Host And The Soul System

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Host And The Soul System

By: Andila OngoingSystem

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After being sick and bedridden his whole life, Knox finally dies swearing to be the strongest and happiest person in his next life. He wakes in up in a bizarre world called 'Eden Bizarre' which operates with a soul system. Every soul in Eden Bizarre must level up and complete every impossible task to be reborn in his next life. The only way to end the game is to complete every level or Kill the host. When the system announces that he is a host, knox must hide behind his weakness to save his life. In order for the host to be reborn in a new life, they must kill as many souls as possible or they will die. Will Knox forsake his humanity to be live the life he's always wanted or Is he truly doomed to live lower than dirt? [I do not own the art on the book cover. Artist of the art on the cover: please email if you wish for it to be taken down.]

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  • Lapilus


    update schedule?

    2023-01-29 23:55:44
  • Ayda花


    More than anything, i like the pacing of this book. The events happen at the perfect time and we can take time to know the characters. i like how it's not rushed. Kara is my favourite character so far because she's not your usual weak female side character. She sparks my curiosity.

    2023-01-15 23:16:10
  • Hoski


    I've read all chapters and waiting for more. That illusion with Reid was mind blowing!

    2023-01-14 23:53:08
  • Andila


    This is one of my first books on Meganovel. I'd love to hear some feedback and if you like my book, please recommend to others. I promise updates will be frequent. Thanks for reading.

    2023-01-13 20:06:11
  • Nexeneration


    I just started reading it and the first chapters have me hooked. i like how you made Knox overpowered and weak at the same time. i haven't seen that before. Waiting for more updates

