Curiosities of Varges Mondar World


The Acidic Season happens right before Winter starts. In that season and for one month, acidic rain falls from the sky, burning most of the plants and trees as a way to prepare the soil for the Winter and the next generation of plants after the Winter Season, the so-called "Abundance Season" that lasts for four months.


Winter lasts two months, Acidic lasts one month, Abundance is four months, and Summer is two months as well.

Days have twenty hours during most of the year, except in Winter, which has merely fifteen hours.


The World is made up of a single massive landmass, with the ocean covering nearly 75% of the planet's surface. There are seven countries and a few small islands that belong to three countries because those islands are near them.


Healing plants with Magical powers that have leaves of a triangular shape. Poisonous plants and flowers were extremely colourful, with some even able to glow in the dark. Anesthesia plants, aromatic plants, tea plants. Lots and lots of them, in a myriad of shapes and sizes, and several tones of green or blue.

Trees - most of them with a small tree top with large blue leaves and a round trunk, a perfect sphere of five metres wide.


Chickens - like the ones from Tharn's homeworld, but with three legs and a long curvilinear beak to crush seeds.

Spiders - as big as a young man with six legs and pincers around the mouth. Their webs can be used to produce fine fabrics to make clothes.

Bears - six legs with big fangs and they are completely brown.

Rabbits - white and black with one big horn and long ears. Seated on their back legs, their heads reached a man's waist, and the tip of their horns reached a man's chest.

Squirrel - with wings as big as a chicken.

Fishes - with the size of boats.

Cows - with three horns and long fur. Their long fur is used to produce fabrics to make clothes.

Horses - with two horns, long furry manes, and furry tails. Their long fur is used to produce fabrics to make clothes.

Balloons - They have elastic and soft skin, and they are full of gas that makes them float. Their massive, thin wings enabled them to fly far above the clouds and much higher than any Dragon or Drake could. They are the ones that make the Acidic Rain during their migrations, and they only land to lay their eggs on the top of the highest mountains, hidden in a hole or cave covered with an indestructible mucus they spit. Balloons are all filled with gas with nothing that even resembles an organ. They have a few centimetres of sweet, tasty flesh right below the elastic skin.

Drakes - Beings with half the size of Dragons, unable to use Magic, and extremely aggressive. Elongated heads similar to Dragons, sharp teeth, scales all over their bodies, and they breed like crazy, often hatching at the same time from twenty eggs hidden in caves by a female. They take six months to reach adulthood, and the females breed two times a year. Dragons and Fairies are their predators, with the other races hunting Drakes as well for their claws and scales. The claws are often used to make weapons, and the scales are the raw material for shields, armour, and house roofs.

Sea Serpents - gigantic snakes ten metres long, sometimes a bit more.

Swamp Nightmares - They look like soft jelly worms, but are five metres long and have an enormous mouth able to open up to two metres wide, the same size as their bodies. They can bury themselves under the mud of the swamps or flatten their bodies near the edge of a pond, disguising their bodies and pretending to be part of the muddy soil. They are tasty, and their meat is considered a delicacy.


Humanish, Orca (Orcs), Cathra (Elf), Beastkind (Catkind, Dogkind, Snakekind, Centaur, Kobold), Fairy, Dragon.

Orca race - Three meters tall, war paints on their faces with the colours and designs of their tribe, extremely muscular, no ability with Magic, but compensated with their brute force. They often worked in groups of three, and normally that group was blood-related, with a parent and his or her kids, or a couple and their kid. They were all originally from the 'Manurian Khaganate' country, but some often worked and lived in other countries.

Cathra race - Pointy ears, light green hair, light brown tanned skin, and the third position from the top of the beings able to use Magic, thanks to their affinity with nature.

Kobold race - Strange beings, usually two metres tall, with a tail and rough scales covering their bodies. An elongated head and mouth without teeth but powerful jaws and a tri-furcated tongue. They are fourth in the ranking position from the top of the beings able to use Magic.

Beastkind – they are below Kobolds in the rank of Ability with Magic. All the Catkind, Dogkind, Snakekind, and Centaur, belong to the Beastkind race.

Fairies - ten-centimetre-tall beings with human-like features and white glowing bodies, four translucent wings, and the ability to use magic in amazingly creative ways. Many people consider them the most beautiful creatures in the World, and that boosted their egos even more. They were not only able to gather an enormous amount of Magic from the World, but the dust their wings produced, commonly known as "Fairy Dust", increased, even more, the Magic they could wield. Despite their size, their egos were massive, and they were in the second position in the rank of Ability with Magic. They are natural enemies of Dragons and frequently compete for territory.

