Chapter 30

 Faith returned so she could ask Ron about why she can’t do anything to the tree but when she got there she found neither Lucy nor Ron, so she got worried thinking that something might happen while she was training.

After searching for them she was able to find Lucy standing but she could not see Ron she did not care that much about it and she ran toward Lucy and when she got near her she saw that Ron was beaten up and lying on the ground.

When she saw that she gasped and went to Lucy to check up on her and asked Ron “what did happen, why are you on the ground”

Ron looked at Lucy then back at Faith then said “well I think that you can figure this out by just looking so why do you bother asking me what is going on”

Faith did not know what to say so she looked at Lucy then Lucy told her everything then Faith laughed and said “from the way you acted someone would think that you are strong but you were put in this stat

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