Chapter 76 : 50%

Very soon, Aldren busied himself with other fun games, jumping from one table to another, uncaring about the money he lost. As for Bin, he wandered around, curiously checking the machines but he didn’t dare to play, unwilling to lose the money in his possession. 

People were enjoying their time, laughing together and throwing money as if it was nothing. Bin wished he could all of that to himself but it was just him fantasizing about impossible scenarios any poor person would dream about. 

Around fifteen minutes later, he wandered off to a smaller room with more people. Contrary to other area, this one had no machines or tables, there was just a group of masked people circling around a woman wearing a dark veil that covered her face.

Although her face was unseen, a pale, slender neck rises from the gorget. The milky skin stretched across all the exposed parts, it is delicate and translucent, like a parchment that has been scraped clean too many ti

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