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Paul, a boy addicted to video games, was bored because he had finished all his games. After school he went to the store and started looking at them all. Until he found one that caught his attention. It had the particular name of Obelisk. The store manager didn't want to sell it, so in an oversight he changed the CD's and tricked the man into buying it. He is transported to another world where he must assume the role that the game gave him, which is not very good, because he has an almost miserable life. Due to his eagerness to level up he is punished and loses four of his five lives and is almost on the verge of death, because if he dies again, he can not return to the human world, he meets other players who help him but he discovers that the game is not easy to finish because it is a dark fantasy and anything can happen.

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Paul was a middle-class boy, lived with his stepfather and mother, and was addicted to video games. He had short, scruffy black hair, brown eyes, was thin. A typical video game player, he was also an anime fan.He was going to high school like any other kid his age, but one day he went to the video game store to buy a new game. They had already played all kinds of basic games, and those that had just come out, but among them all, he saw a limited edition demo of a kind of dark fantasy game. He picked up the package it came in. So he looked at it, it looked kind of attractive, although he wasn't sure what it was, he took it to the cash register. Where a man attended the place. That guy was an adult of about 30 years old who was dressed in very colorful clothes.-Kid, this is not for sale, it's a demo, the game has a very high difficulty, only for adults.-I don't care, I want to play it. I'm bored already. I passed all the games I bought a month ago. I'll be 18 in a year.-I'm sorry k
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Paul spent more than a month in the game fighting monsters and despite all his efforts he was stuck at level 18. There were no more strong creatures to fight and level up. He was stuck at that level. So he had to go back to town to buy books, but seeing that he had already spent more than half of it on elixirs and antidotes. He decided to go back to read more books without permission and buy more elixirs.Again he went to read books without paying the entrance fee to the place to save the money, which was the worst thing. Suddenly the game stopped. The books went blank and the game gave him a warning..>>Paul was a little surprised and just waited to see what punishment the game would give him, he didn't think they would be so hard on him, but when he saw the place where they took him he regretted it all..There were centipedes, scorpions, cockroaches level fifty, in total there were ten of them. They all went towards the boy.Paul tried to do magic to stop them.-Tota
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At the end of the class Paul was quite calm, the only thing he needed was to go to the library to learn more about this world, however at the exit of the amphitheater Richard and his friends appeared.They all had their wands and baculo, they didn't seem very calm about what happened.-Hey, are you looking for me?-What's wrong with you? How many books did you steal to improve yourself?Hearing that, Paul noted that it was true what the game evaluator he had seen that day had told him. The people here had intelligence of their own, so they didn't forget anything. They acted like real people. So he had to decide whether to fight them or not.One of the students grabbed him by the shirt to challenge him to fight.-Are you not so strong out here anymore?-I am strong, tell me, do you want to fight?He answered in a serious way and without any compassion.-You are stupid. You think I would lower myself to fight in the corridors with someone like you. How undignified. I Richard Vorbote hav
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Three days passed and the cousins did not return to school, Paul took advantage of that time to level up a little, however he only went up a single level. It was the only thing that occurred to him to do in that short time, he also avoided going to the areas that the game already allowed him to go. He knew that he would probably have magical confrontations. He considered that despite his strength he couldn't even fight against the people there, besides that I didn't go up much. The day before the magic festival he stayed at his family's house. This time he decided to help fix up the place, with some of the money that Marcos and Sabrina gave him. They were millionaires so for them it was nothing. He saw some pretty weird things in the inventory he shared with Sabrina and preferred not to look at them. He just took what he needed. He climbed on the roof and wanted to change the broken tiles, he was surprised to see that half of them were in bad shape. There were even stones that someo
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Two days passed after that combat. There was much desolation and sadness. The city looked very strange, apparently the king of that place had been assassinated in the middle of that event. So Fischer was going to change in many ways. Paul only stayed a few days in his house, trying to do some repairs to the place. He had been left as the man of the house. In him was the future of that family. He had three brothers who were no older than twelve years old. All black-haired, black-eyed, and somewhat like him. Their mother had locked herself in a room, and besides that they lived in terrible living conditions.He was somewhat depressed by what he had had to live through. He was left with many mental scars from witnessing the death of so many people. He was constantly reminded of what had happened and how he had been unable to do anything about it.Everything he felt at that moment became his motivation to become stronger. So he decided to look at each statistic one by one.><
