Characters Names

Lord Tharn Zon - with short dark brown hair and light blue eyes.

Istar - a Cathra girl, a race of Elves. Pointy ears, long light green hair, light brown tanned skin, dressed in a long white dress, opened on both sides, leaving her thighs and toned legs in plain sight. She had leather sandals with strings tied around her ankle and she was always nervous and insecure. She is the youngest of five kids her parents had, and she has two sisters and two brothers.

Rihat - a Cathra like Istar, judging by her pointy ears, but she had white long hair tied in a high ponytail. The School bully comes from a very rich and influential family that is part of the government.

Teacher Practical Class - Humanish man.

Principal - Humanish old man.

Osman Halabi - is a Humanish boy in the Summoning School, and his father is a Merchant. He always has ideas to gain money.

Muranu - a Cathra boy in the Summoning School, always speaks before thinking.

Synesia Bardane - a Catkind girl in the Summoning School, always angry. She is secretly in love with Osman Halabi and always tries to use Tharn to make Osman jealous, for him to notice her.

Sumai - a Cathra man. The Guild Master of the Guild of Adventurers in the City of Elkenore. An older and muscular Cathra, with dark trousers and a dark shirt with half-sleeves.

Kishar - a Cathra woman. The receptionist at the Guild of Adventurers in the City of Elkenore has long, loose green hair.

Iris Thunderclover - a Fairy with ten centimetres tall, four translucent wings and able to use Magic in amazing ways. Very strong with Evocation Magic, and a specialist in electric Spells. She had Humanish features and a white glowing body. Many considered her to be a beautiful creature, which boosted her ego even more.

Not only able to gather an enormous amount of Magic from the World, but the dust her wings produced, commonly known as "Fairy Dust", increased, even more, the Magic she could wield. Despite her size, her ego was massive, and she usually called people 'short-lives'.

In her bigger form, she is a young woman with long white hair and gold-coloured eyes. She has big breasts with white nipples. She also has white, short hair in the middle of her legs, on her 'sweet spot'.

Calls herself "mighty Iris Thunderclover" and has glowing-white blood.

She is a Level 100 in all the other Classes of Magic, except for Necromancy and Divination. After reaching the maximum Level in Evocation, she changed to Enchanting, and next, to Illusion.

Illusion Magic is not powerful enough if used alone, but when combined with other Classes, it can be deadly. She can become invisible during a fight and then use Evocation Magic to hit an opponent.

Kek Farbender - a Kobold, a being of two metres tall, with a tail and rough scales covering his body. An elongated head and mouth without teeth, but powerful jaws and a tri-furcated tongue. He speaks with a harsh voice because the common language is difficult for their throats. Wears a patterned tunic with a tied rope at his waist to work as a belt, and goes to his knees, with dark long trousers underneath in the same pattern as the tunic. Every Kobold bloodline has garments with unique patterns.

Hassimir - a Cathra man, Istar's father, with light brown hair.

Belidni - a Cathra woman, Istar's mother, with long light green hair.

Dipti - a Cathra young man, Istar's older brother, with light brown hair. He has a stall in the City, where he sells vegetables and fruit from his parents' farm.

Asardin - a Cathra young man, Istar's second brother, with light green hair.

Tiamat - a Cathra young girl, Istar's third sister, with light green hair. Works at the Inn in the town where their parents sell at the market.

Gula - a Cathra young girl, Istar's fourth sister, with light green hair, is the artist of the family.

Omarosa - a Cathra girl and Kishar's younger sister. She has a clothes shop where she also sells bijou that she makes.

Archa Panigrahi - an Orca girl with a light green face, showing off her upward tusks, dressed with leather shorts and a fur bra covering her breasts.

Kunal Panigrahi - an Orca female and Archa's mother.

Som Panigrahi - an Orca male and Archa's father.

Salama Handal - a Humanish girl who fought with Synesia in the Guild Tournament and is interested in Kek. She is an Apprentice Evoker.

Herensuge - A bright orange male Fire Dragon that Tharn met when he was hunting for Balloons on a tall mountain in the 'Babilndan Theocracy'. The name is a reference to a Dragon in the Basque language. He is also the brother of the blue female Dragon, Sugaar.

Illinos - a Cathra man and Rihat's father. An older man in a long white suit and a pointy Cleric hat, a member of the government of the country 'Babilndan Theocracy' where the School and the Guild of Adventurers are located. He is also the Minister of Economics.

Mage Tharin - The Hooded Mage disguised name while he lives in the 'Grand Duchy of Sirion'.

Mariam Awad - a Humanish young girl and the Party leader of the City of Ulsleve.

Hatem Ganim - a Humanish young boy in the Party of the City of Ulsleve.

Osaze Baz - a Humanish young boy in the Party of the City of Ulsleve.

Sophie Vatatze - a Cat-kind young girl in the Party of the City of Ulsleve.

Probus Palamas - a Cat-kind young man in the Party of the City of Ulsleve.

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