Dragons - Enormous beings with an elongated head very similar to Kobolds, massive bodies of five metres long, wings of a three-meter wingspan, and a two-meter tail. They are extremely intelligent, despite being as lazy as one could be, and even if they could speak, they preferred not to because they refused to speak the same language as their food. They are in the first position in the rank of Ability with Magic and also at the top of the food chain, and Fairies are their natural enemies, often competing for territory. Two Fairies can go head to head with a Dragon, but it needs a group of three working together for the Fairies to have a quick win without any of them getting killed.


Cathras and Orcas are different from the other races. Most Humanish and Beastkind women are more prudish. Cathras need to breed outside their breeding week to help them endure the urge to make babies.

Orca women really like to breed. They don't make babies easily, so they are always looking for robust males with good looks to try to make a strong Orca baby. They are all about strength and the continuation of their kind, and with the difficulty the Orca women have in making babies, they turned out like that.


It is divided into classes, with Royalty, Nobility, Cleric, common people, and slaves at the bottom.

Merchants were commoners as well but had a better reputation in the eyes of the Nobility because their businesses often granted the Nobles a good share of their profits.

Cleric was a potent influence in the lives of every citizen, and they also owned several pieces of land that a King or government granted them. In less quantity and size than the King or the government had, but not less productive.

Slaves were criminals, condemned to pay for their crimes with labour. The slavery time would depend on the amount of damage their crimes caused, and could go for a minimum of two months to a life sentence. Babies born of slaves were considered common people, and they would live with their slave parents upon their release, or with another family member. If they didn't have any other family, Orphanages ruled by the Cleric would take them in and teach them a trade.


God Babilndan


Paper - There are special trees used to make paper, but it takes a long time to make bark. That is why paper is so expensive. In Tharn's world, they used a mix of crushed and boiled branches together with river rush, and there, the paper was easy to make and extremely cheap, and durable after being coated with a varnish made from boiled tree leaves and tree sap. In that World, every river margin had river rush. It was kind of a weed that, if it wasn't cut, would spread to the nearby cropped fields.

Drakes' scales - were used to make rooftops to keep the houses cooler in the Summer, and warm in the Winter, and it protected the houses in the Acidic Season, right before Winter started. During that season and for one month, acidic rain fell from the sky, burning most of the plants and trees as a way to prepare the soil for the Winter and the next generation of plants after the Winter Season, the so-called "Abundance Season" that lasted for four months.

Ships had big sails to use the wind to travel by sea to other countries, always with a group of Mages as protection against Sea Serpents.

Long-course caravans delivered goods to other Cities, with a Party of Adventurers and Mages as security and those voyages took weeks, sometimes months.

The fields for crops were prepared with outdated equipment pulled by tri-horned cows.

Most houses were made with wood and rock, and construction companies were in each City, employing a dozen or so people per company.

Blacksmiths used forges heated with coal or by an Elemental if the blacksmith was also a Mage. Or if they had an employee that was a low-level Mage.

Shipyards near rivers or the sea often had a dozen workers and at least one low-level Mage.

Shops, hunters, and fishermen existed, and all sorts of manual work, sometimes with the help of a family member or an employee that was a low-level Mage.


1 gold coin - 100 silver coins

1 silver coin - 100 copper coins

2 silver coins a day - enough for a child's labour

12 silver coins per month - for a child's labour

Family - salary is 3 gold coins a month

Inn - 3 copper coins per night with one meal

Adult - salary is 1 gold coin a month

Three types of coins are in use, with different drawings depending on the country, but with equal value because of the material the coins are made of.

One gold coin was worth one hundred silver coins, and one silver coin was worth one hundred copper coins.

A working couple would get an average of three gold coins a month, enough to pay for all the food and water for weekly baths for an entire month, and if they lived a simple life with no excesses, they could save twenty silver coins per month.

Those savings after two years would let them have enough money for the first four years of a new baby, or if they saved for ten years, would let them buy a small hut outside any major City, or in a small village with a small garden for them to grow vegetables and raise a few birds similar to chickens but with three legs and a long curvilinear beak to crush seeds.

Most wanted:

A list of the most wanted Necromancers and the bounty on their heads. Some of them caused the deaths of hundreds of people over the years, and their capture was worth a fortune.

Jobs for Mages:

Mages could work for a King or a Nobel as advisors or join their army.

Working in a Guild and joining a Party of warriors, archers, and Mages to go on Quests that were requested by clients was also a possibility, and those Quests could be escort services, gathering rare herbs or minerals, hunting, killing Elementals or getting rid of Undeads in a certain area.

