Chapter 3

"Welcome to the MMORPG: Pentagon Glory. I'm the Glo-XZ guide who will guide you through some training. Please open your eyes."

Keenan's eyes widened when he found his current position in the meadow that appeared in VR. The reason is he is not in character form. He is standing with his original body, wearing only black shorts.

"What happened?!" shrieked Keenan.

A round purple object that had shining white eyes flew towards Keenan. A hologram screen appeared before Keenan from the round thing's two eyes. You can see his face with the name column next to it on the net.

"You will soon enter the world of Pentagon Glory. Your body will be at the boundary of the gate. Please note that Pentagon Glory uses your mind's power; you will still be able to interact with each other as usual. Please note when you get an attack, your body will feel the same way here. You get seven life chances.

Every single life is calculated based on a percentage. When you die, your body in the real world will faint and feel excruciating pain. Every time you die, twenty citizens will also die. The game is shown all over town. When you reach the maximum limit on his life and die eight times, his body will start to die and break down if you lose this game. However, if one or several people reach the final and win this game, you will come back alive. Please choose your name."

"What? Dead citizens? One of? Is this game being participated in by anyone other than myself?"

Keenan didn't have time to think further; his body automatically moved and started to choose every available option.

Green eyes, jet-black hair and a strong body and a sharp gaze became Keenan's choice. After that, the options for costumes appear. Keenan chose a long black shirt with shoulder protectors and gloves that only showed his fingertips.

"This is cool; I can't believe I turned out like this," he said.

"Please choose your weapon."

Keenan was again glued to the holographic screen; this time, swords and arrows appeared. Keenan chose a sword, and suddenly, a sword was in his hand.

"Wow!" Keenan was amazed; the sword was large and shiny. Gone are all the worries.

"The details of the power have been seen. You are on level one. It would help if you farmed by fighting many small monsters and completing the available quests to raise the level. You can see the details of the strength by pressing the exclamation mark drawn on the back of your left hand. There is also the number of lives remaining and the percentage of lives currently being used."

Keenan pressed the information button next to his profile on the hologram screen;

[Name: Keenan Barker]

[Strength: 650/level 1]

[Role: Leader/Saber Expert]

[Attack speed: 40% up to 75%]

[Type of Attack: Non ranged – Sword]

[Level based: 1 to 60]

[Skill based; Blade In Wind - Available at level 5, it lets player jump towards enemies while swinging a sword. This skill gives a slow effect to enemies attacked by 45% and physical damage (+75). This skill cooldown for 5 seconds has six levels that can be increased by collecting green unicorn fangs, two each for each level. Increasing the level is also accompanied by increased physical damage (+ 110 / level)

Urge Of  The Wind Curse - Available at level 10, players can absorb +25% of the opponent's energy or the equivalent of 125 power by slashing a sword at the opponent. This can give players a lifesteal of 5% or the equivalent of +75 lifesteal. This skill cooldown reduction for 10 seconds. Can be upgraded to level 5 with an additional 3% lifesteal per level. How to upgrade; players must perform a combo with the Blade in wind skill and hit 3 opponents at once for 10 battles per one level.

Drag Blade – Available at level 15, players get movement speed of 70%, this skill can be combined with basic attacks. When a player chases an opponent and his basic attack hits the enemies, the second skill from Drag Blade will open and cause a stun effect for 3 seconds. Players can swing basic attacks and the cooldown of skill one will decrease when the crowd control skill from Drag Blade hits the enemies]

[Pasif Skill: Players get lifesteal and HP by 30% and (+165) every time kill monsters and enemies]

[Special Ability: Immortal - Prevents players from losing their lives when getting attacked, opens immortal and increases HP (+275 power). Cooldown reduction skill lasts 135 seconds. The maximum use of immortal is 15 times. When all immortals have been used up, the player's HP will decrease (-100 HP) for each remaining life, the strength will also decrease (-125 power). Available on level 25. 

Execution - Helping players reduce the enemy HP / Power by (-250 power) is very useful when all the cooldown skills and the enemy's HP are low.

Can increase (+75 power) at each player level. Cooldown reduction lasts 27 seconds. Available on level 17.]

Not having had time to be amazed, a big trumpet sounded along with the information disappearing from the hologram screen. The blue sky turned red and the green grass dried up.

“Pentagon Glory-stage I-solo player, about to start. Players will be directed to the initial stage. Please close your eyes after the countdown is done.






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