Theurgy: Forsaken Oaths

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Theurgy: Forsaken Oaths

By: Antonio Hart OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In the second installment of the theurgy series, Ryan is an orphan living an uncertain life. A promise, an oath made from retaliation has slowly lost its purpose as he finds himself questioning his goals. But as dark forces attempt to strangle the last bastions of peace within his grim life, he will do all he can to salvage it. We follow Ryan as he is targeted by the ever-present entity of Talin and its minions, discovering the secrets of his forgotten past and pledging and embracing the dangerous powers that dwell within him now. Can he really be the hero that Lyse swears him to be? Can he be a godslayer? Godslayer of Death

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Chapter 1 The Valorian Knights
Life in the northern regions of Lykos has become harsher and harsher as the days continue. Granted that life outside of the major walled cities, such as the capital, has always been unkindly to the many residents that called the thin pine forest and coarse hills home. The many large and ancient beasts that have chosen to roam these lands as feeding territory has perpetually given a challenge to even the most experienced hunters who prey upon the abundant game or the mining of raw materials from the rich earth. But ever since the Frostlandians had declared war on the clans, the various raids and incursions from these rabid forces have pushed many from the border that they had once claimed a sustainable home. Of course, the empire does all it can to keep these forces at bay. Lykos is far from inexperienced with handling the raid parties of some nomadic sects or smaller factions within the Frostlands, but it is due to the far more cohesive and organized formations that present the la
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Chapter 2 The Shadows
The first mention I had of this man was from potential talk of a recent thief from a warlord's treasure. I knew only in intuition that this was to be the next to be enlisted; the man knew not by name but by deed, unsavory ones. I may not have known then what I expected of him, who would be the first to rise to the position of godslayer. Could this outlander indeed be worthy? Of course, but looking back, now, I realized the doubt I held was of unfounded superstition. He would always become my brother.~Lyse Opal (Account from Personal Memoir) Lyse was sitting near the gates that had been smashed in by the initial attack. The distinct hard ice that covered the ground here would take days to melt entirely. He had heard legends of some hyperboreans that could produce ice that could never melt, but with the slickness, he observed that appeared not to be the case here. That was, of course, a good thing. At least the townspeople could collect their dead that had been frozen solid where th
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Chapter 3 The Return
The Princes have returned, on winged white horses descending from the clouds.It has been only half a year since the unfortunate and mysterious siege occurred upon the capital city of Liontari, Silondras. Although Queen Celia erased the physical destruction of the capital itself, the true scars carried on in the hearts of citizens. Nevertheless, life has returned to relative normalcy, as it were. The markets were always open, the people were always smiling, and the soldiers were always ready for action. But this was not the extent of the security that they were able to supply. Due to the decree of the Grandmaster, who authorized dealings with mages overseas and other diplomatic dealings, even magical means of protection, were provided. The fact that these attacks had occurred in all Western powerhouses undoubtedly has strengthened some sort of bond, however tenuous that bond may be now. But with more magical means of repelling specific threats. Silondras was healing. A lot of this men
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Chapter 4 Promises
Massua was getting bored. At least she took solace; she was not the only one cursed to this fate. At least her brothers may share in her discomfort. The event started relatively early in the evening. And of course, many of the higher brass and nobility that had flocked to Liontari on notice could not decline the offer, no matter how unfavored this new queen was amongst some of them. Massua didn't know just how many such people, though, there were. Governors, mayors, lords and ladies, generals and commanders, wealthy merchants, knights, and on and on. There were more people in this room than the entirety of their village, it seemed, all somehow significant enough to warrant their arrival. The crowd that she saw before them was a mesmerizing array of flashy clothing attached with the latest trends, expensive fabrics from all sorts of far-off places. And not just from Liontari either. Some came from their sister clans, others diplomats or elites from the Outland territories o
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Chapter 5 An Unfamiliar Home
Ryan slowly awoke to the world around him. He was in a stuffed bed, probably the most comfortable one here. And like many of the larger mats, packed with others that dreaded the hard floor. Instead, he was used to it, and everyone had mastered the art of remaining as still as possible so as not to kick someone off the bed accidentally. Not that he could get much sleep anyway. It was hard these days. So he just kept his senses sharp, watching over all the little ones as they slept as well as Avery. Avery herself did not rest until everyone was accounted for, but she too soon succumbed to the night as well. She looked so tired when he first saw her. The Avery he knew had more energy than what Avery displayed now. Then again, in that time, she has assumed quite the parental role. He does not blame her for treasuring the sleep. But he can not do the same, unfortunately. Years of practice and regimen have kept his body operating for quite a long time without sleep. Even if he needed i
