Reincarnation Of The Warrior

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Reincarnation Of The Warrior

By: Cici Aremanita Updated just nowFantasy

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Ashu was reborn into the body of a teenager who was in a coffin after his death and was given a chance to live again. Ashu vowed to avenge his clan to the end, no matter what it took for everyone involved. "You all just wait, revenge will come soon," Ashu said as he rose from the coffin.

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  • KidOO


    Keep working hard. Results will be commensurate with hard work. Great Book, Jiayooo!!

    2024-02-23 09:05:51
  • Cici Aremanita


    Welcome to my first work, greetings to all of you who read ...

    2024-02-21 22:53:44
  • Abysalyounglord


    The beginning is good, and you can make it more intersting ...good luck..

    2024-02-22 23:36:14
  • Darrell Beam


    Finished the first few chapters. Great story thus far!

    2024-02-28 09:39:37
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69 chapters
Back To Life
In the midst of an army of assassins who wanted to kill him, Ashu still tried to survive, even though the blood in his body continued to flow, Ashu did not expect that the Water Dragon Clan, which had always been respected, would now be completely massacred by dozens of groups of assassins hired by his enemies, and now all that was left was him, his entire family had died in a very horrible way.Ashu felt very unaccepted and wanted to slaughter them all without a trace, but Ashu realized that in his current condition this would not be possible, Ashu tried to stand straight while raising his blood stained sword, rather than die in the hands of the enemy, it would be better for him to die in his own hands. Ashu thought."I swear, if I had the chance to live, I would not let any of you escape death!" Ashu shouted.Jeeeeeeeeeeddddddddaaaaaaar.The sound of thunder answered Ashu oath with a loud roar, in front of hundreds of assassins, Ashu stabbed himself in the stomach with a sword until
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Asking for His Own Back
The sound of commotion from Ashu room reached his mother's room. Ashu mother, thinking that something had happened to her son, rushed to take the guards to Ashu room and immediately went inside. Since Ashu was poisoned and almost died, Ashu mother felt very traumatized. This time, Ashu's mother didn't want anything else to happen to her son or she would feel guilty towards her late husband."My son," cried Ashu's mother, who was standing at the door.Seeing that his mother had arrived at the right time, Ashu took a deep breath, Ashu deliberately stepped on the assassin he had killed with just a few blows."I'm fine, ma'am, but I just escaped death, who was so cruel as to order them to kill me," Ashu said."Whoever dares to kill my son, I will end his life myself." Ashu mother shouted.From outside, the son and father entered Ashu room, both of them surprised to see that the killer they had sent was actually under Ashu feet. The father nudged Meng Li and told his son to pretend to be s
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He had retrieved all the resources given to the younger brother of the previous body owner, the herbs, soul stones, and even the gold pieces were all in his room.In his previous life, as the head of the Water Dragon Clan, Ashu was an expert in brewing, he simply picked the herbs in his room one by one and put them in his bath for him to soak in.After preparing everything, Ashu hurriedly undressed and sat cross-legged in the bathtub, closing his eyes.Blooooook, blooooook, blooooook.The foam continued to rise as Ashu soaked longer, the herbs he used to soak were able to remove the remaining toxins lodged in his body.Ashu slowly opened his eyes and saw that the water in the bathtub was very black and had a strong smell. Ashu rushed out of the bath. Ashu could feel that his body was much better than before."Haaaaah, it turns out that this body has been poisoned for a long time," Ashu said, talking to himself.Ashu picked up the soul stone on his bed and looked at it carefully. Soul
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Not Afraid
A week passed after that day, for a week Ashu was under the strict supervision of his mother, today was his last day of rest. Ashu couldn't wait to practice everything he remembered.The first thing he had to do was to open his 5 pulsating aura points again so that the energy would flow into his spiritual sea. Ashu immediately closed his eyes, even though his mind was full of questions as to why the previous owner of the body still hadn't opened his 5 Pulse Aura Points.From the tips of his feet, Ashu could feel 1 point of his aura vein opening, and soon the aura of his other veins slowly opened. After everything was opened, Ashu could feel his energy flowing into his spiritual sea, with the opening of his aura, his spiritual solution could store his energy and turn it into pieces of power that could make him level up.Knock knock knock."Ashu," Ashu mother called from outside."Come in, ma'am," Ashu said.Ashu mother entered Ashu room and sat down next to him. In fact, Ashu's mother
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Bad News