Tracking down and killing Necromancers was well paid, be it in a Quest or a bounty hunting job for the King or the Guild.

Most Necromancers had a cavern or a system of underground tunnels and rooms that were guarded by their army of Undead where they would keep the things the Undead robbed until the Necromancer could sell them. Food, money, armour, or weapons were the usual stash.

World Tournament:

A tournament between countries, with Mages fighting for trophies to solve disputes and commercial stand-stills, as a means to avoid wars.


'Babilndan Theocracy' - was ruled by ten Priests that were chosen by all the Priests in the country, followers of the God Babilndan, the creator of that World, Varges Mondar.

The 'Manurian Khaganate' - a tribal leader was chosen by a council made up of the leaders of all the nomad tribes. That tribal leader would rule for five years, and then a meeting would be called to decide if he continued for another five years, or was replaced.

A King, a Duke, a Prince, or a group ruled the other countries.


Bathrooms - A few holes on the ground with no privacy whatsoever and not even a proper seat. The girls' bathrooms are like that as well. Everyone has a similar one in a small cabin outside their house, and only Nobles and Schools have a bathroom inside the main building. People clean themselves after using necessities with a bucket of water, a sponge, and a cloth to dry their lower half. Even the commoners in Tharn's World had a proper seat covering the hole and toilet paper to clean themselves.


In the country Babilndan Theocracy:

The City of Vaeggerlose - where is the Summoning Magic School, where Lord Tharn Zon first appeared.

The City of Elkenore - near the border with the country 'Grand Duchy of Ulble', where is the Guild of Adventurers that Tharn, Istar, Synesia Bardane, Osman Halabi, and Muranu work.

The City of Ulsleve - near the border with the 'Kingdom of Heszils', where there is a swamp with Healing Plants, Swamp Nightmares monsters, and the Guild of Adventurers where Tharn went to contact a Necromancer.

In the country 'Gran Duchy of Ulble':

The City of Bjorup – where Tharn went to contact the last two Necromancers of the Brotherhood.

Magic system:

In that World, the Level a Mage got for killing Elementals or Undeads, made him advance in Rank. The higher the Rank, the more powerful Spells could be used, but the cost in Mana would also increase.

A Master Rank Mage would spend 10 Mana to make a Novice Spell, but he would need 50 Mana to make a Master Spell.

A Mage with a higher Rank would have more Mana to spend, and each Level up came with five Mana and one point in Stamina and Health. But it was here that the Benefits granted Tharn an advantage.

Mages usually whispered or mumbled their Spells in a very low voice, so that the people around them or their opponent didn't know what they were going to do. The School's textbook mentioned that it was easier for a student to shout the Spell as he was casting it, but nowhere did it say that it had the same effect if it was whispered. That technique was left to the Master Rank because they would have more experience with casting their Spells and wouldn't need to shout anything to help their concentration.

A Mage from a Summoning School could learn from Spell Books from other Magic Schools, but those books were extremely expensive.

Necromancy is a very dangerous Class of Magic. It is not difficult to summon No Soul Lord, or use Dread Zombie or Dead Force Spells; the difficulty lies in not allowing your soul to be dragged into the process, forcing you to join them.


All countries had Schools of Magic, and they used Attributes, Rank, and Level for the Mages. Outside the Mage path, attributes are also used for Warriors and a few other minor classes.

Despite having all the other Schools, each country concentrated on one type of School, and a sizable portion of each country's Mages specialised in one Class of magic.

Magical Items:

Tharn's Magical pendant - able to absorb any loose Magic in case you lose control, and when it is full of Magic, you can use it to cast more Spells, if you exhaust your own Mana.

Testing Sphere - It changes colour according to the Rank, and stars appear inside that show the number of the level for that Rank. Each type of School has a different type of Sphere, and the Summoning School has a blue Sphere. The Ranks are coloured white for Novice, yellow for Apprentice, blue for Adept, green for Expert, and red for Master. The other Schools have Spheres of different colours. Yellow for Transmutation, red for Evocation, orange for Abjuration, and purple for Enchanting. There is also the other minor School, Divination, that has a green Sphere. Necromancers probably use a gray Sphere to check their Level, but it is just speculation.

Familiar Spells:


At Novice Rank, Summon Familiar - the small version of Byia Calla, a Dragon that looked like a Kobold but with wings and could use electric blasts.

At Novice Rank, Summon Flaming Familiar - A small Fire Dragon that looks like a mini Anubys.

