Chapter 438 : Capture The Pest (1)

Not only was the Blood Prince and his confidant different in terms of appearance, their overall demeanor was unfamiliar too. Usually, the Prince would behave arrogantly and would definitely not wield a sword and wear armor. Instead, he liked to behave like actual nobility, therefore, upon witnessing him jumping around and slaying Pests, Bin was perplexed.

After some contemplation, he decided not to reveal himself. That might well be the Blood Prince, but it’s not the same person. Put simply, this one has yet to experience the calamity that struck Dranxia and has yet to travel to Earth.

From what Bin had gathered thanks to the Prince’s vague answers, the latter was neither a native of Earth nor Dranxia. He was from a completely different star, though his resolution on bringing salvation to this ‘star’ was a bit

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