Chapter 41

It is night time and Khalid started to look for a way to get inside the city but no matter where he looked there was no way to enter the city.

Khalid gave on it and thought that maybe in the morning he would ask someone to help him to enter the city or give them the package that Orean gave him either way that the only thing that Khalid was able to think of right now since he did not want to risk it getting caught entering the city.

The next morning, Khalid looked around to see if there was anyone he could ask but after some time he could not find anyone he tried to ask multiple times, and what happened was either they would ignore him or just push away from them.

After a couple of times of trying he saw a couple of familiar faces that he did not want to see, Iris and her friends arrived at the entrance, Khalid was the first to notice and he did not want to meet them after what happened he tried to hide from them, but he failed because James notices him and told

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