!

just as he finished voicing his thoughts, he turned around and swiftly darted out of the restaurant without even paying attention to the surprised gazes of the customers and the manager.

As for Jasmine, she sat there, dazed, as if she couldn't comprehend what just happened. His outburst was too sudden, he was respectful to customers but his attitude shifted so drastically but, after thinking things through, she guessed that remaining respectful was unnecessary as he was already fired.

Normally, one would sympathize with him and comprehend that not anyone can't pay 10 million won out of nowhere just because he dirtied it, after all, it can be cleaned easily yet she wanted him to pay. What Bin hated the most is rich people, especially the ones like her so he didn't hold back and angrily and loudly yelled at her.

Having been fired, Bin didn't know what to do. Usually, he works at the restaurant during the day and, at night, he switches to another, but now that most of his money income is gone, he was doomed.

After three years of hard work, he was finally assigned to be a waited but it was ruined in day, no, in a matter of minutes. Such an absurd and unlucky turn of events can only happen to people like Bin, those discriminated and looked down upon by the privilged ones.

He started wandering aimlessly in the streets, he stared enviously at those rich kids who were either shopping in the expensive cloth shops or enjoying their time in a karaoke, while a single cloth from there can make the thousands of people living in his neighborhood have a better life. It's really disgusting how people just use money endlessly while others struggle to gain just a little bit.

Bin returned to his little apartment, since he has nothing to do he decided to stay there until the time for his next job comes. The weather was a little hot, and with his little apartment, the atmosphere was suffocating, nonetheless, he was used to it so he just laid on the blankets while staring at the roof, there was nothing he can do besides lay down and rest.

There are some books but all of them have been read a lot of times until he memorized them and, to be honest, he never got free time, for 3 years he worked all time with only a little bit of rest at night, that time was the only time he could sleep so, in general, a free time like now never happened to him.

While lost in thought, Bin unconsciously fell asleep. After around two hours, someone knocked his apartment's door and snapped him out of his sleep, he quickly got rid of the saliva on his lips then opened the door. Once he did, he saw a muscular and tall man standing before him like a statue, the man wore a clean black suit and looked down at the pale-faced youth.

Bin was taking aback when he saw this man, nevertheless, he still spoke

"Who are you?"

"Follow me, our miss wants to talk to you"

Bin was surprised for a second before he remembered offending that rich girl then ran away, he started sweating a bit and a lot of bad thoughts raged inside of his mind.

'What a persistent brat! Did she investigate me this fast? It's just a damned dress!"

Soon enough, he started regretting his disrespectful words but there's no way he could take them back now.

The big guy turned around and began walking, Bin didn't dare to run away or try anything, he just followed him with slow steps. Just as they descended the stairs of the run-down building, Bin saw a white limousine parked not for away. The car looked  exorbitant and clean, and just near it, there was also 2 black-suited men standing with hands behind their backs.

Bin was led in front of the car, then the guy who guided him here said

"The Miss is inside, she wishes to speak with you."

Bin nodded and was going to enter the car before the guy spoke again with a threatening tone

"Try anything weird or out of place and I'll cripple you myself."

Bin expressionlessly looked at the giant man before silently getting into the car. The threat of the guards didn't seem to work on the youth, which made the bodyguard frown but he didn't stop him. The reason Bin followed the guy was because he wanted to know why this girl was so persistent for just a piece of clothing, even if it was this expensive, it's still a material thing. It's not like he killed her family.

As he entered the white limo, Bin was shocked by its fancy interior. Connected seats made of a special fur, a big Tv screen on the two furthest corners, a black and soft carpet, and loads of snacks. Jasmine stood at the other end, wearing a dress that looked flashier than the one from before, her face still having that coldness.

'She really looks like a wasteful person. That dress looks brand new.'

Inwardly, Bin criticized her and didn't like how she spends money left and right, not caring about anything. Some people struggle to buy food for their families yet here she is throwing money as if it was garbage, nevertheless, it was her money so he couldn't voice his thoughts.

As she saw him get into the car, Jasmine put down the 'parfait' she was eating and said,

"Oh, you're finally here. Do you even know what you did? Not only you messed my dress, you also ran away without paying for it."

"I already told you I've got no money, are you deaf? That dress was only dirtied... just put it in the washer and stop being such a crybaby."

Bin instantly retorted with an annoyed tone, her attitude didn't sit well with him and if she were to see the poor people struggling out there, she wouldn't behave like that, or so he thought.

Jasmine, a bit startled by his words and berating, frowned. She was the spoiled daughter of a rich businessman and was never disprespect in such a way. Those who dared to go against here ended up homeless but, such cases as rare as almost all the people she meets would try to sweet-talk her.

After a few breaths, the girl snapped out of it and said back,

"You speak to me like that and you expect me to forgive you? Hmpf!"

Jasmine was always calm about everything, but she was angered to have someone talk to her like that.

"The helldo you think you are? Without money, you are nothing! I'm not going to sit all day and waste my time with you."

"W-waste your time? Do you even know who I am? People would be grateful to just be able to talk with me."

"Well I'm not those 'people' so spit it out, why did you investigate me, find my address and come find me?"

Jasmine grinned, crossed her legs and leaned on the comfortable seat before speaking again,

"I've come for my money, but since you can't pay, I'll have you become my loyal servant. You have no right to refuse!"

She stated that with such a proud expresison and a confident tone that it almost seemed hysterical.

Bin looked at her without saying anything. He furrowed his brows and studied her expression, which strangely seemed genuine. She could get a hundred servants with a wave of her hand so why does she want him specifically? No matter, her proposition, albeit abrupt, was very interesting to Bin, who just got fired. It doesn't matter her motive as long as he gets a good pay.

"I'm listening, how much are you going to pay me?"

He grinned at Jasmine and clenched his fists in excitment. To be the servant of a filthy girl like her was a great opportunity, he won't be able to hide his radical loath of the people like her but he was certain that he'll do a good job, moreover, the pain will be decent.

"Pay? You will be my servant until you pay for my dress, it would be for free"

she replied while snorting and glaring at him angrily.

"Dream on little miss~. I'm not working for free, either you pay or I'm not becoming a servant, not everyone is as free as you are. People have to work to earn money and pay for their rent, food, bills, and taxes. Not everyone is like you, born with a silver-spoon in their mouths."

Jasmine became angry every time she heard him talk to her like that, he didn't even talk politely, she couldn't help but grit her teeth and think for a moment.

To be honest, she didn't want him to be a servant to pay for the dress but to let him experience hell for what he did, so she replied

"Fine, I'll pay you 1 million won."

Even though she thought it's a relatively low pay, Bin thought the opposite of that and he almost jumped out of happiness, 1 million won for a salary is a lot, he didn't expect her to be so generous and the way he looked at her changed, though he still felt disgusted to have someone who wastes money as his master.

"Fine, master, since today I'll become your servant but what exactly do I have to do?"

He smiled creepily at her as couldn't forget the salary and was delighted.

If he can work for her just the one year he has left he would accumulate enough money for his little sister to barely hold on when he dies.

"Hehehe, you just have to do Whatever I say."

She empathized one particular word while picking up the fork again and eating a bit of the Parfait.

Bin looked at his new master, not too sure if his hasty decision was right or wrong.

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