Chapter 446 : Inside the Tower (1)

Bin continued going to the upper floors, but his progress significantly decreased due to the multi-layered barriers. To make matters worse, they were getting more powerful and intricate, thus taking more time to imitate their Mana Frequency.

One of the rooms resembled a storage, filled to the brim with crates and boxes. Of course, he inspected the contents of the crates but, even after that, he could not understand their purpose due to his limited knowledge.

Most of the crates had large bottles filled with a colorless and liquid that stuck to the transparent glass. Bin took two with him and continued his search, which didn’t bear any fruit for the next twenty or so minutes.

At some point, on the 7th floor, he was met with a particularly tricky barrier. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to go through it, therefore, he


I'm mentioning old skills that Bin had learned because he will frequently use them and it's better for you readers to have a better understanding of how they function. In the next Chapter, I'll explain more about Mana Frequency and other stuff. Thanks for reading!

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