Creation Leads To Evolution

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Creation Leads To Evolution

By: TSETH OngoingFantasy

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In 2030, a giant wormhole appeared above the Pacific Ocean. Scientists believed that it was a portal leading to another world besides earth. The United Nations decided to send a drone to investigate this phenomenon, but one hour after the drone entered, disaster struck. The wormhole suddenly became twice as large followed by a yellow gas pouring out. Two brothers, Lee Young-soo and Lee Min-su watched from a Television store, as their mother died while reporting the incident for South Korea's International News Station. ******** With the camera on her, she raised the mic to her lips and started speaking. “Young-soo, if you're watching this with Min-su, I want you to cover his eyes. Don’t let him see this.” Young-soo who was by his brother’s side raised his left hand and covered his eyes. “No!” Min-su protested and tried to remove his brother’s hand, but it stayed firm over his eyes. Young-soo was watching his mother on the television screen with slightly red eyes, as he bit his bottom lip so hard a few droplets of blood fell to the ground. “I want the both of you to know that I love you with all my heart and that I’m sorry I won’t be able to see the two of you go off to college and get married someday.” Tears started to fall from her eyes as she spoke her next words. “Young-soo, I want you to protect Min-su when I’m gone, and... Crash!!” With a violent jerk, the yellow gas engulfed the helicopter causing the cameraman to drop the camera, cutting off the transmission.

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Seoul, Gangnam.   December 19, 2030, 15:03     "Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh." The sound of the helicopter's rotor blades echoed from the TV as a female Korean reporter, reported the news. "This just in, a huge wormhole appeared in the sky above the Pacific Ocean. We don't know how it came to be, but scientists believe it to be a wormhole leading to an entirely different universe from our own." The female reporter paused as she pressed a finger against her earpiece, seeming to have been told something, she then looked back to the camera and started speaking again. "We're getting reports that the UN has decided to send a fighter drone to investigate the wormhole." As the female reporter's voice sounded out, the camera swerves around to show the scene. In the middle of the sky, a pitch-black hole several hundred meters wide could be seen. Even from miles away, it still looked enormous.
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Choke You to Death!!
May 27, 2048.   Eighteen years have passed since the giant wormhole opened up over the Pacific Ocean. What followed was the decrease in earth's population from 8 billion, to only 3 billion. After the yellow gas started to spread from the giant wormhole, it caused a chain reaction leading to smaller wormholes appearing around the globe. The increase in the number of wormholes wasn't the cause of the earth's decrease in population though. The cause was the yellow gas that each of them spewed out. When the yellow gas came in contact with humans around the world, their body's cellular structure started to evolve. Humans with superhuman abilities started to appear in society. Some of them had the strength to lift cars and trucks, some had the ability to fly in the air, while others gained psychic abilities. The superheroes told in fiction were starting to appear one by one. However, when everyone was focused on
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Who Is Earth's Ruler
Seoul Stronghold HQ. Interrogation room. May 27, 2048. 18:38  In a white room, sitting in a chair around a table, the General had on an annoyed expression as he looked at the young man that was across from him.He had been trying to get him to talk, but, ever since he got here he just sat there in silence."Are you mute? Why aren't you saying anything?" Slight anger could be heard in the General's voice.Suddenly, there was a knock on the door before it was pushed open.A man wearing a military uniform who looked to be in his early twenties entered the room.His right hand was wrapped in bandages and was placed in a sling around his neck, while his left hand was holding a folder with documents inside.Walking up to the table, the young soldier handed the documents to the General while saying, "Here are the reports you asked for General.""Hmm" The General let
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Might Still Be Alive
The General watched as Young-soo walked past the now non-existent wall and entered the hallway, disappearing around a corner soon after. He wanted to move to stop him, but, when he looked at the dust that remained from the wall, he was unwilling to get near a person that could destroy earth's strongest metal with just a touch. 'Does he have the power of decay? Or is it an evolved ability that allows him to deconstruct something at a subatomic level? I can't tell what his evolved ability is just from looking, but one thing's for sure since he's able to destroy Alevium metal with just a touch, the higher-ups won't just allow him to roam around by himself.' As the General was thinking to himself, sounds of alarms could be heard ringing within the building, while bullets being fired echoed. The door to the room was pushed open, and in came running was the young soldier from before. "General what should we do, or men are reporting that our Alevium
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I'm Back
"Where is he."The General felt the heavy pressure lifted from his shoulders.Steadying his raged breath he looked at Young-soo and said, "This isn't the place to talk."The General pointed his thumb in the direction of the building.Young-soo frown slightly and said, "If you're lying your dead."Saying that he started walking back to the building's entrance.The General didn't say anything and lead the way through the corridors, back to the same interrogation room with the missing wall.Sitting down on the chair, the General gestured for Young-soo to take a seat.As Young-soo sat down, the General glanced towards the damaged camera, before he turned to Young-soo and started speaking."Back when the portals first started to appear around the world, there was a one year period before the evolved beast started to attack humanity. Between that one year, the UN had a hard time controlling the evolved humans that st
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Nutcase With A Bad Temper
Seoul Stronghold, Gangnam Lab 19.Chief Scientist Office.May 30, 2048. 17:13 pm Inside his office, professor Kim was examining the dust, from the wall Young-soo destroyed, through a microscope."F*ck!!""Crash!!"Professor Kim cursed as he swept the test tubes and equipment that was next to him, onto the ground.Looking at him, one could see the dark lines under his eyes and his slightly sunken chick bones.Due to a lack of water, his lips were starting to become dry while his face was turning pale.For the past three days, he had been continuously examining the dust without any sleep or food.And for the past three days, he still hadn't been able to identify what sort of ability Young-soo had used to destroy the Alevium wall."Goddammit!!""It's not decay, it's not deconstruction, it's not time manipulation, nor is it spatial manipulation. What the hell is it then!!""I have th
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Cat Ancestor
Seoul Stronghold. Stein Hotel. May 31, 2048. 11:59:pm   Messy. One word that could describe the current state of the hotel room. All over the floor, several empty cans of beer bottles, instant ramen noodle cups, and dozens of pizza boxes could be seen. There were several pieces of clothes thrown randomly around the room as well. "Beep..beep..beep.." Young-soo who was sleeping on the large bed suddenly snapped his eyes open and jumped up from a sleeping position. His body started radiating a brutal aura, while his eyes that were filled with hostility, scanned the room. After realizing where he was, the brutal aura he was releasing slowly withdrew into his body followed by the hostility in his eyes. Looking down at the watch on his right arm, he sighed and tap a button on it, stopping the alarm. Scratching his disheveled hair, he slumped back onto the bed, causing the sleeping
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Keeping A Promise
Seoul Stronghold. Gangnam Memorial Building. May 31, 2048. 13:37   The General park the black SUV in front of the huge memorial build that housed the names and pictures of everyone who died in Gangnam during the disaster. Getting out of the car the General and Young-soo walked up several steps to reach the double door entrance. A huge monolith made from marble was placed next to the doors with the words, "Gangnam's Memorial Building", carved in bold letters on it, there was also a sentence underneath it written in cursive writing that read, "So we will never forget" Young-soo only gave it a cursory glance before continuing to the entrance. Upon entering through the double doors, Young-soo was greeted by an open area that had several tens of rows of marble monolith that were smaller than the one at the entrance. Each monolith had hundreds of names and pictures on them that show the now dead citizens. They we
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