Chapter 490 : The Ghost Theater (2)

Bin charged at the last commander pest, striking him with the blunt of his staff and blowing him to the back. Following that up, Jasbin rose from a pool of blood and diagonally slashed his sword, ending the abomination once and for all.

Simultaneously, Jasmine stood in front of a medium-sized rift and used Gandar’s magic to break it into nothingness.

It took them four hours to get rid of all the Rifts inside this realistic and foreign world. Fortunately, they were attacked only by the Pests and the big Rift they were looking for wasn’t here.

Jasbin was still downcast and mourning his friend’s loss, but that did not stop him from aiding the rest and doing his job. At least Ak’na survived or else he wouldn’t have been able to move on and continue to fight.


Hello! I don't know if any of you have reached this far but if you are, thank you for reading! Truly! It makes me happy that someone, somewhere, read so far and I sincerely hope you liked the journey. We have come so far since the beginning... since Bin was a frail young man, plagued by an unknown illness. My dear readers, we are nearing the end of the Volume and then the final volume (which will be much shorter than the rest) will begin. If you liked the story, or even if you did not, I would really appreciate a Review from your part. Have a good day and stay healthy!

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