Chapter 434 : The Eccentric Professor (2)

“If one were to look at the annals of history, they would catch a glimpse of similar catastrophic events, on a scale no lesser than the present. The Rifts are but one form of connection ‘twixt worlds, and though they generally differ in type and influence, they are all categorized as the same thing. Put simply, they are interdimensional breaches that occur randomly or purposefully. In our case, unfortunately, it was done artificially. Though my peers would offer a rather contradictory account, as is their wont.”

At last, Professor Tanna stopped pacing around and sat back down next to Bin. She was fumbling with her fingers, appearing slightly uneasy and nervous.

“The breaches, as you might have noticed, lead to disastrous consequences. Whether it’s earthquakes, floods of water, or even deadly spatial tear

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