Chapter 339 : Furious Iris

Although Jasmine knew Bridget, she still felt suspicious of the girl. The bespectacled Ann, on the other hand, rushed to Bridget’s help. The young, slim, and short female doctor wasted no time in unnecessary discussions and immediately started patching up the unconscious girl.

Ann was stopped by no one, Emilia lent her a hand while everyone else stood in the back, whispering to each other and sometimes glancing at the doctors.

Bert Polars slumped on the couch and closed his eyes, yearning for a long nap. Sadly for him, neither Jasmine nor Julia spared him, the two bombarding him with questions, begrudging glares, and not-so-gentle nudges.

“We should go rescue Bin!”

Jasmine seemed unable to stay still, she wa


This is a very short chapter but I couldn't write more. I'm very busy today and I thought that posting a chapter like this is better than nothing. Thanks for reading.

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