Maddening Storm

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Maddening Storm

By: Raising Moon OngoingFantasy

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On the eve of the apocalypse, Elladine, a sweet and hard-working woman who juggled three part-time jobs to support her husband of 2 years in chasing his acting career, was reborn. Silent and submissive to his every order, the betrayal of being used as a bet in his gambling act had shattered her world and thrown her into the storm of supernatural beings. Now reborn and armored with the knowledge of the world before the descent of the apocalypse, she vows to carve her own path to survival and happiness! In an apocalyptic world overrun with zombies, supernatural creatures, mutated animals and man-eating plants, how would a contract husband convince his wife to leave with him, when she only considers him a threat? To find out, join us on this Maddening Storm!

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63 chapters
Her Second Marriage
Ella watched the stream of servants with a baffled expression. Her brows furrowed deeper as she waited and waited, but the image before her eyes didn't change nor did it vanish. The scene of the streaming servants remained the same. The bright chandelier lights shone above her head, and the man who bought her sat beside her, and stoically received the guests' well-wishes. 'This is not possible...' Last she recalled, a rank 4 zombie had ripped off her head. So how...? How was she here? And why did the scene before her coincide with the day of her second marriage? Ella lowered her head and secretly pinched herself. 'Ouch!' The pain was sharp and real. She then pulled out her old and cracked phone to check the date. May 26th, 2024. At the time the rank 4 zombie had ripped off her head, it was 2027, three years after the end of the world. This was no illusion. By some freak twist of fate, Elladine Muzhir had been sent back in time! "What are you zoning out for? Lift your head and
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Before The Apocalypse
The Vaahid Mansion was the biggest property in the wealthy residential area of Aurora City. Built out of white glass and red-gold cement, the entire structure released a resplendence of fiery radiance under the setting sun.After taking a quick shower and changing out of her cumbersome dress, Ella ran out of her new bedroom and exited the mansion through the back door. Upon catching this wondrous sight, her eyes filled with awe, and she sighed at the extravagance of the wealthy.In her past life, she was too distraught over her ex-husband's betrayal to enjoy and appreciate such beauty and splendor when Jabri Vaahid brought her here. And by the time she came out of the shock, the world was in chaos, and she was locked down in an underground cell.Ignorant of the dangers outside the cell, Ella did the unthinkable. She started a giant fire and threatened her husband to set her free if he wanted to safeguard the lives of those under his protection. Her gamble paid off and she got her free
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Spatial Space
As an individual who could have any woman he wanted, she still could not understand why Jabri Vaahid spent millions to marry her and have her carry his heir. But whatever the reason, she didn't care. After all, it wasn't like she would stick around to find out.Ella opened the door only a small crack and cautiously peered out at him with a deep frown."Can I help you, Mr. Vaahid?"Seeing her cautious manner, Jabri scoffed disdainfully. "You do know that I own you, right? If I wanted to jump you, do you think you could stop me?""Of course, I know. But I'm sure that's not what you're here for."Her confident and no nonsense attitude stumped him. Jabri shifted his weight to his other foot and hesitated for a brief moment, then resolutely stretched out his hand. "This is an ancestral heirloom. According to my family's tradition, as my wife, it now belongs to you.""Okay…?"Heirloom? She was only his bought bride, that too, for only two years. So why was he giving the heirloom of his fami
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A Date?
The feeling of holding a hot potato in her hands was awfully intense."I can't let anyone find out about the spatial space. Otherwise..."An image of her stripped and restrained on a laboratory bed, with wires and needles sticking out of her body like a porcupine, flashed in her mind and sent shivers down her spine.The scientists in the apocalyptic world could only be described with one term, and that was lunatics. The crash of the government and civilized society gave them free reign to unleash the demons in their hearts and do whatever they wanted. Capturing people with special powers, and performing extreme and unethical experiments on them, became one of their new hobbies.Ella had already died once. She did not want to become a test subject and die without a complete corpse.So this space and its could not be exposed!Sighing despondently, she left the spirit spring with a slight thought.Her room was silent, and she appeared on top of her bed. Ella didn't know if h
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Crazy Stockpiling
Aurora City was one of the most prosperous cities in Cyprus. Surrounded by water on all sides, the country was a little island with an independent government.As the richest man in the Middle East, Jabri Vaahid did not only control some of the important political figures in Aurora City, but also had a voice in the country's laws and regulations. In a sense, his presence in Cyprus was tantamount to that of a king with a parliament government.At this moment, Ella stood next to the man in a floor-length black dress and diamond studs. Her black hair was tied in a bun, and showed off the slender curve of her neck. But that was about all the skin she showed. As the continuous shutters of cameras rang around her, burning gazes of envy and jealousy seared her skin.Without even doing anything, she became public enemy number one.The immensity of the man's status was truly hard to ignore."Mr. Vaahid, you were the dream husband of the affluent ladies of Aurora City. Why did you marry a woman