One by one, the participants lost to their respective opponents, leaving only 12 people, including Ashu, who was the first to win.Teng.As the bell rang again to signal the end of the first round, Ashu calmly welcomed the second round that was about to begin."The next round will not be based on numbers, whoever wants to challenge who is welcome, you can even form groups to defeat those you want," the eunuch said, conveying what the emperor had told him before.Ashu just smiled when he heard the eunuch's words, the rules for the second round had been planned by Emperor Dun Ta, Ashunyakin would be the target of the participants after that."The five of us want to challenge him," said Hong, the son of a rich merchant who was very arrogant. Hong even paid the contestants long before the match started so that whoever won would come with him to attack Ashu."What about the Ashu participants? They have the right to refuse," the eunuch said."I won't refuse, so it's faster for all of you to
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Meet Him
Ashu continued to run towards his house until Ashu suddenly stopped in front of the gate. Ashu looked at the blood flowing around him, Ashu saw that almost all the heads were separated from their necks.Not far from the others, Ashu saw that his new mother's head was the same as the others, her new mother's head was even very far from her body, as if her mother's head had been made into a ball and someone had kicked it.Aaaargh!Ashu screamed hysterically, not expecting the tragedy of his dragon clan to happen again to his new family.While holding back his tears so they wouldn't fall down, Ashu took his new mother's head and put it back in its original place, even if it couldn't connect, at least the head and the body were in the same place.Ashu immediately clenched his fists, he knew whose fault this was. His stepfather and stepbrother must have hired a hitman to slaughter his mother and her bodyguards."Why is this happening to me again God, it hasn't even been a month since I cam
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Wu asked Ashu to go to the back of Tulang Mountain, behind Tulang Mountain there were many spiritual animals, spiritual animal heart cores that could help Ashu improve his training."I'm hunting spiritual heart cores, I don't have a weapon, but it doesn't seem to matter," Ashu said."Don't worry, I'm sure you can do it," Wu said.With no other choice, Ashu walked towards the back of Mount Tulang. When Ashu reached the back of Mount Bone, he could feel that the aura of the spiritual animals around him was very fierce, at level 3 and above.Seeeeeeetttttttsss.The hissing sound of snakes around Ashu made him very alert. Suddenly, from behind, a 3-headed snake jumped towards Ashu, who was quite surprised.Wheeeeeeeeeeesssss.Ashu, who was used to dealing with spiritual animals in his previous life, had very good reflexes, after training his golden tiger claws all night long, Ashu immediately swung his hand to rip apart the snake that was jumping at him."I'm sure you can do it, that's ri
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Auction event
Wu stood and looked at Ashu who was still holding his sword, just one look and Wu knew that the sword in Ashu hand was the Underworld Sword, of which there was only one in the world, and this sword should not be in the hands of a teenager like Ashu, no matter how strong he was."I'm very curious about you, I thought you were just my chosen one, but it seems like your destiny is more complicated," Wu said."If I told you I was reincarnated, would you believe me?" said Ashu."I believe that reincarnation is real, even though I have never experienced it, so is it true that you have been reincarnated?" Wu said curiously."Right now, the body I am using is not my body, I am actually Ashu, the leader of the Water Dragon Clan, whose members were completely massacred," Ashu explained."I know this must be hard for you to believe," Ashu continued."I believe, from the way you treat wounds and your attacking movements, I can sense that you are not a beginner, you are all very experienced, which
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Auction event 2
Ashu entered one of the city's inns and showed the auction house's business card. The innkeeper, seeing the auction house's business card, immediately took Ashu to a room on the top floor, usually used by nobles.In his room, Ashu lay down, his leg resting on the other leg, and moved while he thought."What are you thinking about?" Wu asked."Nothing, I just can't wait to become as strong as before," Ashu said."Even if your cultivation increases, it's impossible for you to immediately rise several levels and be at your previous cultivation level, just being able to break through two levels is already good for you," Wu said."I know, everything requires a process. But I can't wait to slaughter them one by one," Ashu said."Slaughtering them doesn't have to wait until you're strong, you can make potions, you can also make pills, after you're famous and many people admire you, you can pay them back slowly," Wu said."You mean?" Ashu asked."After you soak and absorb the spiritual animal
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Ashu left the auction house, he already had the stove, he just needed to look for herbal ingredients and magic fire to make pills.Arriving at the market, Ashu rushed into the herbal ingredients shop. Just a few steps inside the door, Ashu was immediately confronted by two tall men who had been ordered by the owner of the shop.Ashu, who had taken off his robe, no longer gave his mysterious impression. Without thinking, Ashu, who was wearing only half-dirty clothes, was greeted by the cynical smile of the owner of the herbal ingredients shop."What are you waiting for, tell him to leave," said Tan, the owner of the herbal ingredients shop."Wait, why am I not allowed in?" Ashu asked."Young people like you really don't know about herbal ingredients, not only do you not know, you just want to beg here," Tan said."Is this how you welcome buyers?" Ashu said."Don't act like that, what happens if you come here again tomorrow, if you guess the ingredients I showed you correctly, I will gi
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