Re-uniting with the girls

"Although he is a mortal, I can sense that he is different from other mortals. He hides a power that would only be known to any other powerful entity like me once he unleashes it. He would certainly be an excellent battle companion to whichever female is capable of becoming my master's legacy disciple" The legacy-bestowing spirit said as she looked at Max from where she was, which was at the center of the region that was many thousands of miles away from where Max had gotten to.


"Shouldn't we slow down a bit for Max so that he can catch up with us? Besides, you are really expending a lot of your energy to power your movement artifact, it's going to greatly wear you out. I believe you know that." Zhu Lian said in a worried tone as she looked at Xiao Bilan who was becoming paler due to the tremendous amount of Qi that she was channeling into her movement artifact to power it.

"Don't worry about me, Zhu Lian. I will be fine. Besides, I have many ways to regain

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