    2023-01-13 17:37:04
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29 chapters
1. The end and the beginning of a miserable life
Knox I never truly understood my purpose in this life and i have always found it ridiculous whenever i hear people say everyone has a purpose. I'm sure anyone who took one look at me felt the same. I didn't understand the concept behind my existence and what was the thought process behind whoever decided to put me on this earth. I was born with an illness guaranteed to kill me eventually. The doctors said it was a miracle that i had managed to live so long but i believed it was the universe's way of prolonging my suffering on earth. After all, how could it be a miracle if there wasn't any chance of a good life afterwards. My brain was apparently the only thing that could function well enough. When i was eight years old, i was put in a wheelchair and I never got up again. My illness got worse and eventually I stopped talking, i was hospitalized and forgotten. The only interactions I had was with my nurse, Greta or Gloria or something who came to check if i was alive. The
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2. The princess of systems
Host? Am I a host? Does that mean i have powers. Was i the host Kara saw on her radar? I have so many questions on my mind but no one else to answer them. “Spix… Am i a host? What does all this mean?“ I ask again still not clear from Kara's explanation. I stare down at the statistics tab wishing i could understand what the hell it meant and why it was here in the first place. Magical tabs didn't just open up out of nowhere when i was still alive. “Name: Knox. Powers are undefined as you will level up through consumption. You have 0 past life abilities as you have not acquired any skill or experiences to assist you on your journey through the after life. Your rank is Host. Hosts are one with the system and they exist to serve the system and their main objective is to lessen the number of souls who make ot to the gates” Spix explains. “This doesn't make any sense. Not that anything has ever made sense. Am i truly dead? How did i end up here? That woman from the hospital…
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3. The Host and the killer
When i open my eyes, a glowing pair of golden eyes are glaring at me. It startles me that i almost jump out of my skin. I look around to find that I'm no longer in the cave nor am i in the hospital. I'm behind bars. Kara is in a similar cell, her eyes are glowing but i can see the anger in them. She's sitting with back to the wall, her hair is no longer in the ponytail like she had it when we first met in the cave. She's all ruffled up probably from fighting off Axel earlier. He must be stronger than i thought. “What are you looking at?“ She asks and i turn my head away from her to take in the rest of my surroundings. I move towards the door of the cell and try to push it open but it doesn't budge. There are no windows and the only way out is through the door, judging by the stairway leading up, Up was not a place I wanted to go. “Spix” i say and the system tab pops up in front of me. “You are currently in the dome. A fortress north of Eden central owned by The deep ci
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4. A secret and a threat
I can't let anyone find out that I'm a host. I don't know how to control my powers nor do i know how to level up or fight. If everyone out there is so desperate to kill all the hosts and get reborn in another life then a weak host would be the easiest target. I wanted to know but i don't ask Kara how many host there are and how many have been killed because I was afraid of her answers and just how much the thought of a host dying seemed to excite her. I know they are powerful so it must not have been an easy task to take down one. As i lay on my back looking up at the bare ceiling of my cell, i can't help the small smile that creeps on my face. I never would have imagined anything like this existed yet here i was in a bizarre world, walking and talking. Still death lingered over me like a dark cloud closer than ever but never reaching, it seems like that was the only feeling that lingered even after my death. Only, this time there would be no magical world system and no rein
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What do i do?My system tab appears and spix speaks. “Host, you are presented with two options. If you choose to escape with the soul player, you will face unprecedented danger. However, if you stay here, a dangerous high level host will be alerted of your presence?“ Can other hosts detect me? I think to myself. “Due to your apparent weaknesses, at first glance? Negative. However, they will be alerted by the system that another host is closeby. It will only be a matter of time before they finds out who you are.“ “Hey? You coming?“What do i do? Leave with the one who wants to eliminate every host her path and would not hesitate to kill me or stay with the one who wishes to uses me for her own benefit? The answer is obvious. I close the tab and get on my feet. A mischievous smile spreads on Kara's face as she opens the door to my cell with a key. “How did you get that?“ I ask as i walk out the cell. “I have my ways” she grins, twirling the key with her index finger. He
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6. New Skill activated
We crash into the water but i don't come up. I can't swim. I've never been in the ocean. I can't breathe. I open my mouth to scream for help, a wrong move that causes the water to flood into my system. A tab appears in front me and a beep alerts me that spix is now active. “Warning: Water monster detected. You have received a task from the system. Earn 10,000 points for killing a water sprite. Accept or decline?“ Water sprite? What the hell is a water sprite?Something wraps around my leg and tugs me down. I watch the light from the house fade into the distance as i am dragged to the bottom of ocean. I look down and try to kick the tentacles around my ankle but the sea creature only tightens its grip around me. I spot a rock speeding towards me and dodge it before it hits my head. I look up to see who had thrown the rock amd there's a woman with seaweed for hair, her skin is green and when she opens her mouth, i see a rows of sharp teeth lined all the way to the back of her
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7. Errors in the lobby
I'm jolted awake by the sharp pain in chest. I turn on my side, coughing and heaving. The pain subsides in a few minutes and a tab appears in front of me. “Good morning, host” Spix says. “Your health vitals are stable. Unfortunately, they will deteriorate over time as the system battles to correct errors.“ “You're doing this?“ I ask Spix placing a hand over my chest. “It is my duty to assist the player. Hence, i must eradicate every trace of energy belonging to System Ayra in your body” “Are you saying that I'm not a host?““Based on last night's events, the error has been successfully detected. You came to Eden Bizarre as a player however, a rogue system has taken residence in your body. You have become her host. Her energy cannot contrast with yours because you have none. However, if you level up as a player both energy will fight each other as hosts and players are on opposite ends until they terminate each other. If you wish to level up as a player then you must forf
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8. white lotus tea party
“Here, have some. I brewed it myself” Oz says as he pours me a cup of tea, which he swears replenishes energy so i don't turn it down. I can feel Reid's eyes watching my every move as we sit down to drink. It's uncomfortable, but i don't comment about it. “I'm really sorry for thinking you were the old soul, Kara spoke of” I apologise to Oz again. “I just didn't think he'd look so young” “Ah it's alright. It happens all the time. Just drink up.“ Oz says.“Reid doesn't go out often, so everyone assumes Oz is the leader of the blue lotus house” Kara says, taking a sip from her tea. “White lotus house?“ I ask.“Remember when i said, join a crew. This is what i was talking about.“ She gestures at the whole house. “The other members are out and about, but the white lotus is the oldest party in Eden Bizarre. We fight together, and everyone has their own role to play” Reid finishes. “You're the oldest soul in the system and you have more than enough power to keep the hosts out of t
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9. The illusionist
I turn to Kara to explain but she's just staring blankly at me. “Him? That's impossible. He's weak” She analyses the look on my face and i see conflict in her eyes when she turns to What do you mean?“ Kara asks, holding up a honey biscuit to her mouth. “Knox. He's a host. A really dangerous one at that. I don't know how he can hide his status from everyone but my powers allows me to see it” Reid says and i could almost stab in him in the heart. “Knox, is he telling the truth?“ Kara asks me and i want to lie but I can't bring myself to do it. She sees the answer to her question and the honey biscuit drops to the floor. She rises to her feet and the feeling of betrayal sets in. “No. Kara listen, i can explain. I wanted to tell you but—” “You hosts are just full of shit. Hiding your powers and pretending to be weak so you could wait for the perfect moment to kill me. Just to get a reward?“ Her eyes begin to glow and i see energy spiraling around her hands. I fall o
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10. Monster and Prey
Knox Our walk through the lobby is quiet except for the sound of Dwellers trying to sell theor strange items. I did find a few things that could be of use to me but the weighing cloud of sudden depression did not allow me to purchase anything with my points despite Spix's constant advice to use them because there was a possibility that i could need them in the forseeable future. I give in eventually and settle for a sword that stores energy when the store owner practically dragged us into his store. Kara walks out of the store carrying a bag full of accessories. “You have a lot of money to spend” i say sarcastically, informing her that she could go broke if she didn't stop purchasing everything in sight. Her inventory was already full, so she had to purchase a bag.“I don't need to earn money. I have more than enough to last me a life time” She answers. I raised a brow in confusion, but i don't question it because I was already in too much of a bad mood to care. Every
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