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Descent Of The Meteor
On midnight of June 1, 2024, news channels in all parts of the world went wild. Numerous reports from various countries about the sighting of a strange celestial phenomenon streamed in one after the other. Overnight, without warning or reason, the moon turned crimson, and the scattered stars in the black canvas of sky seemed to fall like sprinkles of rain. They descended on earth in a shower of crimson and gold radiance. Leaving flame and destruction in their wake, they swept through the four directions in a giant mushroom cloud. Buildings fell, roads crumbled, and as the numerous wires controlling the city's power lines combusted, a blanket of darkness fell over Aurora City. A giant black rock, ignited in flames, sailed through the sky and thunderously crashed into the Epien Forest. Boom! Violent shock waves traveled through the ground, and a giant crimson mushroom bloomed above the remaining trees. The earth fractured and split apart like dry pieces of twigs. Ella's heart poun
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Snatching A Gas Station
Ella swaggered into the facility. She used her identity as Mrs. Jabri Vaahid to gain access to a military vehicle. While the military officials checked her truck and made sure everything was in order, she slipped into the weapons section and sneakily swapped a row of guns, pistols, bullets, bullet-proof vests, and military boots. After getting everything she needed, she casually ambled out of the building and went to board her truck. "Officers, thank you for your assistance today. I'll let my husband know how much you've helped me in getting his vehicle." "Haha! Mrs. Jabri, no need to mention. We're just doing our duty. But with the state of things, I advise you not to go out in the nearby future. At the moment, people have still not come to terms with the current situation. But the moment they realize the severity of the circumstances, they'll lose their mind from terror and panic. It would no longer be safe for you to travel alone." He didn't mention the criminals that would roam
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Snatching A Gas Station 2
Ella twirled her twin guns and shot the level 1 zombies straight between the eyes. The roaring creatures froze, then fell backward like a stack of dominoes. Without a change in expression, she hopped over their figures and strode into the supermarket. 'Sigh. Seems like I'll need to wait.' Ella had spotted her ex-best friend and ex-husband long before they noticed her. But considering the current state of things, she hoped the two would ignore her and continue on their merry way. After all, she had her own plans and interacting with a scumbag and a two-faced snake wasn't a part of it. Unsurprisingly, however, she expected too much... "Elladine!" Stacy's high-pitched voice pierced through the air and attracted the nearby zombies. Ella cursed under her breath and ignored her. Violently kicking open the gas station door, she strode to the back alley in search of a generator and fuel trucks. Attracted by the deafening bang, a few employees turned zombies ambled towards her. Ella sh
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First Swarm
"Ahhh!" Bang! Bang! "Maintain a six-foot distance. Aim for the center of the forehead. If you get bitten or touched by a drip of saliva, do everyone a favor and take your life!" Marcus pursed his lips and cast a glance to his right. He wanted to see the ignorant wench that dared to make such a bold command. Was it that easy for a person to take their own lives? A string of gunfires erupted all around. Lush black hair swayed under the crimson sky like threads of black silk on red canvas. A snow-white cheek and a spark of violet orb. And that was about it. Marcus's view of the female was blocked by the appearance of a large man before he could get a clear glimpse of her face. 'She sounded too naive to encounter this sort of disaster.' A pang of regret tugged at his heart. If it was any other time, such a girl would be adored and looked after by many men. However, now... Chuckling unsympathetically, Marcus shook the strange feeling away, heaved his MP5, and focused his sight bac
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First Swarm 2
Encircled from every direction, the humans who awakened special abilities gathered together in the center of the road. "We won't survive if we try to escape on our own. But if we work together, we'll have a chance to survive." Marcus swept his hand. A car flew in the air and crushed a horde. The undead wriggled and twisted beneath the heavy weight, some even succeeding in crawling out. "I'm making this proposition because I'm sure you've all noticed the limits of our individual efforts." Prolonged use of special abilities placed a heavy strain on the user's mind. In one-to-three or even five confrontations, the superhumans would easily gain the upper hand against the mindless zombies. But in a one-to-ten confrontation...they could only wait to be eaten. Irene twirled her ice blade and hacked off a one-eyed zombie's arm. "I don't mind working together, but who's going to lead?" She asked. "If everyone is okay with it, I'm willing to take on the role." Marcus volunteered. The surro
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