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Chapter 6 Antalya
Antalya has fallen. The seeds of progress it once held to, its relations with Hath turned to dust and dreams. The once bright capital of trade amongst the southern oceans has crumbled, and in their wake was a husk of what could have been Hath's most outstanding achievement. It was broken. Left to the will of an uncaring warlord, and even afterward silent neglect. But where there is neglect, there are those willing to use the "could haves" and the "must have been" for themselves. It did not take long before influential minds and hands seized from the shadows all they could covet from the light and plunged Antalya into a new age, where the influence of the Underlords dwarfed the officials' authority. Underlord Tuk, Underlord Ez, Underlord Culmin. These under lords have made the underbelly of this once prosperous city their home and wished not to waste anything. They wanted to squeeze this city dry of all it could be. But Underlord Bok, his ambition drove a lot deeper than his
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Chapter 7 Valoria
The border. The most active area of conflict in the clans has been in the past fifty years since this dreaded and long-fought war began between the Empire and the collective Frostlandian kingdoms. Edlund has grown up hearing of the utter brutality that occurred there, the constant effort to repel the relentless attacks launched by the frostlanders and their Hyperborean elite. It was pretty jarring, the initial conflicts. The Empire has always kept its distance to this ancient region north. If was mere rumors if even organized settlements were found, and the mysterious powers of the northern winds whispered amongst travelers. Everyone once in a blue moon someone may venture beyond the frigid forest and hallow hills to peer to this culture, only to return with warnings of dangers beyond these people that call the north part of the Utheran continent their home. These beings, who could will ice and snow, golems that could smash boulders to rubble, and vicious men as brutal as th
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Chapter 8 Who Was I
Masua said her farewells to the capital city, Silondras. She said goodbye to her brothers, a thing harder to do than she would realize it was. It seemed only a moment since they had been there, together as a family before they had departed. Though two weeks would have been more than enough for her, she misses how things were more than ever, seeing them disappear over the horizon. Did they see Silondras as the same home she now does, has to? She always wished to get out into the world and see new things, but these new things seemed meaningless if they weren't there with her. She knows this to be somewhat unfair for her mother. She has been there to comfort her, helping her cope with this so drastic change, the trauma she has endured in the care of these monsters that she knows is still pursuing her. She doubts she would be even this well put together if not for Celia's naturally motherly nature. But she still misses her brother and wishes that soon, they could all settle down f
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Chapter 9 Intertwined
Lyse was starting to notice things longer he stayed in Antalya.He has read about Antalya on his way here, reading logs from merchants, historical texts that reference the port, and cursory notes from empirical scouts. So here, he was not at all surprised to see an abundance of Hathans around, mingling with the natives who may have migrated from nearby smaller towns in the area. And although he has undoubtedly heard of the decrepit state that Antalya has fallen into during the reign of the bloody queen, it was still somehow startling to see the disrepair that the city was in, more so how nonchalant everyone treated the apparent decay. Crumbling buildings and paths were ignored and walked around; houses looked cobbled together, held only by mortar and good faith. Even the merchant area they traveled to sparsely used the buildings lining the streets but set up their permanent tent to protect their wares better. The lack of infrastructure was both fascinating and dreadful to bear witness
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Chapter 10 Moving Forward
Massua was noticing a pattern with all of her mother's relationships. They were all very one-sided. Just a few minutes in the same carriage with both Novia and her mother has definitely given her the impression that just maybe these two women did not get along. She had heard that like Lupurious, Novia was quite close to the former king. So she supposed she could understand some form of disdain for her mother taking his place all so suddenly. So when Lupurious returned to Silondras and Novia took his place, she thought they would perhaps not have to trade blows like she usually does with the other Paladin. Granted, that assessment was at least true. But even still, there was this unspoken tension beyond that thread of relations connected them that kept both on edge. Massua honestly thought they would spend the rest of the carriage ride in silence. But then, his mother made the first move."How much do you know?' she asked. Novia seemed a little surprised, but she instead glanced at Mas
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