At Novice Rank, Summon Elemental Spell - Anubys, the Bringer of the End. A Fire Dragon that looked like a lizard with a big long head, two almond-shaped eyes and a massive body five metres long, with spikes from the end of his neck to the tip of his tail. Wings with a three-meter wing span were made of living, twirling flames. It had four curved and sharp claws on each paw and a long and muscular two-meter tail that ended in a sharp point that seemed as if it could be used to help him make quick changes in his flight or to attack.

At Novice Rank, Summon Ice Elemental Spell - Sara Perry, a woman made of thick ice with long hair tied into a ponytail, a long robe, and a staff made completely out of ice.

At Novice Rank, Summon Freezing Familiar - a small snowman.

At Novice Rank, Summon Freezing Familiar - Rusalka, the octopus-girl. From the waist up, a naked girl with two Humanish arms and hands, big breasts with dark blue nipples, long dark blue hair, and light blue eyes. Her skin was light blue as well, but the strangest part was her lower half. It had the body of an octopus, with eight tentacles full of suckers that were bigger near the body and decreased in size toward the tips of the tentacles.

At Adept Rank, Summon Familiar Shadow - Byia Calla, a Dragon that looked like a Kobold but with wings and could use Electric and Water Magic.


At Novice Rank, Summon Elemental - barely Humanish fire Elemental, all made with flames.


At Novice Rank, Summon Elemental - smaller Elemental than Muranu had, and with a Humanish look with a head, torso, two arms and two legs.


At Novice Rank, Summon Elemental - an Elemental almost as tall as a Humanish, but had four arms and four legs. It was also made of a living fire.


At Novice Rank, Summon Elemental - a cloud, but looks more condensed with four arms ending in round balls. It is still a cloud, hovering a few centimetres from the floor, but it shines brightly in red and orange, and it looks menacing.

At Novice Rank, Summon Freezing Familiar - A short, icy being with a round body and two short legs.

Sophie Vatatze:

At Novice Rank, Summon Familiar - a massive, large, hissing dark lizard with flat paws with long and sharp claws. He can glue himself to a ceiling and has a long, bifurcated tongue. He can use Fire Magic, and he is absurdly fast. Sophie usually rides him instead of her horse because of his speed.

Master Summoner Spells:

Tharn Zon:

Pegasus, the flying horse. A white horse with a double saddle and a couple of saddlebags, and long feathered wings that were brushing the floor. His mane and tail had long, white fur. His electric attacks are very strong and can throw powerful lightning bolts, and he can create lightning storms and kill everything on the ground as he flies by.


Menace, the Storm Force Old Elemental – it had yellow fur and looked like a lion, but with yellow, feathered wings that were folded on its sides and almost touching the floor. It had a long mane, a saddle, one saddlebag attached to each side of the saddle, sharp claws, and two long curvilinear fangs that reached his neck. His tail moved around like a whip, and had a steel ball at the tip. It was massive, muscular, and tall. Standing on his four paws, his back was as high as a person, and he had a serious look when waiting, and a ferocious look when attacking. Able to use electric and water Magic. Useful to guard the farm, water the crops, and fight at her side.

Breeze, the Frost Force Old Elemental – it looked like Menace, but with white fur, able to use ice and snow attacks.

Destruction, the Flame Force Old Elemental – it looked like Menace, but with red fur, and could use fire attacks in the form of gushes of fire and fire balls, small and big.


Yellow Spider - Electric and Water Magic.

White Spider - Ice and snow attacks.

Red Spider - Fire Magic.

Balloon - a yellow, a white and a red one, that had larger wings than the usual wings.


Yellow Drake - Electric and Water Magic.

White Drake - Ice and snow attacks.

Red Drake - Fire Magic.


Yellow Rock Golem - Electric and Water Magic.

White Rock Golem - Ice and snow attacks.

Red Golem - Fire Magic.


Yellow Swamp Nightmare - Electric and Water Magic.

White Swamp Nightmare - Ice and snow attacks.

Red Swamp Nightmare - Fire Magic.


Yellow Tri-Horned Bull - Electric and Water Magic.

White Tri-Horned Bull - Ice and snow attacks.

Red Tri-Horned Bull - Fire Magic.

Frost Elemental Spells:


A big white rabbit made of compacted snow, with long ears that were so long that they were touching the floor, and a pointy and threatening horn on his forehead. While seated, his head reached a man's waist, and the tip of the horn reached his chest.

Named Slapp, the white rabbit could use his ears to attack an invisible foe in front of him, and as he moved his head, it was as if a hurricane appeared, such was the speed at which the ears moved.

Osman Halabi:

A large and tall being with almost three metres of height. It was round as if it were made of enormous snowballs piled up. His hands were made of branches, and his fingers were long and sharp. A scary-looking white snowman.


