Arriving at the center

"Max, your bike... It's really fast" Xiao Bilan said with shock and admiration in her eyes.

"Yea. And please complete your statement, much more faster than your movement artifact, right?" Max said with a smile in his face and then asked.

Xiao Bilan heard his question and only rolled her eyes at him.

"At this speed, we should be able to arrive at the center of this region before the others. Or what do you guys think?" Zhu Lian who was seated behind Xiao Bilan asked.

"Yea. I think so too" Xiao Bilan replied.



Not long, they suddenly shot past several movement artifacts that some disciples from different sects rode on since they had arrived at the legacy ground before them, and then disappeared into the far distance in the next instant, seeming as if they simply teleported away.

"The great Heavens!! What evil movement artifact is that?!" A disciple from a particular sect who rode on a movement artifact that Max's speed

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