Chapter 2

“Keenan, what time do you want to wake up? You have a test!”

Keenan gasped, immediately exited his bed, and repeatedly slapped his forehead. What Carenina said was true. Today, a written exam will be held for Keenan's computer science course.

Keenan was confused and ran to the bathroom until he hit Carenina's body quite hard.

"It's best not to be hasty; remember all the wounds on your face still leave pain."

In less than five minutes, Keenan came out of the bathroom with his face still swollen and blue.

"I don't take a shower; I just wash my face," said Keenan.

Carenina then took the child's hand and invited him to sit on the dining chair. A box of medicines had been prepared on the table. Carenina started giving drops to every bruise on Keenan's face.

"You don't have to do it, Mom; two days is the longest to get all these scars out. After all, I'll be right back once the exams are over."

"I'm sorry, Keenan. I feel so bad being a mother; I can't prevent every abuse you get from long ago."

"No, Mom. It's not your fault, and I don't want to repeat the same answer as I always do. Anyway, thanks for taking care of the bruise on my face. So that you know, I'm perfectly fine and even excited. Brighten Corp, the biggest game company, sent me a free game yesterday. There is nothing more beautiful than that package!”

Carenina stood up and hugged Keenan. His heart was touched to see how Keenan was still enthusiastic despite having a bad day.

"Okay, Mom. The drama is over; I have to go to campus soon.”


At 11.00 a.m, Keenan finished his exam. As the bell rang, all the students left the classroom. As usual, Keenan always waited until the class was completely quiet. He just watchiing every popular kids laughing and be happily for born being rich, gorgeous and spectaculer.

Half an hour passed, and Keenan finally got up from the chair. He stepped out confidently enough not to get disturbed again. Finally, a rope in the hallway made him fall.

"You think you're great? Why didn't you tell me the answers from the test earlier, loser!”

Several of Keenan's classmates kicked and stepped on Keenan's body. The condition of the empty halls and other classes allowed them to torture Keenan brutally. They stopped when a cell phone rang.

Keenan's body was left with blood flowing again from Keenan's mouth. Keenan's heart was chaotic today; he had never felt as angry as now. But he couldn't do anything.

When the footsteps of the bullies were no longer heard, Keenan clenched his fists and shouted, “FUCK YOU!”


Keenan walked lazily towards the door of his house. A close distance is very difficult to reach. His head hurt a lot; his eyes were also a little blurry.

He slammed the door of the house as soon as he got inside. Keenan immediately went into the room and returned to his main goal today to try out the newest game given by Brighten Corp.

Keenan ignored the pain, the dried blood. He even let it go without being cleaned.

An object like a flash disc is in a small box with a pentagon. Keenan installs the thing on his PC.

The PC screen suddenly went black, and a text appeared.

Please press the power button on VR. When the light is on, please encourage enter on the game screen and use VR.

"Interesting, this is the first time for me to enter a VR game," said Keenan.

The background music from the game sounded and gave Keenan goosebumps. Epic impressions are also amazingly illustrated. Keenan followed the orders of the instructions provided. He immediately installed VR after pressing the enter sign on the screen.

The black vision in VR slowly turns into a beautiful view depicting green grass fields with a very bright blue sky.

"Wow, it's amazing…."

“Welcome to the Pentagon glory; please choose the most comfortable position. It is recommended to lie down."

The guide's voice sounds so pleasing to the ear. Keenan chose as suggested; he lay down on the bed.

“Strange, how can I play this game when my body is on the bed? I'm getting more and more impatient to--"

Keenan's body suddenly jerked, and he lost consciousness. Simultaneously, the screen on his PC flashed a message, 'PENTAGON GLORY – STAGE 1 – SOLO PLAYER'.

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