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Matheus was still smiling and this made Paul increasingly uncomfortable, as he didn't understand why the man had challenged him, so he tried to talk to him."If you know I'm a gambler, why are you attacking me?""I wanted to see how strong you are, I see that you had to live something difficult in this place and I wanted to know how strong you were despite your level, look at me. I'm level fifty, and I've already finished all the missions.""But how? That's impossible!""Let's say I'm a broken player who hacked the system. I got so much money legally and bought all kinds of stuff."Paul was shocked to hear his story and wanted to know if that man could help him get a book."Can you help me get money?""I'm sorry, the game won't let me. I'm locked in here. Although I don't want to go out either, and that prevents me from giving items to other players, but I can teach you, we'd better go, some merchants don't like our presence and even less that we would use magic in this place. The gam
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Both men approached the principal and Paul, it was clear that they did not have good intentions. Until the man who ran the school spoke to them and warned them."If you come any closer. I am not going to answer for what will happen to you. I'm just asking you to leave and don't come back."One of the men began to laugh in a somewhat unhinged manner. It got to the point that even the director was scared and one of the strange guys decided to take off the hood he was wearing at that moment and let his face be seen.He was a fairly young guy, no older than 28 and had brown horses."You?" said between teeth the director who was completely surprised to see him."Yes it's me dear headmaster, I see that now you are really afraid of me, the dark magic of the elves is quite good, look at me, I'm already fully healed. How about a battle to show you my new power?"Before that man continued speaking. A pair of chains came out of nowhere and caught the two suspicious people. Even Paul didn't reali
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That man walked into the house and sat down in one of the chairs and looked at Paul rather annoyed."So you're the one who hacked the game?"The black haired boy was surprised to hear that, he didn't know why he was being accused of that, so he answered him."I didn't hack anything, well I cheated at first and already the game punished me"."And that money you spent?"Paul got nervous and answered him all at once."Well, I got engaged to a girl in the game. She died, and I inherited all that money, that was it, I didn't steal anything.""Things like that alter the game, you were given a lot of money. The role you were assigned is that of a blacksmith's son, very little energy. You must spend more years than the rest, it's quite unusual. Most people have more luck in this game, but still. There are rules here."Paul was a little annoyed to hear that."Why did the game give me this role?""Someone had to get it. Everyone can't be rich, but in your case it's pretty strange. How did you g
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After getting out of class, Paul headed for the outskirts of the city, he was willing to spend the rest of the day killing monsters and climbing to level 25. He wanted to be closer to level 30, however the weather in this place as well as the reality was beginning to change. From one moment to the next, it started to snow. He looked at the sky and preferred not to approach the place, as he knew that each time the juice was a little more complex. The improvements were evident, they were so real that they made the black-haired boy go back to his house. It looked like a storm was about to start.Paul turned back towards the residential area, where the noble people of the city lived. He started walking as if it was nothing, but being in such an exclusive place, he found himself face to face with local families. They were all well-dressed and looked very strong, all of them were over level 60. They all ignore him just like a group of kids once did, but this time someone spoke to him."What
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Defense spell
Paul was shaking with fear. A series of fiery attacks began to fall on his body. His health dropped rapidly. In the midst of this situation, he saw a small button to leave the dungeon and did not hesitate to press the button and leave the place immediately.Suddenly he appeared on the outskirts of the castle, but his health was still low and he had some wounds on his body. He took one of the elixirs to recover and felt how little by little his health returned.He was a little calmer, he just leaned against the wall to rest. He had lost a lot of energy and some of his confidence. It was very difficult for him to defeat someone of a higher level without losing his life or using potions. So he decided to leave the place, a little crestfallen, but suddenly he saw Professor Irene.She came with two royal guards. He was struck by the sight of her, but he felt it was best to avoid her and let her think that he was following her or something like that, but the woman also saw him, and ignored
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