Chapter 19

Khalid was overwhelmed by his conversation with Ron, Ron told him how to survive on his own by observing his surroundings all the time and never let his guard down no matter what and when he set up camp it should be somewhere that he knows that is far away from monsters and can detect everything in it and many other things that Khalid didn’t get.

Even after all things that Khalid was still nervous about this whole thing and Ron notices that so he said “why are you like this do you think something like this is a hard thing to do”

“Yeah I do think like that, I mean I just get here, and now I have to go to someplace that I don’t know much about while avoiding monsters that could kill me while I am sleeping and on top of that I am going there on my own, there is a lot of reasons to why I am being nervous like this even though that you telling everything that I need to be safe”

Ron couldn’t argue with Khalid about this so instead he said “you know what, you are ri

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