A white being appeared that looked like a spider, as big as a man, but white and with six legs and pincers around its mouth.

Synesia Bardane:

A white six-legged bear. His entire body was completely white, and it looked like it was made of snow. Its head was round and large, with a big snout and two massive upward fangs that went past his nose. From the bears' viewpoint, the fangs worked like an aim at a target.

Tharn Zon:

At Adept Rank, Summon Frost Elemental - Aria, a little girl, apparently eight years old, with long, curly hair and round eyes, with one sword made of pure ice in each hand.

At Master Rank, Summon Storm Force - Pegasus, a flying horse.

Unicorn - a white horse with a saddlebag on each side of his saddle. It had a big, twisted horn on its forehead. Capable of using Healing Magic, and he could also use the horn to fight, but he is peaceful unless attacked.

Visited Worlds:

Extra Chapters are short stories of one or two chapters with adventures in visited Worlds.

World 1 – Alurith World - Lord Tharn Zon's home world, based in Europe's medieval setting, with Magic from the elements granted by the World. (Happens in Side Story: Record 1).

World 2 – Ariansyl World – after the defeat of the Demonoids by Seya "Tally" Denar'an Hinamoto and his allies. Lord Tharn didn't need to do anything because Aria, the Goddess of Creation, stopped the Hooded Mage as soon as he arrived, making him flee for his life. The Goddess's little girl form took a liking to Lord Tharn and invited him to stay for a few months, where she taught him how to use his long sword more effectively. (This is the World I created in my story, "The 1.000 years Great Sage". Happens in Side Story: Record 2).

World 3 – Therosp World - inspired by Greek mythology and Greek ancient times. A World with beings as powerful as Gods, and they ruled over the rest of the population that was not as powerful and were treated as slaves. (Happens in Side Story: Record 3).

World 4 – Craddumster World – The Hooded Mage arrived there when Ronald O'Sullivan was having a peaceful life surrounded by his family and friends, but the weird Magic of that World, which was only accessible by the use of Magical Cards, delayed his plans long enough for Tharn to arrive and receive help and support from Ronald. Together with 'Anubys the Bringer of the End' and the 'Peacekeeper Mammoth', they stopped the Hooded Mage even before he learned how to harvest the Magic of that strange World and forced him to flee. (This is the World I created in my story, "The Normal Farmer". Happens in Side Story: Record 5).

World 5 – Nend Ardhon World – a water World, with a small landmass. The Hooded Mage was living in hiding, slowly absorbing the Magic of that World, but his efforts were being slowed down by the new Goddess, Biya Calla. When Tharn arrived at a small City on that continent, he was granted shelter by a very friendly Surface Dragon for a few days until he could find out what to do. At night, during his sleep, Tharn was informed in a dream by the Goddess where the Hooded Mage was hiding, and in the morning he went there with his Dragon friend. The Hooded Mage escaped at the last second, after injuring the Dragon, and Tharn had to decide between saving the Dragon's life or killing the Hooded Mage. He saved the Dragon and missed his chance. (This is the World I created in my story, "Nend Ardhon Chronicles". This World is merely mentioned in the story).

World 5 - Azurath World - upon arrival, Lord Tharn met Sara Perry, a female Mage, and also a distant cousin of the High Fairy Wenammy, one of Alex Brim's wives, and the great-great-grandmother of 'Tyly, the Earth Menace', an extremely powerful High Fairy, once known as the strongest of them all. After he explained what brought him to that World, Sara sent one of her men to Alex's Castle to inform him that she was going on a mission, and she helped track down the Hooded Mage. During their voyage, she gave him a special string, able to nullify Magic, that she used to tie Monsters and Magical beings. She liked him, and while he was in that World, they became lovers. Together, they eliminated all the Undead the Hooded Mage sent against them, forcing him to flee to escape Sara Perry's Magic, who sent her vines to restrain him so that Tharn could get near him to slice his neck. Two Undead rose from the ground and restrained Tharn long enough for the Hooded Mage to escape through a Magical Portal. (This is the World I created in my story, "Alex Brim, Hero for Hire". Happens in Side Story: Record 4).

World 7 – Earth World (happens in Chapter 1).

World 8 – Rock World – inhabited by living mountains and hills with dormant Magic and a very slow life (happens in Chapter 1).

World 9 – Varges Mondar World (Istar home world, from Chapter 2 onwards).

Used terms:

Magical Portal - a circular light blue whirlpool that leads to the dark void, a place that connects Portals through Worlds.

Dark Path – former Summoners became Necromancers.

A construct – the basis to make the summoning of an Elemental. The more precise the construct is, the more Magic it needs and the more powerful it is. It also looks more real.

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